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  1. Agatha Christie's Paige discussion.

    Whoever said Alberto was fuelling her terrible life choices was clearly mistaken.
  2. The Health and Fitness Thread

  3. What gigs are you going to in the next few months?

    Sparks announced they are supporting Beck in Bournemouth in May, so me and the mrs are making the 6 hour trip to go see them. Not often two of your favourite bands team up.
  4. WHAT PLAY YOU!? Version 2.0

    Probably not if they were a purist because Jump Man is Mario. They would have thought you were a right numpty.
  5. The Orange Cordial Thread

    Way to go lads, happy for you both. Should be very proud.
  6. Hive heating

    100 calorie snacks 2 a day max
  7. The Health and Fitness Thread

    I haven't gotten that thankfully. Apparently fresh fruit and stuff like that helps but I've not had an issue.
  8. The Health and Fitness Thread

    Aye looking at reviews and stuff before I got it nobody mentioned it being bad for you. I mean, if it turns out it is I'll stop, but this was the first I'd heard about it.
  9. The Health and Fitness Thread

    After realising the amount of money I was spending on really shitty food at work and missing breakfast a bunch, I bought myself some of that Huel stuff. Basically a meal replacement full of all the essential vitamins and nutrients you want. It costs less overall than I was spending per day on junk at work and I'm hoping it combines well with losing weight (though I'm fully aware it's not a weight loss drink). It looks revolting but tastes fine if you like oats and vanilla (which I do). Basically like a porridge drink in flavour but thankfully not consistency. I got a pack of flavours to try too. Had Rhubarb and Custard earlier and Strawberry is in the fridge for Breakfast. My farts smell rancid.
  10. Post a pic('s) of your pet thread

    Who? David Baddiel?
  11. Today I learned...

    Yoghurt and Pidgeon. Even typing those out now part of me is saying they're correct.
  12. WHAT PLAY YOU!? Version 2.0

    It's decent fun offline VS because there is a lot of technique with counters and cancels and all that jazz, but yeah the reasons you stated are the same reason I didn't buy it. I tried the Beta and I never managed to even get in a game, just constant disconnects. I don't watch Dragonball either so a roster of almost identical characters I don't know never appealed to me. All my gaming time these is days is spread between Chrono Trigger, Friday The 13th and World of Warcraft. Trigger on the SNES which is a fantastic RPG that lives up to it's reputation, Friday 13th which is good fun but really badly made by a team of nobodies. In better hands I think it would have Left 4 Dead replayability and community, but it's currently just full of children and rage-quitters. This is my first foray in World of Warcraft which me and my partner have been playing relentlessly as she's all clued up on it and has a bunch of characters. It's nice to play a game with her that she knows more than me and is better at than me at as she's really enthusiatic about teaching me all this stuff I don't know.
  13. Bomber Pat is the Steve Justice of Biscuit eating

    I can't remember the last time I ate inside a McDonalds. If hypothetically I did end up eating in, I'd likely eat like a human.
  14. Bomber Pat is the Steve Justice of Biscuit eating

    My Nana used to burn toast until it was inedibly black, leave it to go cold, butter it and then eat it.
  15. Bomber Pat is the Steve Justice of Biscuit eating

    Chocolate on top Tea black but, I eat Big Macs in layers. No other burger, only Big Macs. top bun first, then burger folded with sauce and onion, then middle bun with remaining sauce, then bottom bun with burger and cheese on top, like one of those sandwiches at a buffet where it's just the filling on one bit of bread.