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Found 1 result

  1. wandshogun09

    TUF Times

    The Ultimate Fighter has been dead for years. Long before the last series that aired, it just became old, tired and stale as a concept over time. But we still all reminisce fondly about the glory days of the show. Basically the first 10 seasons mostly. So many great moments. Even a few of the TUF’s post-10 were really good like The Smashes and the Rousey vs Tate one. The white noise seasons just become more regular as the years went by. This thread is just for your favourite moments and memories. Quotes, feuds, pranks, best/worst coaches, best/worst cast members, the lot. There’s a ton of video clips on YouTube so whack them in where possible too. I’ll kick it off with one of my favourite forgotten bits. This was from TUF 12, the Georges St Pierre vs Josh Koscheck season. I always enjoyed the characters you’d see pop up from time to time as part of the coaching staff. Like who didn’t love Al Stankie on TUF 8. Mad old bastard. Him and Big Nog were the best babyface team in TUF history. On the flipside, Marc Laimon being such an unlikeable prick as a BJJ coach on TUF 4 really added to that season and the episode where Matt Serra finally lost his rag with him was one of the more satisfying moments in the show’s history. Shout out to Ken Shamrock’s roid monkey mate telling all the guys who were cutting weight to “EAT STEAK” on Season 3 while I’m talking TUF background characters. Anyway, long story short, it’s TUF 12 and GSP has given his team access to the likes of John Danaher, Firas Zahabi and all sorts. First class coaching from the cream of the crop. Then one day he brings in Jean Charles Skarbowsky, a Muay Thai guy. And in walks this little weedy looking, dadbod having, half asleep, drunk. And casually takes them all apart. I loved this guy at the time but totally forgot about him until this video popped into my YouTube recommendations just now. Over to you.
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