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Found 1 result

  1. Aware this is yet another film thread but recent posts from Devon & Scott M about Waking Ned, The Last Supper and the seemingly annual recommendations of Trespass got me thinking about other absolute gems i rinsed on VHS. Also, there's pretty much no new stuff coming out & all of these are gonna be better than that Eurovision toss COBB - Ron Shelton was the MVP of sports films for a good while but this (and Blue Chips which is also decent) went striaght to video over here IIRC. Tommy Lee Jones plays baseball legend Ty Cobb who in his old age hires a biographer to tell his story. It's told in flashback & TLJ puts in a great performance, especially as 'old man' Cobb. THURSDAY - Aaron Eckhart & Thomas Jane in an indie crime thriller that stood out in the wave of Pulp Fiction inspired indie fodder. A former criminal has set up a new life away from his past life but an old 'friend' turns up with a massive bag of smack & needing a favour. Mickey Rourke cameos & Glen Plummer in a supporting role adds extra 90's points. SURVIVING THE GAME - It's 'Hard Target' but more fun & with a miles better cast. Ice T (instant win) is a homeless man being hunted for money. Rutger Hauer is the baddie & also includes Gary Busey, Charles S Dutton & John C McGinley. I fucking loved this as a teen, it's a blast & features on the best/worst injury scenes since Carl Weathers just stuck a stump on the side of his (completely visible) arm in Predator. INDICTMENT: The McMartin Trial - A TV movie based on the real life story of alleged child abuse in an American nursey. Stars James Woods before he went insane & is a very solid courtroom drama with a decent turn from E.T's Henry Thomas. AMERICAN ME - Edward James Olmos directs & stars in what I'll lazily describe as a hispanic Goodfellas. Spanning about 30yrs it follows 3 childhood friends and their rise & fall in the Mexican gang scene in LA. This was a cult hit in the US and I've since heard it referenced a few times in rap songs and other films. William Forsythe is brilliant & the scenes in prison are brutal. BOUND - Gine Gershon & Jennifer Tilly star in a super claustrophobic mafia heist thriller. This was always one of my 'go to' recommendations for people when I worked in the video shop. It stands as one of the worst promoted films in memory which really pissed me off at the time. All the posters we had pushed the 'lesbian action' angle & we were sent extra 'WARNING - EXPLICIT LESBIAN CONTENT' stickers for the boxes. People who rented it expecting Electric Blue but were too shy to go into the adult section brought iit back pissed off & people who'd normally jump at a gangter thriller this good swerved it because they thought it was just soft porn. If you've not seen this then you're in for a absolute treat, plus it's got possibly my favourite Joe Pantoliano performance.
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