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  1. Looks like that time Martine McCutcheon vomited on him.
  2. Cage is a walking injury, which is a worry. He's visually impressive, but I hope he stays clear on injuries. He always seems to have his thigh or shoulder taped up.
  3. That Kane screen shot is taken from my account. Which, you know, whatever, because its available to anyone with access to the WWE network, but these lazy cunts couldnt have done one themselves? That fraud account will nick even the most accessable things. Imagine how little originality it must take to do that.
  4. Jon Moxley did the Bam Bam/Taz spot through the stage and then did a submission, with the leg grapevine like the Tazmission. Cage and Moxley will be the next feud as well. Nice little wink there. Hope they just drop the Dark Order shite. Brodie Lee looks great in the ring. He's completely being let down by that Vince McMahon gimmick he's doing.
  5. Fantastic show. As good as you could do with nobody there. They should have wrestlers in the front row all the time, when crowds come back. The shots of random wrestling personalities had me chuckling throughout. Seeing Vickie Guerrero and Billy Gunn and his son reacting to stuff was great. And some of them got so into it, you'd imagine if you were a fan sitting next to them, you'd join in and make it a hot atmosphere. I'm ashamed to say this because they were two of my favourites for years, but Arn and Jake are well past it. They looked like Paul and Barry Chuckle doing Captain Hook at your empire. So disappointing.
  6. Yeah. He's really good with stuff like this. He has had a few bad experiences as well. The Dynamite Kid needed funds for his medical bills. So Jericho and others put some coin towards a GoFundMe. Then Dynamite's wife just took the money, stuck Dynamite in a home and fucked off like she was Shirley Valentine.
  7. Onto the blood thing again, I've listening to the Bix rundown of this on John Pollock's podcast, and in the police report specified that there were two distinct real blood stains on the mat, along with the stage blood. So the stain on the mat was a mix of both, which is a weird little thing. Awful really.
  8. Richie Freebird looking knackered these days.
  9. If Hannibal wasnt doing youtube videos, I imagine he'd be breathing down the phone and wanking to random people from the phone book. A complete and utter fucking cunt.
  10. "You ever notice when you're at a function and you run into Owen Hart's family. Why do they call them the Hart Family? What is up with that? Is it because she married a Care Bear? What's that about?"
  11. People cant even keep their stories straight with Martha. She got ripped apart when his DVD came out because it was just a WWF years thing and not celebrating his life. People go "remember the wrestler" and when she turns around and says "you can celebrate his career, but that's all you're doing" people cry over that. Putting him in a Hall of Fame or one of their horrendous video games wont bring him back.
  12. "I quite liked the time he had a cast on his hand and cost Ahmed Johnson a shot at the WWF belt. RIP Dad"
  13. The three main ones were Natalya's mother, Diana and Bruce. Diana was desperate to be a star on WWF TV (lol), Bruce wanted Stampede to be a WWF developmental territory and Ellie wanted her husband to get a job with the WWF (which he did as a trainer.) So they sold themselves out for personal gain and as soon as Vince was done with them, he cut ties on the lot. Serves them right. They even dragged Stu Hart out on Raw in 2001, while Helen Hart was ill, just to keep up appearances (and Vince decided to do a Montreal screwjob angle with Benoit in front of him.)
  14. "It was the worst time in my wrestling career. Maybe even my life." - recent widow, James Ross.
  15. The clip of the press conference is even worse in full.
  16. The Owen Hart one is depressing as fuck from start to finish. Just paints McMahon and some of the Harts out to be absolute thief in the night cunts out to get the widow. Which is true, but it doesnt make it any less disappointing. Seriously what a rotten situation.
  17. The search has been called off. Fucking awful.
  18. Cant knock his dedication. Imagine if they did one of these for Andre's latter day matches? "Well, I sit down here for a few hours playing cribbage, drink a few cans, have a shit in the bath, wipe my arse with the bed sheets and then stick my back brace on and hold the rope until the finish."
  19. I've watched loads of episodes of South Park, Seinfeld, Curb, fucking Rising Damp, a season review of Everton from 1996-97 on Youtube, google searched Pob and the history behind that cunt and done a quiz with Jon Parkin on Kahoot. Now I feel like that bloke at the end of that Twilight Zone episode who goes "it's not fair ... there was time now!" when his glasses break. Never had so much time on my hands and been so bored.
  20. Genuinely think 2020 is the year the world ends. Bad news after bad news. Its like a fucking plague or something.
  21. Luke Chadwick turned up on BBC News this morning, talking about how They Think It's All Over took the piss out of them. Then Nick Hancock was on looking like he'd been kidnapped.
  22. Never trust a man who fights father time to the extent of never changing his Jim Bowen glasses. That's an illness.
  23. I do quite like this. In their control centre thing they do, they had this in the background. Geordie Sting and bats under it.
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