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  1. So you're happy to watch two guys have an intimate steak dinner on your wrestling show, but you drawn the line at musical numbers?
  2. Loved that Jericho/MJF thing. Couldn't believe what I was seeing.
  3. We’re good thanks! Sick of being indoors, and despite our best efforts the dog has done a fair bit of damage, though has mostly been good. My wife’s fine, and I think I avoided catching it. She’s allowed to go out Friday but I’m in until Tuesday.
  4. Chalk another soft rocker up. Hard rock is shite.
  5. You can only post them on the Wrestling Belt Forum if they're AEW or Chinese Belts. With your ones you want the Wrestling Title Forum.
  6. If everyone had been stuck indoors for 8 months this probably would have ended by now, but our government are idiots and everyone wanted to get down the pub so here we are. A solid combination of bizarre and seemingly random rules, people being forgotten about and a new slogan every time another person dies.
  7. Cheers folks. She’s ok and has mild symptoms. I woke up with a rough feeling chest but don’t know if it’s covid or just worry! She’s off for 10 days and I’m off for 14. See how it goes I guess!
  8. My wife lost her sense of smell yesterday so went and got tested. Got a text just now and she’s tested positive.
  9. I was honestly disappointed by both the big angles on the show. There's no reason at all for Cody to win that belt back, especially not if he's going to fuck around with the likes of Orange Cassidy. Luke Harper looks like an idiot because he flattened Cody, called him and his wife out, made the stipulation and then lost. The Chris Jericho Celebration was pointless. Nothing happened.
  10. Ah that's shit. The Blacklist has been pretty rubbish for a couple of seasons but he's always great when he's in it.
  11. Another excellent episode of Dynamite. Always felt like something was happening, whether it was a multi-man brawl, a backstage interview or Billy Mitchell. Had a laugh when Dark Order did the Best Friends hug, and thought the Butcher looked insane. Ricky Starks vs Darby Allin was as good an opener as you'll get.
  12. Essentially they debuted a new group where all the members are NXT midcarders with names like the baddies off Streets of Rage. T-Bar in particular has decided to try and make the most of it by just shitposting and having digs at people on Twitter. Obviously when you're in a dead-end gimmick, the best thing to do is burn a load of bridges and insult your peers. It's all horrendous.
  13. I had a quick peek this morning just for the sheer WWF Smackdown Season Mode main event of Roman Reigns vs Jey Uso and regardless of how absolutely soulless the entire product is with it's piped in crowd noises and bored looking Facetime crowd, Roman Reigns looked an absolute star. I was engrossed at the ending and when Heyman put the wreath around his neck it was superb. I'm not going to be tuning back in any time soon, but glad to see Roman finally in the spot he should have been 5 years ago.
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