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  1. That last one actually makes sense if you're an NFL fan. Complete gibberish if you're not though, what a man.
  2. The callback to Raw 10 years ago didn't need to be made, but that's Jericho trying to connect all the dots. I'm not going to knock him for it when continuity is often lacking in wrestling. Tyson is getting a lot of attention at the moment with his proposed comeback on sports radio and TV, so the timing makes sense to have him in. It'll get eyeballs on the product, but hopefully won't over stay its welcome, and gives Jericho and the Inner Circle something to do that isn't Elite related. I just hope that they keep it away from matches for the most part, no-one needs to see Belfort stiffing his way through a tag match.
  3. Beyond condescending. Bunch of cunts, the lot of them.
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