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  1. People that stupid and greedy get no sympathy from me.
  2. Randy Orton is a shit promo and bland in the ring too and he's been champion what? 15 times? It might be go away heat, but in an era where the heels are cheered more than the faces and the only audience left won't turn over anyway, go away heat is the best heat a heel can get.
  3. I'd argue there's a few better than Enzo at selling (and Enzo sells because he legit smacks his head half the time) but how far can selling getting beat up get you when you're that size? Like I said earlier, he's a Spike Dudley or a Crash Holly. He'll take a kicking off the big lads, maybe scrape a few lucky wins. He can't move at the pace of the cruiserweights, he's not got the skill or size to get even to IC levels, there's no hardcore division for him to prat about in like guys his size used to have. Once he splits from Cass he has nothing but charisma and getting beat up. He'll be the same level as a Colin Delaney or a James Ellsworth.
  4. Cass will do fine in a Test role. Big, hard-hitting but overall fairly useless on the mic and midcard for life. Enzo however once you get past his mic skills has very little going for him. Never impressed in the ring at all, other than being chucked about. He's a Spike or Crash without a hardcore division to hide his weaknesses. Can't see him getting five stars for doing an airplane spin or looking like he's getting food out his teeth any time soon.
  5. The way I look at it is if I put Smackdown on tonight having never seen it before, I'd see Jinder as champ and not bat an eye. Looks like a wrestler and not someone's uncle down the pub, puts on matches no worse than most the roster, heels it up pretty well. It's only because we know who he is that it's hard to accept it. Most casuals I know have seen the likes of Finn Balor and Kevin Owens and thought it was ridiculous. Not many of them bothered by Jinder winning.
  6. I'm with Scotswizard in that while he is a massive jobber, he looks a hundred times better than some other people on the roster who have/probably will be champs. He wrestled the boring Randy Orton main event style perfectly too. It's something fresh
  7. Heels can't be over these days or they get cheered for being good heels.
  8. It's not often these days ladder matches make you stop in shock and aren't just spot fests. Anyone can go down to NXT and put on a clinic, it's pretty much the point of the brand. Midcarders getting it all out of their system before they (mostly) move on to nothing.
  9. Maybe if they need Jinder Mahal to squash someone.
  10. I'd love to know what anyone saw in Nikki Cross though. Can't act, can't wrestle. Why is she there? Every aspect is crap.
  11. UK match was good but ladder match was MOTN for me. A shame they think every team needs to split these days cos once the feud finishes I can't see either of them going far.
  12. I did say tiny and/or bland. Even if you love his facials, he's 5 foot 10 and 205lbs without any of the redeeming features a Bryan or Mysterio had to get far with that. Gurning at William Regal in front of a few hundred people in Norwich is one thing, but once he's up on that main roster, who's he going to "bruise"?
  13. It's hard to get that excited about someone when the furthest they'll make it is 205 Live or NXT. The biggest star the UK has produced in recent years is probably Neville, and he's been there god knows how long and he did next to nothing on the main roster and now he's trapped in the land of the dead with the rest of the midgets. For as good as he might be, the 5 foot whatever Pete Dunne and his facials are going nowhere in WWE.
  14. I have just so little interest in this mini UK division they've got going. It's so shallow they're padding out a UK Championship show in the UK with TJ Perkins. A division of about 3 people defending a worthless belt. I tried the tournament and turned it off before the end, and I tried tonight's and went and did something in the other room instead. Just really bland all round. This and the Cruiserweight division are just so tepid and worthless. Even by WWE's shit standards of today they're all tiny and/or bland.
  15. I honestly thought GLOW was still a thing. But then I have zero interest in women's wrestling.