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Found 1 result

  1. Can be midcarders if you like, or full on curtain jerkers. Who did you like but they never got far up the ladder? What’s inspired this is that for some reason I’ve ended up watching a Gangrel interview. Actually, it was his appearance on X-Pac’s podcast from 2016. Worth a watch/listen if you’re stuck for something to do while locked indoors. The fact that him and X-Pac pretty much started out together adds to it as you can see they’re really enjoying catching up. Anyway, Gangrel was great. I loved everything about him. Apart from the bits bell-to-bell. The look (even with Martin Clunes’ hair from the Men Behaving Badly days), the entrance where he’d rise up through the ramp through fire, that music! Thought he was ace. Not saying he should’ve been further up the card or anything. He was pretty cack in the ring as I recall. But I always liked him anyway. It’s a shame him and Luna never had a run together in the WWF actually. They were never there at the same time, were they? And from the sounds of it, she was a right handful. I’d never really listened to any interviews but he comes off as such a nice bloke as well. And listening to him, it struck me how it’s often the guys lower down the card that I find have the most interesting stories to tell. From this podcast and few other bits and pieces I’ve watched, some highlights I didn’t know about him; • The Blackhearts gimmick with him teaming with a guy called Tom Nash was a Bruce Hart idea. Apparently it was a rib on Stu with the storyline being that Stu had shagged around behind Helen’s back, and these two masked blokes were the bastard sons of Stu. The ‘black’ Harts. Imagine coming up with a storyline like that about your old man? This whole story was pretty nuts. Especially how Luna ended up leaving Tom Nash for Gangrel. • Gangrel did a load of squash matches everywhere from the late 80s onwards. WWF, WCW, the lot. I knew he’d done some jobber matches but no idea he’d been around that long. They even show clips on the podcast of a match he had with 123 Kid on Raw in 1994 or something where he’s in the Blackheart outfit. • He tells a funny story of a rib Vince McMahon pulled which saw Gangrel do his usual pre-match blood spitting schtick and cover Donald Trump in it. • His stepson (Luna’s biological son) was on Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen years ago. I actually vaguely remember him from the show but didn’t realise he was Luna’s son until Gangrel mentioned it on the podcast. He also tells stories of altercations with Marc Mero and Ric Flair, the time he nearly died when the Ministry hung him on Raw and when Victor Quinones wanted to bum him then tried to get him battered by some Karate fella. I’ve gone into way too much detail for fucking Gangrel. But in these uncertain times, you make your own entertainment. Going down the Gangrel rabbit hole has been surprisingly fun and I’m a bigger fan of his now than I was yesterday. And I now wish he’d been a bigger deal during his WWF stint. Or at least got above the Sunday Night Heat and Metal level. I’ll be honest though, I was disappointed he didn’t give his side of the @IANdrewDiceClay now infamous Cheese & Onion Walkers story. But yeah, your favourite Ham & Eggers. Be it in-ring, gimmick or just them seeming like an all around good egg.
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