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1 hour ago, Jonny Vegas said:

Harms, Waites and Lisa Ashton getting their PDC tour cards is not going to help BDO in their fight to stay in existence.

Whether or not Harms and Waites flatter to deceive on the bigger BDO stages the two of them and Ashton were still three of their biggest names.

Andy Hamilton and Nick Kenny both got one too.

I'm shocked Andy Hamilton got one, I wasn't too impressed with his showing at the BDO champs tbh.

Waites will be a loss to the BDO, another 'core guy' gone but will anyone miss Wesley Harms?!

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21 minutes ago, Jonny Vegas said:

See it even on the big stages with seasoned professionals. On the floor events that are non televised they're capable of beating anyone on their day but once they come out of their comfort zone suddenly they just don't have the composure. Particularly on the doubles. 

Ian White syndrome. Something Krzysztof Ratajski is experiencing too.


31 minutes ago, Stylin_and_Profilin said:

There are two brothers in my local league who were asbolutely miles ahead of the pack, even the guys who have been mainstays on the Monday night league for 20+ years (and the standard there is decent, the majority of guys are out in <18 pretty much every leg) admit they are the best they've seen at that level. Both are still early 20's and no commitments in terms of family and nothing spectacular holding them back in terms of a career so they are constantly being nudged towards it by the 'regulars' for the last two or three years but neither has went for it. Must be hundreds of folk like that across the UK.

Yeah we’ve got quite a few like that. But no one wants to try and take that next step. Happy with pub league and county. There is one guy who will never be anything more than a good pub player who thinks he’s basically a pro because he went to Q School twice. Anyone can go if you’ve got the funds. He hasn’t won a single match there and thinks the uk open qualifiers are beneath him as he wants to go straight to the top with a tour card.

I’m hoping to go next year, but definitely will the year after if I don’t next January. Just need to get my averages up as I won’t get far with what I have right now. 

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On the topic of Q school, saw this interesting wee bit on live darts feed (x 2).


Across the entire week, 75 averages of below 50 were recorded and dozens more failed to average above 60.

A total of 238 players failed to register at a single point (equating to consecutive wins) at UK Q School, while 87 failed to put a point on the board at European Q School


The open draw, however, can also work in a player’s favour. Take Aaron Beeney for example, who averaged less than 89 in all eight of his matches en route to gaining a Tour Card and did not face a single Tour Card holder from the past five years.

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