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Found 1 result

  1. Who are the most universally liked wrestlers? We all know wrestling is full almost entirely of shithouses and the recent Dark Side Of The Ring series has us all dwelling on some bleak memories as fans. But every now and then you’ll see a name pop up and you think ‘well, they’re not all bad.’ First name that comes to mind for me is Bobby Eaton. I’ve been listening to bits of old shoot interviews lately, watched loads of them over the years, listened to a lot of podcasts and Beautiful Bobby might be the only wrestler I’ve never, ever, heard even a hint of one negative comment about. Everyone obviously respected his abilities in the ring. He was fucking brilliant. But it struck me listening to some bits and pieces earlier, that nobody has a bad word to say about him outside the ring either. And it’s everyone. Not just one clique of guys. Of course, Cornette loves him given their history. Steve Austin always talks about him with high praise. The Roadwarriors, Flair, you name them, they loved him. Goldberg couldn’t speak highly enough of him on that Broken Skull Sessions thing with Austin, even saying there was a time when he wanted Bobby to end his streak in WCW. Every story you hear, Bobby was the nicest man in the world. Sorry for linking to Cornette but this isn’t him doing one of his ‘edgy rants’. I love this story of Bobby and a homeless man; Steve Austin on Bobby and the giant duffel bag; Arn Anderson on his match with Eaton at SuperBrawl 1; This thread doesn’t have to be all about Bobby Eaton. But has anyone ever heard a bad word said about the man? If so, point me to it because I’m yet to hear it. There are plenty of widely respected wrestlers. The Undertaker immediately springs to mind, especially now with that great documentary series on him being so current. But you still hear the odd bad story about him. I remember Tracy Smothers not having much good to say about him and there’s been a few others. The only other names that are really sticking out to me as ‘universally liked’ would be Owen Hart and Ricky Steamboat. I’m sure there are others but most seem to have at least one bad story or heat with someone. With Bobby, it’s just all love. In the ring and out of it.
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