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~*UKFF's Children Thread*~

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He's here! Everyone doing well. She went for epidural in the end, didn't need half as much cheerleading as the first time. I ended up sitting in the corner playing my Switch for a stretch. (I started

So my planned C-Section won't be happening. I ended up having an emergency one at 5.30 this morning when baby decided to scare the shit out of us with the weirdest start to labour ever! My contraction

My daughter arrived Monday evening. This pregnancy couldn’t have been more different than for our little boy four years ago. Tonnes of complications, Pre-eclampsia, low amniotic fluid, concerns o

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Here, Zack is enjoying jelly. He says "cheese" and smiles for the camera:




Here, Zack is fed up of daddy's inability to take a decent photo first time and is showing his feelings through facial expression:




Here, Zack has thrown jelly at daddy because he tried to take another photo even though zack has expressed his feelings about photos:



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My little prince, 2 and a half!


He was rejected from a modelling agency because of his lazy eye, I still think he's gorgeous and perfect.



Are you shitting me? Thats a fooking ridiculous reason! But its ok for stick insects like that gap-toothed Jagger lassie or plastic bimbo's like Jordan to hawk peoples shite?


There is bugger all wrong with your wee loon. He is a cracking looking kid. If i could figure out how to get my pics from FB i would post my kiddie pics too.

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I thought it was generally accepted that taking your child down the modelling agency route was a surefire way of ensuring that they have deep rooted physcological problems in later life?

I was a child model.

















OK, I see your point.

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My little prince, 2 and a half!


He was rejected from a modelling agency because of his lazy eye, I still think he's gorgeous and perfect.



zzjsj by Kookoocachu, on Flickr


Out of interest why would you want your child to become a model? You see all these child stars fucked up and splashed across the papers is that what you want for your child?


I really never understood why a parent would want their own child to have go do photo shoots and all that stuff at such a young age. When kids are two years old shouldn't they be enjoying this new life they are in. Going to the park, Paying football, Going to the cinema you know all that kid stuff to do. Why would you want them to have a schedule and go do photo shoots at two years old, it is crazy.


If you fucked up your own life and didn't aspire to be what you wanted to be don't take it out on your kids and ruin their lives.


If I asked my two year old what he wanted to do play football or go take photos for 4 hours we would be in a park with in 5 minutes. I'll post a picture of him here when i get home as well. You could probably say he was model material but I would never do that to a child that looks at me for protection.

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