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All Star Wrestling results

The Dart

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That sounds like an even better show than Southend!

QUOTE(corino_mark @ Feb 5 2008, 19:24) as long as he has retro 80's music as his entrance i dont mind Nah, he came out to something generic I think. Can't see them using Final Countdown.

But Dragon, Dupree, Pierre and Collyer all came out together. He may use something else when he's alone, although prob not his ROH music.
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Tonight's results from Southampton, courtesy of Charlie.Phil Powers over Ricky Hype with a top rope leg drop. Generic stuff, pretty good but very long for an opener.Mikey Whiplash pins Frankie Sloan after hitting a top rope knee drop. Lots of gay jokes.Metal Master and American Dragon (with his mask) beat Rene Dupree and Carl Oulett. Master pinned Dupree after a mistimed shot from the Canadian flag of Oulett. Really fun, with the Frenchies being awesome dastardly heels and AmDrag and MM doing the high-flying masked team brilliantly.Doug Williams over Chris The Bambi Killer with a school boy counter to a cross arm breaker. Really solid technical match.Robbie brookside beat Gangrel by countout. Lots of shenanigans with the ref getting knocked out and evil Rene Dupree taking his place, until Frankie Sloan makes the save the baddies bail.

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