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Found 1 result

  1. We have a new relationship thread for us all to enjoy. But lets not abuse it, as it can be very helpful if used properly. With that said - Please make sure you think about what you're doing and make sure you're happy sharing that part of your life & all kinds of personal information on what is a public and open forum. The mods can stop people posting but they cant stop anyone from reading and using that information. I wanted to start this thread up because of some of the stuff I go through in my relationship and obviously for others to share. Plus who doesn't love that part of the sleepover when you discuss your relationships? How important is 'winning' to you in your relationship? If you're right, will you fight to the death, or give in for the easy life? I ask because my girlfriend can go from 0-100 over nothing in the space of no time at all. It can be so exhausting sometimes when you're just laughing, having a great time (being in love) then all of a sudden she is on her phone showing me something (in this case how spotify wasn't working. She was showing how the swipe button wouldn't stay on "offline mode", to which I saw & then said "what does that say next to it?" As I couldn't see from where I was.) and the next thing I know she is going utterly ballistic and crazy calling me a "fucking idiot" and how I wasn't even looking at what he was pointing out. Stuff like that. Here's the thing, I knew it was a misunderstanding as I did see what's he was pointing at, but I also had no clue what it meant. I tried to explain this but got called everything under the sun and yelled at. I did keep trying to say how i knew what she meant but I was met with "liar" and crap like that. We have stuff like this A LOT. Over the smallest things which come out of nowhere and 99% are miscommunications like that. Though she always says "you can never admit when you're wrong" yet every time after I apologise. However in the moment I argue my point whole heartedly. It is getting beyond exhausting but bringing it up goes nowhere as she won't budge with me apparently never admitting when I'm wrong. It's so difficult trying to explain something to someone when they won't listen and have their minds made up. It's like they want to argue. In situations like that, where an argument happens out of a tiny thing, do you go with it or just take blame (even if it's not your fault) and move on? Do you find it difficult? I would but I hate that feeling of the other person not realising what you meant. It's so fucking frustrating, loving someone and being happy then that switch flipping.
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