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  1. I'd have put KO in Bryan's spot to finish up there story.

    That's the issue with Bryan in the spot, they must've known teasing that story is asking for trouble.

    Fans getting something stuck in there head can also be a detriment, like Rock vs Reigns "was" happening at Mania but 'typical WWE failed to deliver"  even though Vince would chew his arm off to get that match this year.

  2. Fans wanted "change and unpredictability" guess we got it.

    The Bryan situation is kinda what I said the other week, putting guys/favourites into the title mix close to mania that aren't winning should put heat on Reigns but instead it's on WWE for not giving fans what they want.

    It's been pretty clear Edge vs Roman is where they were heading and it started to build nicely but now it's seen as "boring and predictable".

    I'm sure in WWE mind RR battering Bryan is the right thing to get more heat (which it is) but alot of fans won't be worked.

    It's all a confusing mess these days

  3. Christ I've seen some ropey booking by fans this morning, matches they want read like a shit ppv on 2K. 

    WWE championship Miz vs Morrison 

    UNIVERSAL REIGNS vs Cesaro (wins)

    IC Big E vs Apollo (wins) 

    Anyway, if Lashley is going to mania as WWE champion then I'd have kept the US title on him, more gold the better to make him look legit.

    Roman wins too much!!! was all over FB when I opened it, and that's why he's above the rest of the roster, is it the ROH affect that alot of fans don't like winners or dominant guys anymore, they blame 50/50 booking for no stars but want RR to go 15 on smackdown with Otis so everyone can shine.

  4. Those possiblity are true but in not a gamer or into football so I don't know about them.

    I'm not saying AEW does it alot but as you say make sure you're bulletproof yourself, Jericho talking about "Bad Creative" or Taz "sloppy shop" talking about covid when both companies have had issues on both.

    Doesn't bother me but it's just needless

  5. Never been a fan of anyone or companies doing the "WWE screwed me/didn't use me/brass ring" stuff or other what they think is clever sly digs, a small group of fans will pop for it but making fun of billion dollar company for what they do "wrong" makes them look small time.

    WWE is far from perfect but promote yourself not the competition.

  6. Semi related but Dustin really needs to be used more/better, other than his first match with Cody (which should've happened a year after AEW started and them tagging) I can't think of much he's done other than tag with the utterly dull QT.

    I dunno why they don't go for a Dustin world title win, him vs Omega could build a good story, even if it's a short reign it could be great for them, yeah he's old and that's a "bad" thing these days but you can only tell certain stories with certain guys, Jungle Boy isn't the grizzled gun slinger with one last shot at the big time and Dustin isn't the plucky rookie that has heart etc.

    Back to Cody he could turn heel on Dustin to take title off him (breaking that shit stip too) and doing the jealous brother bit.

  7. I think balors face paint would've been better just part as a special entrance, used more as war paint that psyches him up rather than a demon he taps into.

    Switching it up more would've been cool instead of black and red with the white teeth, different colours or styles would've kept it fresh, take out the dancing entrance and be more slow and intense (guess like Aleister Black...hasn't worked for him though)

    Either way I'm not fussed if it doesn't come back and it doesn't really suit him anymore.

  8. I've mentioned a few times in AEW thread about him.

    His act is full heel but he doesn't see it, the entrance, suits, entourage etc.

    I find the ott melodramatic build to even the most average dynamite matches to much and overbearing, he's pretty much a HHH tribute act but thinks he's being ironic and meta.


  9. Decent enough show

    Cody is just trolling these days isn't he.

    Mox needs to hit the gym again, I thought it last week but he's looking smaller and a bit doughy.

    Some stories need to end or kick into next gear post Revolution, Team Taz/Sting&Darby, Inner Circle, Bullet Club stuff are all good but pacing and knowing when to pull the trigger on an ending, to me has been hit n miss in AEW.

  10. I thought it was a solid episode this week.

    I like how much emphasis and importance is put on the title Dunne, Kyle, Cole, Edge, Kross all possible challengers, it's good keeping more guys in the mix so if injuries or covid happen you've got other plates spinning.

    Speaking of Kross he needs some direction and momentum he's just kinda there atm which isn't good for a guy his size and look.

    They need some different looking guys in the mix too (if they have them) alot of the guys looking samey.

  11. I think we (older fans) forget that wrestling or atleast parts of it might not be aimed at our age anymore, the bliss stuff would be better if we were kids or teen-agers, I don't mind it and she's playing the part well.

