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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, I was thinking of a little run of threads to delve into preference and nostalgia (and also seeing a discussion about 2002 WWF on twitter and the recent 2001 review here) on what people hold as the best PPV of each month. Now Q1 is just going to be rumble talk and bumming X7, so I thought I'd start at the end of the year. To get the ball rolling I'll put down my initial thoughts, but as is well established I'm a dick and a bit of a thicky, so rip them apart or ignore them. Dec: WCW shortlist : for me it's between Starrcade 93 & Starrcade 88 at first thought, both enjoyable shows with a great main in flair v vader & flair v luger and enough enjoyable stuff underneath. It should be 97, but they fucked it top to bottom and created a show I just never really enjoyed. 89 had that odd round robbin, 90 had some fun underneath in the doom tag and luger v Hanson but the black scorpion and another tournament let's it down. WWF shortlist: doesn't really get much of a look in except in your house 5, nothing from the TLC era stands out to me and the only Armageddon which I could see any argument for is 2000 where the main event draws strong opinions as a classic or a bit of an underwhelming overbooked disappointment. Before that it's shite in 98 with rock bottom where nothing worthwhile happens, 97 with the awful dx & 96 with Hart vs sid falling flat. IYH 5 though, a great main in Bret & Bulldog, a fun tag from what I remember with Sid & Kid, fun wacky shenanigans with the hog pen and Ahmed getting to stand around looking beefy and shouting incoherently. Ecw only had one I believe, massacre on 34th Street in 2000, which isn't really worth revisiting besides the tajiri tag. So to TNA where I can't believe I'm saying it but turning point 04, 05 & 06 all actually deliver good shows. So, enough of my musing (although I'm sure I'll be back with my bad takes on November (survivor series 02) & October unless the thread get pumped full of Ian Beale, but over to the smart party people of UKFF, what's the best PPV to take place in October, November & December?
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