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  1. Was interested in the Braun dumpster match. Saw the clip of the end on Youtube and now I'm not. Back to skipping Raw it seems.
  2. I totally forgot Niles' attempt at a Mr Bean skit.
  3. Mike Tyson's DX was good too.
  4. DX 2000's Run DMC theme is underrated. Thanks.
  5. Frasier absolutely chewing up the scene in the later series is beautiful, but this one where he's been trying to convince himself he liked his date is amazing. The stares across the room as she chokes followed by "SHAAAAME ON YOUUUU" gets me every time.
  6. Caught Raw for the first time in ages seeing as I heard there was no Roman, Steph and the shakeup had rid the show of some deadweight and god did it fly by. Enjoyed most of it, felt like everything had a purpose. Highlights were Show vs Strowman, anything Strowman was involved in all night, especially hurling that useless turd Kalisto into the trash, and Jeff vs Cesaro. I forgot how good Jeff's ragdoll selling was. Only negatives were Enzo and Cass vs The Club because even in Youtube clip form watching these two teams seems to have went on forever and the bit with Alicia Fox in because she's crap and should have been fired ages ago.
  7. What's all this stuff about Corbyn being anti-semetic? I hear it all the time but no idea what it's about.
  8. He was no age was he? My mate text me and I just realised all 4 participants in 3MW vs Mae and Moolah are dead.
  9. In general any match ending in a double countout, or a DQ or sone other non-finish can't be 5* for me. Even if there's a reason for it, feels like a waste of my time.
  10. Is Cat Crater also Bubble Ray? I remember him going bananas and making a list of people he didn't like.
  11. Sinister Minister James Mitchell isn't it?
  12. 9/10 exclusive?
  13. Is that their legit site? They have TNA in the name and The Hardys in their banner.
  14. Cat Crater seems to be of the understanding that assaulting someone for firing you from your job isn't assault. He sounds rock hard though so I doubt the pigs would touch him anyway.
  15. I'm just shy of 7 and it's fantastic isn't it?