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  1. bAzTNM#1

    Documentary Thread #2

    Disgraceful they basically took the piss out of the woman who played the mother in "Troll 2". She was obviously mentally ill in the documentary (and so was her mother). Just not right filming.
  2. bAzTNM#1

    Documentary Thread #2

    If you can watch without prejudice, some of the gay documentaries out there are quite good. "Before Stonewall", "After Stonewall", "We Were Here", "How to Survive a Plague" and then if you want, you can watch the film version of the book "And the Band Played On". Everybody is in that one. Phil Collins plays a sleazy gay sauna owner. Not making that one up.. I'm not gay but most of these you'll be crying at some parts, especially if "And the Band Played On" is the one with the Elton John song playing at the end: "The Last Song".
  3. bAzTNM#1

    Doomed anecdotal megathread #2

    I'll do that. Another point though just now, it's really sad seeing the grey hairs going quicker and quicker. Even one side of my eyebrows have went. It'll be a zimmer next, Uncle Baz on a fucking zimmer trudging through town. Urghhh.
  4. bAzTNM#1

    The World Cup

    What about Brazil eh? Totally capitulated. Think people were spoiled by this team by Pele and 1970. 1990 level this Brazil team is. I love me a bit of Brazil too.
  5. bAzTNM#1

    Doomed anecdotal megathread #2

    Does anybody know anything about KODI? Anybody know any good movie addons for it? I switched it on for the first time in months last night and nothing worked. Thanks a lot.
  6. bAzTNM#1

    The World Cup

    I wonder who's narrating the documentary. I'm betting Daniel Craig. France vs Croatia sounds like a really shit World Cup Final to me, it's like Diesel vs Mabel from Summerslam 1995.
  7. bAzTNM#1

    The Song Of The Day Thread

    Dire Straits doing "Private Investigations" in the early 80s. Official video.
  8. bAzTNM#1

    The Song Of The Day Thread

    John Deacon (bassist) from Queen & The Immortals "No Turning Back Now" from the 80s film "Biggles". Cameo by Peter Cushing at the end was his last on-screen appearance. "Biggles" was his last film.