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  1. Ill tell you now as a massive Punk/Metal/Death/Hardcore Fan these are the bands you will probably enjoy !!


    Hang the Bastard - Pure Rock, a bit old skool in there ways but definately worth it !!

    Gallows - Not as amazing without Frank Carter but still decent a bit more Heavy though more Hardcore Punk

    Wolfmother are absolutely amazing Retro feel rock band like Jimmy Hendrix

    The Struts - Pop / Rock a bit like Queen but are gonna be massive give them a year !!

  2. I managed to Meet Said Dennison Ramalho at a horror festival last year as he was bringing out this beautiful set of short films



    Director: Dennison Ramalho | 1998 | 11 mins



    Director: Dennison Ramalho | 2003 | 21 mins



    Director: Dennison Ramalho | 2010 | 23 mins


    To say they were amazing is a understatement :)

  3. Well you have these ive been collecting them for years now :


    Jeff Speakman

    The Expert

    Running Red

    Perfect Weapon

    Scorpio One

    Street Knight

    Land of the Free

    Memorial Day

    Deadly Outbreak


    Jeff Wincott

    Karate Cop

    Deadly Bet

    Mission of Justice

    Martial Outlaw

    Open Fire

    The Killing Machine

    No Exit

    Last Man Standing


    Thomas Ian Griffith

    Crackerjack (Only the First)

    Excessive Force

    Ulterior Motives

    Hollow Point


    Billy Blanks

    King of the Kickboxers

    China of Brian II (For Norton and Rothrock also)

    Talons of the Eagle

    Back in Action


    Tough & Deadly

    Expect No Mercy

    Balance of Power


    David Bradley

    American Ninja 3,4 &5

    American Samurai

    Blood Warriors

    Hard Justice

    Expect to Die


    Richard Norton

    Force Five


    China O Brian 1 & 2

    Sword of Bushido

    Rage and Honor 1 & 2

    Lady Dragon


    Loren Avedon

    No Retreat No Surrender 2,3, King of Kickboxers

    Grid Runners

    Deadly Ranson

    Silent Force

    Martial Law


    Gary Daniels

    Capital Punishment

    Final Impact

    American Streetfighter

    Full Impact


    Deadly Target



    Hawks Vengeance


    Jerry Trimble

    Full Contact

    Live by the Fist

    One Man Army



    Dale Apollo Cook

    Fist of Glory

    Blood Ring

    Raw Target

    Triple Impact

    American Kickboxer 2


    Olivier Gruner

    Angel Town







    Notable Mentions are Superfights, Bloodmoon, Wicked Game, LA Streetfighter, Low Blow, Shadow Fury, Doorman, Pitfighter, US Seals 2 , Special Forces, Ghost Rock, To Be the Best, Red Scorpion, Man of War, Crying Freeman, Only the Strong, Rapid Fire, Legacy of Rage,Timecop 2, Bloodsport 2,3,4, Perfect Target, True Vengeance


    Hope that helps i cannot think of others off the bat, sure it will give u hours of viewing :)

  4. Well had a bit of a film'orama over the weekend and managed to watch these :


    Bird with the Crystal Plumage - Loved it cannot beat any italian/stalker/thriller movie

    Breakheart Pass - Massive Bronson fan, enjoyed every minute of it

    Revolver - Felt like i was high watching this movie wasnt 100% sure what to think of it.

    2012 - Ice Age - Well my partner put this on the Tivo box, wow it was deleted quicker than it was on there absolutely terrible it seemed like a flight simulator with snow it was terrible

    Predator X - Xtinction - Another of my partners movies, about a CGI crocodile being bred to make a ultimate race of dinocrocs absolute terrible :)

  5. Ha Ha, its just good for the shock values thats what i liked about it and the creepy setting :)


    Anyways recently i watched the following :


    Death race (Remake) - average really was alright but could of been better

    Bennys Video - honestly didnt get the whole idea of it i read reviews how shocking it was and they were right it was shocking but in a bad way really

    Hidden (The Cache) - Really good story but dragged a little and the ending was meh

    Judge Dredd (Original) big stallone fan, fully enjoyed it the 10th time over

    The hole (Thora Birch) - Good movie, but not as good as i remembered fell asleep last time.

    Gettysburg - Classic war movie

    War of the Dead - Zombie Diaries 2 - Shite

    Twins - Absolutely loved it could watch over and over again

    Kingpin - Like above i think it tops Dumb and Dumber easily so many laughs, woody harrelson is so underated i need to watch messanger and rampart i think

  6. Men Behind the Sun, is quite bad like they say but as a whole the series of 4 movies are really really good as a crazy insight into the whole genre, well worth sitting through though definately.


    Guinea Pig movies are so shocking really they are a little gruesome but honestly they are proper pants but i guess when they came out they were good at the time i guess.


    Another good movie is Evil Dead Trap if u havent already watched that.

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