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  1. UKFF 'Failed Comedian' Award 2017

    Should have been Malbranque but for some reason this place loves him. Bumholes and willies lads, ey? Sloppy shits and japs eyes!
  2. UKFF Post of the Year 2017

    I came in to vote for Cheese On only to see it wasn't even this year. Can tell I don't visit this place as much. Also the fact something I've said is getting nominated speaks for itself how crap this place is these days.
  3. WHAT PLAY YOU!? Version 2.0

    I got a Raspberry Pi for Christmas and after updating it my PSX emulator now recognised R2 as Start. I've remapped controls both in the emulator and main system menu but it hasn't fixed it. Any ideas?
  4. The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Finn Balor is laughably bad at almost every aspect of the business aside from doing a cool entrance and having abs. His matches are average and forgettable, he's one of the worst promos in the company, he looks and sounds bored constantly. He has the audacity to call other people nerds, walking around in his crap leather jacket, playing with his Lego. A real shitehawk.