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  1. Goldeneye’s multiplayer was outdated by the time Timesplitters came out. It’s one of, if not the best example of a game that has aged poorly and lives on purely through nostalgia. As someone who never played it at release and only caught up years later it has almost no merit. Games like the original DOOM, Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior, etc hold up well even now. Not to try and annoy Devon but I would rate Nightfire better.
  2. Fell into a Norm Rabbithole a few months back. Very funny man. Such a shame.
  3. That ship has long sailed for me. I love the AEW product but even at 1-2 hours some weeks I just catch clips. You could knock Raw down to an hour and i’d still have no interest. It’s still such a shame how far NWA Powerrr fell because that one hour of wrestling was near perfect for me.
  4. You can tell they’re desperate for you to watch Raw because the youtube clip they uploaded cuts the entire pinfall out. Unless that’s part of they way they edit the show now, which wouldn’t shock me.
  5. TIL that song does that. Despite growing up in the 90s I must have either only ever heard the start or forgot entirely the rest of the song.
  6. Ric Flair would be up for eating a glob of his own shit if he thought it would make someone like him. He’s came across as a really needy sad old man for a good few years now.
  7. https://www.gazettelive.co.uk/news/teesside-news/we-want-chubby-protesters-roy-21537665 Big turnout of "a handful...about half a dozen".
  8. Roy Chubby Brown was everywhere when I was a kid. People my grandparents’ age always had a video in their house, he was a household name. I was with my Mam in town once buying a wrestling video from I think JVC or something in Wellington Square in Stockton and we bumped into his ex wife and daughter and they had a chat for a bit. My Mam said afterwards who it was and how he never bothers with the kid. Don’t know if he has more time for her now he’s not as busy.
  9. The Amanda Show on Nickelodeon was a remix of the Wizard Peak theme from the original Spyro. Stewart Copeland from The Police composed the music for both.
  10. I think The Good Brothers have long overtaken the likes of Albert as the “they were good in Japan” trope. They’ve been fucking crap everywhere they’ve been. Gallows peaked as Festus and Karl Anderson hasn’t ever impressed.
  11. My wife crocheted me Ono Michio from the Yakuza games!
  12. Absolutely not. It's a brilliant song, and not even the best on the album. One of the best albums of all time, near enough perfect.
  13. Got a few decent games of Conquest in last night/this morning and got some pretty good players out of the packs. After watching Youtube videos on the best modes to bat and pitch I had a go of Zone Batting and Pinpoint Pitching, I also changed the camera to one that's up close but I didn't like any of them so back to Directional and Pulse I went. Had a game online in Ranked and it completely mismatched me in terms of both skill and team quality. After 4 innings he was only 3-0 up but started taking the piss and kept bunting balls. I eventually got fed up of this and kept lobbing fastballs at his head. After getting a few pitchers sent off the game was called off 5-0. Don't think I'll go online again for a while.
  14. No denying the N64 has a classic library but that controller is an abomination. It was designed with Zelda and Mario in mind and works beautifully for them but the rest of the library can be a chore to play it with. It's also a bugger to map onto a proper controller when emulating.
  15. Yeah I started Diamond Dynasty not long ago and can tell my time is going to get chewed up. Doing the “Moments” to earn XP at the minute and that Hit a HR with Cal Ripken Jr took embarrasingly long. I had to change my batting controls and everything!
  16. After getting hooked on the Baseball minigame in Yakuza 6 I decided to give MLB The Show a go on Gamepass. I chose the Seattle Mariners as my team and after learning the basics of the game started the Road to The Show mode which is pretty fun. Found I enjoyed Pitching more than Batting so taking that up. Got 7 out in a game as Pitcher which I was pretty happy with. Commentary is the best I’ve heard in a sports game of any type, and they have my full name in the sound bank! Playing on last gen though I will say the graphics are pretty bad. I then thought you know, I might actually like Baseball here, let’s go watch some Mariners in the MLB. Turns out they’re a pretty bad team that haven’t done anything of note since 2001. Not only that but the MLB season ends in October and the Mariners haven’t made the Post-Season so that’s them until April. Should have just glory supported and picked the Yankees or something.
  17. Personally glad the Pac vs Andrade match is gone because while I’m sure they could put on a good match there’s nothing going on with them. Andrade is overhyped and it’s difficult to get behind Pac who for one reason or another just shows up every now and again for a match then vanishes for ages.
  18. On the same note I'm glad I grew up playing the proper Sonic 2 on Mega Drive because I downloaded the Iphone version to skive at work the other day and it's wall to wall adverts, including in between every act. Always has to be connected to the internet too. Infuriating.
  19. When I was 17 I was in a long distance relationship with a lass from Bethnal Green. We went there once and I absolutely hammered her at Tekken 5. On the evening we went to a mutual friend's birthday party and she brought back one of her drug dealer mates and did coke while I slept on the airbed. It was at that point I realised we wanted different things in life. I went there over a decade later with my wife but all the good machines were gone and we may as well have went to Seaton Carew. We made up for the fact by going to the Sealife Center next door. A shame that a pretty decent arcade ends up closing, but I suppose without the benefit of being at a seaside with proper fish and chips and 2p machines it had nothing to fall back on.
  20. I just finished Yakuza Like a Dragon and got every achievement except True Final Dungeon because balls to that. Edit: just to add 0 was my first and I’ve loved them all up to 4 which I got bored of fast. My friend told me not to bother with 5 so I never. My Yakuza Code is: 0, LaD, K2, 6, K1, 3, 4, 5. Playing them chronologically is a bizarre experience because 0 is rammed with content but then K1 is barebones. K2 is the best looking out of all of them but lacks substance too. 3 looks gens behind but then 4 looks way better but not as good as 0, 1 or 2. The series rarely has a graphics to content correlation. One thing’s for certain though i’m scary good at Outrun now.
  21. 100% the right call to have Chris Jericho nowhere near that on commentary. Genuinely think this will be a turning points for the company.
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