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  1. Aye, he was just a stop-gap for Pierce Brosnan and Roger Moore knew it too, which is why he half-arsed it physically and with the acting. Roger Moore (RIP) knew he was just a stand-in for Brosnan as old Pierce couldn't get out of "Remington Steele" contract. Even Timothy Dalton knew Brosnan was coming. "Octopussy" was shit too. Probably worse than "View to a Kill".
  2. There is mental help out there, in Scotland, if you get the right kind of community workers behind you. Since I've been isolated since Mumzie (RIP) passed away, two charities have set me up with two work placements for the five days a week. Gets me out and back into a routine for the next six months. It's basic Microsoft Office work. Need to have the right people around you to help you. You need to get the right support workers who get on with you for a start and not be a rambling lunatic.
  3. No, but the only ones, if he did, win others I bet would be with Canadian guys.
  4. Could be or I'm more camper than a row of tents.
  5. I'm absolutely convinced that Dan "The Beast" Severn left the WWF because Russo wanted him in the "Ministry of Darkness" with the "666" across his chest and Severn done a runner. I'm 100% sure of that but I can't find nothing about it.
  6. Just the whole "Fighting With My Family" thing seems cringe-worthy, even the name does too.
  7. I'm not going to watch it now but is the shooter pretending to be on the phone when he walks past and then shoots him? I've seen that somewhere on a legit VHS release somewhere and I can't think where.
  8. What?!? Didn't know this actually was legit happening. WWF/E was one of the staples of Sky too. Only reason why I got Sky in 1994. Don't watch it now but still, sad times.
  9. Wasn't this made into a very saucy film in the mid-90s and set in the mid-90s called "Slither" with Sharon Stone? UB40 were on the bloody soundtrack.
  10. Stock, Aitken and Waterman one, must be 1989, was absolutely terrible. Cliff Richard was on that one too.
  11. It's a damn shame for Gary Neville as he was telling the fecking truth, but methinks he's getting the sack for "being too controversial" aka "having a brain".
  12. Everybody loves a good movie trailer to get the blood pumping. I'll start off with two of my best. Probably think of more later.. Clint Eastwood - "Pale Rider" to the Channel 4 News music.. and here is "The Mission" with De Niro and Jeremy Irons with a bit of Ennio Morricone sprinkled in there..
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