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Found 1 result

  1. Bloody hell, this is only 3 weeks away. It's the longest we've ever had to wait for a major tournament yet somehow it has crept upon us without realising. Probably because we've had a seemingly endless amount of empty-stadium football shoved down our throats for almost 12 months now. Anyway, to me this looks like one of the most open tournaments in a long, long time. Germany and Spain are no longer world beaters, Belgium and France are still major forces, the Dutch are back, Italy have some decent players coming through, England are the bookies favourites (!) and Scotland are coming along for a laugh. I don't think there is an obvious dark horse this summer. Had they qualified then I'd go with Norway, so I'll pick Sweden instead. Zlatan has returned to the team, Forsberg pulls the strings and they have two excellent young players in Kulusevski and Isak. However I think Portugal will retain. They were actually really shit when they won it 5 years ago, but this squad is bloody good. Since then they've added Cancelo, Dias, Mendes, Neves, Bruno, Bernardo, Felix, Jota and Andre Silva to their squad. Not bad, eh? They're strong in every single position on the pitch (even Jose Fonte is having a renaissance) with quite a few options on the bench too. I do wonder whether they would be better without Ronaldo though, as controversial as that sounds. They have a wealth of talent and I hope they get the chance to shine too. Golden boot- former Spurs striker Harry Kane probably has a good chance of winning it. I think England overall should do well. There is some real exciting attacking talent in the squad, and they'll pretty much be at home for most of the tournament if they win their group and progress.
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