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  1. I’d be surprised to see it go away. If anything, I can see them launching another localised NXT brand in the next year, given “global localisation” in Triple H’s masterplan.
  2. I’d also add The Miz to the “punching above his weight” category.
  3. He was married to Torrie Wilson. Him.
  4. RE: Sting, was the physique stuff the reason he went from tights only, to wearing the singlet that pretty much covered his entire torso?
  5. Nothing says the ‘90s like Power Slam and a Shatter Resistant ruler.
  6. So bizarre seeing Kendo this public after living the gimmick long after World of Sport was canned.
  7. You mean you don’t expect him to retire—or die—in the role?
  8. If Bischoff brings back 3 Minute Warning, I’ll call him Jesus.
  9. Someone said it recently (I think @BomberPat) that in modern-day WWE, the audience are just props in a TV show, which is a good observation. It means shows are no longer live events that happen to be recorded and therefore the shows are no longer primarily for the audience’s entertainment. The audience aren’t as invested in the live show nor feel a part of it, which leaves them detached, more self-aware, and more likely to “play up” to amuse themselves or try and derail what’s going on.
  10. If I was killing it with cryptocurrency, I’d definitely be spending my free time extolling my experience on the UKFF. The value of any cryptocurrency is a gamble. No matter how much “technical analysis” is done. It’s value is only what people are prepared to pay. Even if they become scarce in number, if people stop buying them the value is going to drop.
  11. I don’t think the UKFF has a bin…
  12. No worries 🙂 I’d definitely fall under the “casual gamer” label. I only play a few hours a week, and tend to stick with one title for a while before moving on. Currently playing Rocket League as it’s easy to just dip in online and play a few matches. Think the last story-based game I played was the story mode in GTA V.
  13. I don’t think I‘ve played enough games to compile a “top ten”. My top ten would probably be GTA V, Rocket League, GTA 4, GTA 3, and then the bottom six padded out with SmackDown titles 😄
  14. It’s official: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2740207302675194&id=138766902819260
  15. Your Fight Site


    I stayed at the YOTEL in New York a couple of years ago but feel short-changed now. We didn’t have a robot that delivered towels! There was a big robotic arm in reception that you give it your suitcase, and it puts it away for you though.
  16. Jesus Christ. How is Ibushi not in a wheelchair, or worse?
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