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  1. All Purpose Weather Moaning Thread

    Bright red moon up here in the North. Very unsettling.
  2. Shows You Abandoned

    Oh yeah and this. I'll catch a Youtube clip if it sounds decent but haven't watched a full episode in forever and don't have the Network. Thanks for reminding me! Also on the subject of unlikeable protagonists, any one of the Desperate Housewives. They're all just selfish, chaotic, horrible nightmares. Nobody in real life would ever put up with them.
  3. Doomed anecdotal megathread #2

    Yeah I don't worry about my student debts at all. I don't know why people do. If you can't afford to pay it then you don't, if you can then you pay poxy amounts. I think the most they ever took off me was about £16 one month. Usually it's a few quid or nothing.
  4. Shows You Abandoned

    Dexter - Actually got midway through the final season before I just couldn't stomach it any more, but hadn't enjoyed it since John Lithhow single-handedly carried Season 4. By the end I think every single other person in the show knows he's a murderer but nobody seems to care, and I didn't either. Heard the ending was the drizzling shits and catching it on Youtube years later cemented that. Walking Dead - Gave up just before Negan and Co showed up. The show had always been episodes of nothing followed by one big episode, but that chipped me down eventually. It didn't help that any time you'd get attached to a character they'd either die or do something so stupid you wondered why you liked them in the first place, e.g. when Carol, who in the first season wasn't even brave enough to stand up for herself was suddenly just totally fine with shooting a human child in the head. Mad Men - Became so self-indulgent and obvious that it was getting hard to stick around. Netflix never adding the second half of the final season helped and I never went looking for it. Better Call Saul - Caught Season 1 and enjoyed it, but not enough to go back to Season 2. It's the issue with prequals where you know what does or doesn't happen to most the characters because you've already seen Breaking Bad. Game of Thrones - Overhyped shit. Too much going on, very poor writing, relies on tits and blood to get by. One of those shows where the fans are so into it they completely ignore whether it's good or not.
  5. The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Caught that 30 minute condensed Youtube version this morning so I don't know if it was that, but they somehow managed to make The Shield reunion boring. They came out to their individual music, they're walking about in their little matching tops with their beaming smiles; it's like they forgot what made them cool to begin with.
  6. Doomed anecdotal megathread #2

    Quicksand! A horrible way to die.
  7. The end of WCPW

    50p per 1000 views, 40p if it's WWE based. You only get paid for the views for the rest of that month plus 6 days for each article. So yeah, a load of shit. Essentially peddle out article after article and hope one of them picks up enough steam to pay your bills for the month.
  8. The end of WCPW

    10 Better Names We Could Have Used
  9. Random Thoughts III.

    2001 Invasion Era is a frustrating watch. It was around the time I got into it as a kid so I expected full nostalgia, but watching back it's frustrating to see how all over the place it is and how fast the WWF/Alliance gets blurred into one big mess. It actually reminds me a lot of what we have now where the talent pool is so deep, but they focus on one or two people and then everyone else just fucks about doing nothing. Only people are over back in 2001.
  10. 2017 Clog-Popping Thread

    Whatever it is, it's hilarious. https://www.bbc.com/pidgin/tori-41171196
  11. New wrestling figures!

    I remember for a while on here we had a game of Spot TNA Terry Taylor.
  12. NXT - Post NXT Takeover discussion in progress

    Adam Cole is arguably the skinniest person on the roster. Saw a clip of him vs Young on Youtube earlier and he looked pathetic. Why is there so much hype for him? People like him are one of the reasons I've cancelled the network and only really bother with the odd Youtube clip now, he looks like a teenager on the indies.
  13. UKFF Porn and General Filth Discussion

    My Little Pony. Look not very hard and you'll find a photo of some guy that put a MLP in a jar and then proceeded to ejaculate in it over the course of weeks or months until it was as good as half full. Then he forgets about it and leaves it on the radiator and it cooks into this horrible brown mess. Sonic is a good one too. It's harder to choose fetishes based on cartoons or games and such things because the people who do it are clearly mentally damaged and not just into something odd. See Furries, also.
  14. Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    Imagine finding out you're the only supporter on Patreon. Embarrassing.
  15. The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Never thought they'd waste The Shield reunion on getting Roman Reigns cheered against Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel.