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  1. FelatioLips

    What's my best year? Randy Orton

    Kicking Vince and DDTing Steph are his best moments, but Foley was his best match. Foley made him in that match, only closely followed by what could have been against Undertaker. If I had to pick, it'd be 2004. Imagine that, peaking 14 years ago.
  2. FelatioLips

    Post An Unpopular Opinion

    Get a thread started man! There's been some right dickheads on non-Big Brother reality TV
  3. FelatioLips

    My best finisher?

    Big Show's chokeslam where he drops to one knee is still the best version of a chokeslam I've seen. Every other finisher he had was shite, not including the Alleyoop which is so stupid it worked.
  4. FelatioLips

    Post An Unpopular Opinion

    Is she the nutter from Gordon Ramsey's show? The Bakery he just left to die because she did his head in.
  5. FelatioLips

    WHAT PLAY YOU!? Version 2.0

    The lost me the second they only included the shitty original controller. They've not announced all the game yet either and the ones they have included don't appeal to me.
  6. FelatioLips

    ITV World of Sport: Tapings postponed until July?

    My Granddad asked me the other week out of nowhere, "you still watching the wrestling?" I told him not as much. He said he watched it on the Saturday and then sat and ripped it to bits for ages because it's not World of Sport.
  7. FelatioLips

    Hell In A Cell is next week apparently

    A Hell in a Cell ending in a no contest is up there with the dumbest things I've seen them do.
  8. FelatioLips

    Hell In A Cell is next week apparently

    Start my new job Tuesday and the shifts are super late compared to what I'm used to, so debating staying for this purely to wreck my current early wakeup/early bedtime pattern. That red cell is disgusting.
  9. FelatioLips

    Would Ya Dare Shop At Netto?

    That's the stuff!
  10. FelatioLips

    Epic Fails

    Jay Lethal and Ric Flair is up there as one of the funniest segments ever too. Comedy in wrestling is ace when done right. Benoit's mic time in WCW is a clear cut indicator why he only got a title push to try keep him around. I still cringe at him saying to Debra "talk to the haaaand, cos the man just don't understanddd" and that "quote the crippler" shit he pulled. He was so bad. Lapsed Fan on their Backlash 2004 show did a piss funny recap of when he returned back to his home town as a hero after WMXX but no fucker had heard of him, every paper ripped the piss out of him for being a wrestler, and he just needlessly got pelters left and right from everyone who covered it. So my epic fail is Chris Benoit any time he either spoke or had a title run.
  11. FelatioLips

    Would Ya Dare Shop At Netto?

    Sorry I meant Rekorderlig but it's six and two threes really, it's nice either way.
  12. FelatioLips

    Would Ya Dare Shop At Netto?

    I back up the Monster Claws. Teddy Faces are a tastier, crunchier Pom Bears too. Some of Aldi's ciders and ales ate great too. They do one called Medusa which is lovely, and their knockoff Kopparberg is just as good too.
  13. FelatioLips

    Would Ya Dare Shop At Netto?

    I've eaten half a bag of "Cool" Snackrite Tortilla Chips there from Aldi and they're another knockoff product I think I'd pick over the real thing. There are so many cheaper alternatives that are just as good or better but when I was a kid you'd get absolutely pelted for shopping at Aldi or Netto. Netto especially. If it was around today it'd make a fortune. We did Aldi when I was a kid and their Lasagne was the dog's bollocks, as were these little oblong shaped yogurts with fruit at the bottom. Jives are a poor man's Twix but I'd choose them all day long. Crumblier biscuit, smoother caramel. Kids these days have it easy being able to shop there without becoming a pariah. What's the shop everyone even picks on these days?
  14. FelatioLips

    The Why Don't You Get a Job Thread

    Sorry to hear the bad news @Shy Dad. Hopefully it's not going to put you down too much, just keep looking. There's more than 1 decent job out there. Left my job today, start my new one next week. I thought it might be emotional as there was some great people there but I hated the place so much I got out by lunch and never looked back. They gave me an ace send-off though.
  15. FelatioLips

    An 'All In' Thread

    As someone who doesn't really keep up with any ROH or US Indy stuff, I'd heard about Joey Ryan but never really seen anything properly. As an unexpected one off appearance I was proper laughing at it. I can see how you couldn't get away with doing it every week though.