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  1. Dustin supposedly felt that his career was essentially over if he was booted out, so would throw desperate shit out there. I seriously doubt he'd actually do it.
  2. I didn't know "wiping your knob" was an option. You couldn't use toilet paper as that could be messy. I'm not using a towel somebody else might have to use. Just let it drip away, then stick it back in. ADDED: However, when I was in hospital with my Strokes, they did "wipe the knob" very thoroughly, VERY thoroughly. God bless the NHS.
  3. The Fabulous Freebirds - "Badstreet USA". Need I say anymore. Class stuff.
  4. He definately had the idea for some "Invisible Man" shit. Eric Bischoff seriously considering faking his own death in a plane crash in 1999 got to be up there.
  5. Whole "Drug Dealer" thing with Russo in 1998 \ 1999 WWF never really went anywhere. Guy was called "Key" aka Vic Grimes, but they never really went into it. I think he only had one match.
  6. Rumours and allegations I heard. Tam Paton stuff is definately true. His house was like something out of "Caligula" supposed to be. Seems from further Google searching, he also ran a child abuse ring. Horrible stuff.
  7. Original version of this is 15 minutes! Condensed into a five minute video where they take out the whole bloody chorus! Urgh. Here is Jon & Vangelis - "The Friends of Mr. Cairo" from 1981..
  8. I've just noticed this. Tam Paton (their manager) was a bloody evil man, Jimmy Savile but with the boys. Naked male teen butlers in his house and other illegal shit all going on. Tam Paton's brother was even worse. Hardly any mention of that clown on the Internet I see. Shocking. RIP Mr. Les McKeown.
  9. I hope his Assistants get a bit of credit too rather than a complete Fergie blowjob fest.
  10. You just need to see "Bronski Beat & Marc Almond" and you know what you're heading into lol.
  11. It's like the best tag team ever.
  12. There was only like 30 paidos at the time. Me reading 30 names out now would be quite sad. All the big, hard tubing down my throat has caused a damage (i know this will pop up in another thread).
  13. When was that. Decade ago? In UKFF Chat? Probably when I used to drink and smashed out my skull.
  14. Its not nonce like. Its "hes fugly". Im not accusing anybody of being a nonce.
  15. 1. It was Mort Goldberg. 2. I dont remember that gay porn. Must have been a decade ago. 3. Various people have made various comments about me (ive had two strokes) and my family. That is true.
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