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  1. Yesterday afternoon I saw Vanessa Feltz and her big black toyboy driving a red convertible in one of the poshest parts of London, they looked very happy.
  2. I've had an unlimited odeon card for a couple of months and the novelty definitely hasn't worn off yet, I always wanted to go to the cinema more and now I see anything I'm remotely interested in and I'm loving it. The funnest part is I've seen a handful of films I knew nothing about going in except a cast member or two, I would never pay a tenner to see a film I knew nothing about but sitting at the cinema with barely any idea what to expect is great and is a good antidote to other films I watch where I feel the trailer already showed everything.
  3. I read the book years ago and I've been really anticipating it, Crispin Glover being in it and looking and acting exactly like he always does is the icing on the cake.
  4. Robert Zemeckis is in talks to direct The Flash, the first two directors have already left, this would get people's interest back on track a bit. I'm curious to see what a superhero movie by a really famous old director would be like now, I hope it happens.
  5. I went to see the ironically titled Unforgettable last night thanks to my Odeon limitless card. It's the least I've ever known about a film before seeing it at the cinema, I knew it had Katherine Heigl and Rosario Dawson in it and that's it, although I did assume (correctly) it was some kind of fatal attraction style love triangle thriller. It was cheesy and stupid but pretty fun, like a 6 month Hollyoaks storyline compressed into an hour and a half. If it finds its audience it could go down as a bit of a modern day camp classic. The best thing about it was casting Katherine Heigl as the heel, she usually plays normal nice girls but everyone knows she's the biggest bitch in Hollywood so it was a stroke of genius casting her as someone who is such a cunt that she frigs herself off while committing evil deeds.
  6. Smelling a goth's BO will better prepare you for watching The Dark Knight Rises than watching the first two films anyway.
  7. Alice Cooper seems like a really nice guy, he was friends with everyone, John Lennon, Frank Zappa, Brian Wilson and Elvis but he's on tv talking all the time and he comes across as really chilled out and normal. The only negative thing anyone says about him is he likes golf too much.
  8. I don't like Cable particularly and the boring casting of Josh Brolin isn't going to change my mind, he's already Thanos, fuck off. I was so excited for Thor Ragnarok and it looks brilliant, I hope Hulk is in it loads.
  9. I saw Ghost in the Shell tonight, I enjoyed it, it was just like if Blade Runner had a kid with that Björk video with the embracing robots. For me it could've been a bit more fun but the tone suited the film. It's perfect for Scarlett Johansson, she was great in it.
  10. Fucking gutting news to wake up to, I've been so pumped for this film since the Austrian Oak returned to acting. Arnie's "King Conan" film is dead
  11. Watchmen was amazing, I'll defend that film til my dying day.
  12. I didn't mind power rangers either, thankfully I read rey piste's review beforehand so I was fearing the worst, it definitely could've been 20 minutes shorter but it wasn't that bad. It reminded me of that recent shit fantastic four film crossed with transformers which is a pretty unappealing combo but at least they tried to give the rangers some character. I did think it was a bit too dark visually, there were times where you could hardly make out what was going on.
  13. Ending of Life
  14. The Spider-Man homecoming trailer does reveal a lot but it looks like the film will be really good, great to see Michael Keaton getting big roles again, I've always liked him but his name was mud for a good decade. I've thought the scale of these films has been out of control for ages so I'm glad Deadpool and Logan and have bucked the trend and the new spiderman is making a point of giving a younger down to earth character a lower level story. The director talks about that in this interview snippet Also Spidey pressing that button to finish putting his suit on at the beginning of the trailer is awesome, I'm liking the little innovations that are coming from him being financed by Tony Stark. That whole angle is a great way to give a fresh take to the character.
  15. I just got one of those Odeon limitless cards, I always felt like I didn't catch enough new films so now I'm seeing everything I'm at all interested in, it's fun. I enjoyed Life, most of its budget probably went on ryan reynolds and jake gylenhaal because it was on a really small scale, it was cool though, 80s sci fi/thriller films are some of my favourites and this had a good claustrophobic tension to it as thrillers set in spaceships should do. As Dev said it's not exactly mind blowingly original but it's fun nonetheless and I liked the final act a lot.