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  1. The other half bought Monopoly Gamer earlier and me and my Brother just had a game there. Absolutely class. Basically it's Mario Party X Monopoly. Instead of money you get coins and the buying/selling/auctioning is massively simplified. You roll 2 dice instead of 1, with one being the number spaces you move and the other being a powerup, e.g Red Shell (any player drops 3 coins), POW (all players drop 1 coin), or Coin Block (collect 3 from the bank). If you drop coins they stay on that space until someone passes and picks them up. Every time you pass GO you get 2 coins and a chance to fight the boss by rolling certain numbers and paying to fight it. The game continues until Bowser is beaten, and then all coins, properties, boss cards have a Points value. Whoever has the most points when Bowser is beaten wins. There's character-specific abilities too which add a good dimension to the game. It's heaps of fun if you like Mario Party or want a simple/more exciting version of Monopoly for kids.
  2. What even is that game? I saw it on the Switch store but had no idea if it was even a video game and not just a board game or smart phone game. Can you explain it for a thicko please?
  3. I've heard people say it's their favourite and I've heard people say it's the worst one. My top 3 would be 9, 10, 6 with 7 not even coming close. Not a fan of 7 at all, don't like the setting, not a big fan of any of the characters, don't like the Materia system, think it's massively over-rated. I'll give VIII a go.
  4. Is Final Fantasy VIII worth a play? I got it in the Steam Sale years ago but couldn't get away with playing it on PC. Was debating getting it on PSN but don't know if it's worth it.
  5. 205 Live could do with a few more names to put Neville over.
  6. You mean the one-season wonder who did his shift and refuses to return? Plus he may have been born working class but it's thoroughly debatable he is now. He's hardly balancing his time between doing TV, Movies and a shift in the mines. (Eccleston btw, it just didn't quote that bit) In regards to not watching it, as I stated I did in what I'd say was it's most popular incarnation with Tennent, but stopped because it's just not a good show.
  7. Pretty much this, yeah. Similarly if a black doctor was chosen and then declared it a huge step for their race. It's not, you were picked entirely so people will stop asking for it and they could move on after you and say "we already did that". I wouldn't care if Dr Who was a horse, I don't watch it, but a female doctor or a black doctor, or anything but a middle class white male doctor is a PR stunt at best.
  8. I'm not arsed either way because I started Dr Who in the Eccleston years and stopped in the Tennent ones, but the first words out of her mouth in the article I just read were "as a feminist" which is pretty much the only reason a woman was given the role. She's a token they've cashed in to please a few people and state equality, next one will be a bloke and everything will be as it was.
  9. Yeah but if you count all the punches he doesn't win with then he's more massively inconsistent than anything.
  10. Best for me are Wrestlemania and Royal Rumble. I'm giving Battleground a pass because I'm sure The Shield vs The Rhodes was on there one year and it's still one of the best matches of that whole Shield period. I can't pick an ECW one because I couldn't differentiate between them, they're all just ECW but I've seen far more good than bad. Worst for me would be any WCW PPV after 1999 at a push. They're all awful with maybe a good match here or there, but mostly just shit. Worst WWE is Great American Bash and any PPV named after a gimmick match, so MITB, HIAC, TLC, Fatal 4 Way, Breaking Point I'm sure just had submission matches too.
  11. Dusty Rhodes using Wheel of Fortune at Mania on certain DVDs.
  12. Rob Van Dam.
  13. Started this myself tonight after a couple of months of having it on the computer. Following the beginner Schedule so started with the Diamond Dozen. Found it completely manageable (though my form was poor). A few of them like the Rowing one and the Punches were tough mind you. It'll be simpler after a week or so when I know the moves by name and don't have to slowly go through them all.
  14. How did you find it?
  15. Jack Gallagher was great for a month but he has no staying power at all. See him once and you never have to see him again.