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Found 1 result

  1. Accident Prone

    Remembering 2002

    So with awards season about to come to a thrilling conclusion I took a gander at the UKFF awards for 2002. This appeared to be the second full-on awards process the forum conducted, but I could be wrong. The 2001 edition isn't available save for a short write-up in the 2002 awards announcement post. (The earliest available snapshot is from Jan 2003, so it'll do). So 2002, then? The year of the first brand split. The year WWE got the F out. The year when Austin took his ball and went home. The first year in forever where there wasn't any real competition for WWE. The birth of Ring Of Honor and the death of King Of The Ring. What else happened? Quite a lot, by the looks of it. Are the opinions of the board, or even yourself, still the same when it concerns wrestling 17 years later? YES, 17 FUCKING YEARS AGO. Christ. Let's have a look'see; - Booker T and Goldust took away the Funniest Moment award, but one curious outlier which came at a very close third place was Regal's anti-Hogan promo. This promo actually beat the great stuff with The Rock and the NWO. I don't remember that at all, what a great hidden gem! - By a massive margin, Rock vs Hogan won Most Memorable Moment. HBK's Summerslam return came second but by a 40% defeat, the gap was that big. Personally, I love the HBK return angle, it was a great bit of business. But y'all loved both nominations enough for them to appear elsewhere. - Another win by a massive country mile was the Katie Vick stuff for Worst Angle. Even back then, wrestling fans were tired of 'edgy' Attitude-era laziness. Also in there was the Intercontinental title ending. Bloody hell, remember that? Trips beat Kane (also related to the aforementioned Vick story) to unify both the World and IC titles in October, only for it to be brought back the next May in a battle royal. We also can't forget about Dawn Marie shagging Torries's Dad (and then shagging him to death in January '03). - The Angle/Benoit vs Rey/Edge vs Los Guerreros series won Best Angle, but it only scraped a victory against the likes of; the Jerry Lynn vs Aj Styles Fued, Billy & Chuck's wedding, Lesnar's dominance & title win, the NWO return and Angle getting his head shaved. Also thrown in the mix were NJPW vs Makai Club and fucking OVW vs The Revolution (???). - Taking home the Worst Card award was King Of The Ring, a shit show of the highest order that saw Taker and Trips hobble around for twenty four fucking minutes and a tournament which under-delivered massively. The fan reaction to Jericho's disappointing match with RVD saw Chris take to his website in order to pen a blog about how wrong we all are. Proper authentic 2002 Live Journal move, that. XPW's Freefall did a respectable number as well, probably due to New Jack's attempted murder of Vic Grimes, and No Way Out placed third. No Way Out 2002 also takes my vote as being the WORSE PPV set of all time. It's just two fucking trucks and a couple of projectors, for fucks sake. I've seen better sets at backyard wrestling shows. - The Best Card award is wild; Summerslam took home the honors for that one (featuring HBK vs HHH, Angle vs Mysterio and Brock's coronation), and the other two competitors were CZW's Best Of The Best 2 and the inaugural FWA British Uprising. Can't complain there; all three are stonking shows, and I wore out both my CZW BOTB tape and my Summerslam PPV recording. Both shows featured MOTY candidates that would place on my fave matches of all time list (HBK vs HHH and Fleisch vs Storm). - The competition was also fierce for the Best Match Of The Year award. HHH/HBK edged out Fleisch/Storm by ONE SINGLE VOTE, but they were both 2nd and 3rd place to the winner; Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit Vs Rey Mysterio & Edge from No Mercy in a certified classic. Low Ki Vs Chris Daniels Vs Doug Williams Vs Spanky, the main event from ROH's 5th show, also places rather well. You can't forget about Hair Hair Kurt Angle Vs Edge either. - Doug Williams Vs Eddie Guerrero from FWA Revival won UK MOTY, besting Jody Fleisch vs AJ Styles and Jonny Storm vs AJ Styles. - Hogan vs Taker and Hogan vs HHH were both in the running Worst Match Of The Year, but they were usurped by Trish & Bradshaw Vs Jackie Gayda & Chris Nowinski, who beat them by a bit of a distance. This must be a real stinker to be worse than both Hogan matches and you'll know it best for this marvelous bit of work. Drew McDonald Vs Robbie Brookside from FWA British Uprising also took a few nods and probably a few trips to the concession stands for the live crowd. - Los Guerreros won Best Tag Team and they were closely followed by Angle & [REDACTED]. The Backseat Boyz were a distant second (Trent Acid had all the goods to be a top guy, shame that it all went downhill a few years later), Goldie D and Booker T, Edge and Rey, H8 Club (Nick fucking Gage making waves in 2002) and America's Most Wanted (James Storm and Braden Walker). - Do you remember how good 2002 was for tag wrestling? Well i had it's fair share of shit hawks too; The UK Pitbuls, The Dupps and eventual winners of Worst Tag Team, D-Von and Ron Simmons. I don't agree with inclusion of Billy & Chuck and 3 Minute Warning though. - Brock Lesnar won Rookie Of The Year by a landslide. Who did he beat? A fly-by night sensation known as John Cena. - Best wrestler went to Kurt Angle, who had a red hot year, and runner up Eddie Guerrero. - Hade Vansen won UK Rookie Of The Year. He always pegged for greatness, wasn't he Supremo? - Worst Wrestler was also hotly contested affair! A few votes either way would've secured victory for anyone. In the running were Albert, Big Show, Drew McDonald, HHH, Rikishi, Undertaker and the eventual winner, Buff fucking Bagwell. What did he do in 2002 that was thoroughly crap? Is there some WWA or Wrestle Express level shitearsery that I'm not aware of? Did he have a woeful TNA stint? Do you agree or disagree with the results and nominations? What was better or worse in retrospect? Has the good aged well and is the bad still as fucking bad now? Would you vote differently today and what's missing?