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  1. Imagine being Big Cass, though. 7 foot guy, who was super over in developmental, got to WWE and Vince took one look at him and thought he was going to be the next big heel in the company. Daniel Bryan was his bitch for a few months. He must have been thinking WrestleMania main events and 7 figure salaries for years. So if you have previous issues with mental health, long term injuries and drugs, I cant see how the disappointment of all that wouldnt have got to him. Its a cruel business if you have no back up plan. The poor sod needs help, not more bookings for surprise appearances.
  2. Was going to say Joey Janela's girlfriend, but she's recently left him for Kip Sabian. Which is like going from Jewish Frankenstein Gene Simmons to 1988 George Michael.
  3. Or it can be an escapism from all that. Which is generally is to millions of people.
  4. "Schillinger! I've been here 9 fucking years, you think you'd learn my Goddamn name!" Fucking lol.
  5. I remember this. He said one of the women he shagged was Andre Baker's mother. A reference so inside baseball its almost an insult to the spirit of the Daily Sport.
  6. Fight work rate pervs with workrate pervs I say. If you want to truly damage AEW's audience, send over the likes of Zayn, Owens, Cesaro, maybe even Bryan to NXT. Its hardly a demotion when its Network TV.
  7. I saw the news on twitter and my throat got one of those really sore lumps in it. I'm actually quite upset hearing Daniel Johnston's passed away. What a lovely soul. Wrote some great music from his bedroom, with no help.
  8. I was on a bus coming home with a few mates. It was my first day of college, and a lad from school said "a plane flew into the World Trade Centre." I'll always consider 9/11 and MECW promoted by John Collins and booked by the Sandman as two events I vividly remember from September 2001, because I was reading a review of it in Power Slam as I was on the bus home. I think conversation switched to Tod Gordon's involvement in this new company not to long after the shock wore off.
  9. Rob Lowe was so good in that.
  10. They got killed in the ratings last night. Really bad. One of their worst ever. Only 1.8 million watched the final hour. I think Homicide getting stuck on the roof of that shitty TNA cage did more than that.
  11. @Ralphy what you got against cows mate?
  12. I just cant imagine TildeGuy copying someone and getting it wrong, though.
  13. Hartlepool using the Editor to give me the best team on the game in the 3rd Division. Its good for your anxiety seeing Totti scoring 6 goals against York City before half time.
  14. Boredom tweeted "Got six new bookings out of it" in possibly the worst brag I've ever read. I bet the ESA the referee is claiming will bring in more money than that. And he gets to play CM01/02 and watch Classic Coronation Street on ITV3, like I'd do.
  15. Dont think so, but they did have an annual out every year. TNA had so many legends on the books at one point, its amazing they never expanded their merchandise reach. Hogan, Flair, Sting, Nash etc. might not have been in their prime in terms of in ring or drawing, but the market for old legends merch is always there.
  16. When Meltzer got on the gas and started going to PWG shows every week, he became like Damon Albarn when he invented football and claimed he'd been to Chelsea United since he was a humble young chimney sweep.
  17. The Fink was apart of his inner circle, too. But they repaid years of service with a Hall of Fame video of his daftest and most embarrassing moments. Where else could you pay tribute to your loyalist employee (who also happens to be the best in his field by a country mile) by trying to make a fool of him on his big night?
  18. McMahon, Hogan and Savage were his big pals in the 80s. Motorbikes, steroids and cocaine. This is the photo I always think of when I think of this pair. Vince in his snake skin boots, wearing Hogan's shirt and on his bike. Savage, Hogan and McMahon are all the same character. Charismatic guys, with something really sketchy about them. And incredible thin skinned for being so leathery. This trio have had so many falling outs with everyone. It seems like friendship only matters to them when they are making money out of each other.
  19. Eyes open, camera pointing directly at the mirror. Straight to instagram. What a cow.
  20. Jericho's went absolutely real life mental the last few years. He's started smoking, which is amazing. Who starts smoking in their mid-40s? He's been pictured kissing ropey old birds on the road, probably because he read Crazy From the Heat by David Lee Roth that night or something. And he's got hair extensions in to hide that bald spot on top of his head. And I for one am totally in favour of it. Wrestling and rock n roll are the two things I celebrate and encourage for behaviour like this. It should be encouraged that old blokes get fat and dress inappropriately. More wrestlers should get a beer gut, cheat on their wives and get hair plugs when they're about to hit 50.
  21. OWE me an apology for buying this.
  22. Would it be irresponsible, considering how their uncle ended up, to say both need to desperately get on the shit or they'll be putting over Marko Stunt on Bar Wrestling shows?
  23. About 9 million people on twitter dont seem to realise Jericho was quoting Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber. Depresses the fuck out of me.
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