    I think we're heading to Mania with Orton vs Fiend, I'd keep his actual reappearance until the night itself.

    Miz pulling out (oo er) made sense but wish they took a chance and did a battle royal with Ricochet or someone unexpected to win the slot, Ali will most likely attack Kofi as he enters bringing there chamber story full circle.

  12. Given the lack of traveling and heavy schedule for main roster, I'd have moved Ciampa to main roster for the year get feuds with Orton, Rollins or whoever done then when pandemic is over he can be drafted back to NXT and possibly bring some eyes and credibility with him.

    What's Fish's latest injury? 

  13. 10 minutes ago, The King of Old School said:

    Or, Undisputed Era arrive on the main roster later this year as a faction and they act like nothing happened.

    I could see them getting back together down the line, if they all get established on the main roster then a reunion good do well for them.

  14. Really good show but wish some matches were shorter just add an anything can happen time vibe, majority of these matches on most shows have to go 15mins+ 

    A Kross squash would've been a nice change of pace.

    Wondered where they were going post title match, Cole turning was the right move, if UE aren't going to other shows as a unit then break them up now (saves Vince getting the blame) they've ran there course and if anything is holding them all back

  15. I think HHH has said he always preferred playing heel so I'd assume that's why he went back to it in 2002, I'd have like to have since his 02 face run go longer and see him as top face of Raw instead of heel.

    Jericho has been good for AEW and I'm sure is helpful backstage but he can't be compared on importance compared to HHH who runs the biggest wrestling companies developmental, shows, characters etc and will probably take over Vince as head of the company, he's been a solid main event hand so he's more like Randy Orton than anyone else

    No idea what HBK role is in NXT but his importance can't be denied even if it's not always favoured

  16. I recently rewatched "Bams Unholy Union" and "Where the fuck is Santa" I think they're his most recent-ish shows and films, I don't know much about what happened but Missy (ex wife) seemed good for him and was stable and sensible which is probably why it didn't work for them.

    Always liked his punkish style and similar tastes in finnish rock bands like HIM, 69 EYES, NEGATIVE, but he seems to have never settled down from partying or grown up, the video is really hard to see, he's a bloated mess with dodgy tattoo doodles on him.

    Hopefully he can turn this around.

  17. One guy as mentioned died in 2013.

    Not sure on Japanese names, buy Dustin Rhodes is the only name I think wrestling in a big company regularly.

    Funk was kinda the first generation of sorts the be an old guy wrestling, most finished up in there 40s due to injuries and wear n tear.



  18. 2 minutes ago, Merzbow said:

    Proud & Powerful need to do something because as fun as they can be it feels like they've been drifting for a year now, I'm expecting something to happen next week with MJF somehow fucking up their title shot.

    They've never had the chance to really stand out as there own gimmick they've been Inner Circle since there debut , apart from the friends feud I can't think of much stand alone stuff they've done

  19. Only thing about the BLM t-shirt I thought was ofcourse it had to be about Cody and his logo.

    It would be a refreshing change if Sammy stayed gone from Inner circle, still have his feud with MJF but stick to his word, potentially have P&P walk out on I.C too so the group slowly falls apart, leading to MJF turning on Jericho, then starting his own group as he planned but needed Circle out of the way so broke them from within cos he's a dick etc.

    Would carry more weight if the Club wasn't getting back together but an MJF lead group would be great, he can keep Hager and Wardlow as a team and get a few single lackeys 


  20. I've seen people getting annoyed that it's obvious Edge won't pick Balor/NXT title, yeah probably won't but it atleast gives the title a bit of a rub putting it in same bracket as other two, fans really are desperate not to be "worked" these days, god forbid wrestlng tries to have intrigue.

    Would be good for Edge to come out and sit ringside Sunday

  21. I used Attitude Era as an example just cos the fans played a good part in how it looked and sounded on TV, not saying fans would be going crazy over the stuff presented in 2020 but what we got we wouldn't have (if that makes sense).

    Some times and guys  wouldve been better than others, but must be hard for WWE to book and push say Riddle for example without knowing if crowds are getting into him, ratings for a segment can be measured, I'd mostly ignore online fans opinions.

    Austin 3:16 in a thunderdome would've gone nowhere at the time without it being organic.

    All very hard to gauge

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