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  1. Ahh thanks for that. I thought I was going a bit mental when nothing I did seemed have much effect. That's real shame as I don't think I can justify the added expense for a service that doesn't work up to snuff.


    Interestingly it plays absolutely perfectly on my Galaxy s6 and Galaxy Tab A 10.1.


    Cheers for the heads up on the Roku. I might consider that.


    My cromecast works wonders streaming the Pivotshare on-demand services. Again a £20 or so investment but worth it.

  2. Super stoked to see Mark Andrews get announced, I'd suspect he was always meant to be involved. British Bootcamp 2 was almost three years ago to this date, so It makes sense if his contract just expired. A great talent who gained from the exposure but was criminally under used. 


    I'm also throwin' the prediction out there that whoever wins this tournament will turn up in the Royal Rumble match.


    Also, if anybody has any spare tickets for the Sunday, please give me a PM!

  3. Always been under the impression PCW are all about the money. Obviously any business is about making cash, but PCW have always seemed to be pretty blatant about it. It's one of the reasons I (and a fair few other people I'm aware of) stopped going to their shows. I've no interest in lining the pockets of someone whose only goal/interest is to wring as much money out of the "punters" (PCW's word, showing their disregard for the paying public) as possible, especially when there are so many other better shows around these days.


    You can add me into this category. PCW became old a long time ago, plenty of better run promotions out there.

  4. I made the trip to Scotland for the show, I went to the FNFC taping the day earlier too. ICW is such a different experience, never before have I been asked for cocaine at a show or seen so many people being ejected for numerous reasons. I've been to 4 ICW shows in total now, each time at least two people have been kicked out for throwing drinks, throwing punches at wrestlers or being dicks. I counted 8 people being kicked out on the Saturday FNFC taping.


    But anyway, the show was great fun. I couldn't believe how professional the show looked, the pyro for the Black Label in particular was pretty amazing. TNA hasn't had pyro or drawn that amount of people in years. Thinking about it now I'm still blown away.


    It's already been mentioned that there was some questionable booking, some missed que's and a weird line up schedule, but live the event will a fun experience and I've already convinced myself to go again next year. ICW did a phenomenal job of building this show and deserves a hell of a lot of credit for the work they've done. My favourite match by far was the 8 man.


    Let's see if they can crack 8,000 next year.

  5. I missed that thread. I assumed he filmed those videos taking the piss - like Kung Fury or something, or a bit of a goof when on set for a serious shoot (as you do; taking advantage of having certain sets or props and a camera crew on hand, etc). Len is a nice chap from the very brief period I dealt with him with RQW on TWC, but I had no idea where he disappeared to or that he lacked self awareness


    Oh wow - ended up watching some random IWW Whiplash TV episode from that link (I remember watching it on TWC back in the day). Within 10 minutes on screen was Drew Galloway, Wade Barrett, TJ Wilson, Sheamus, Ricky Marvin (NOAH), Neville... You could almost produce one of those DVDs that Alex Shane did, 'The Stars Before They Went to WWE, In Ireland'. 

  6. I've never even heard of that Fludder guy, so don't have an opinion on him either way. I just know from Observer updates & a passing interest in threads on here that PCW brings in big US talent. I also know how many attend their shows, & can't see how they can break even on those numbers. It may be a drawn out process depending how much he's losing per show and how much he has to spend - but it was bound to happen eventually. 


    The last show(s) I attended was the ROH vs. PCW weekender, November 2015 I believe? There was around 12 imported ROH talents just for these shows, I swear the Friday had had a maximum of around 350 fans through the door. 

  7. I'm no expert on it, but I know once you build a certain following (something they most definitely have), you paid for every google ad clicked on their video pages and they also get paid for every ad that's watched (you need to watch half of it or 30 seconds at least). Depending on the ad, depends on the return but it can vary from $1 onward.


    A lot of their videos they easily reach 1 million views. Let' say 0.1% viewed the video, that's 1000. Some generic ad will pay out lets say $1.37. $1.37 x 1000 = $1,370. Google keeps 45%, so that's $753.50 right there. Some of their videos have reached 8 million, if 5% of the viewers watched that video or clicked on the link for the same above ad rate that's $548,000 before googles take.


    Their doing just fine I think.    

  8. Exactly.


    We all know the show will be grand because of the quality of the talent on the shows. But it just comes across as another Chapter show, which just so happens to be in a much bigger venue. I think you're right with maybe one or two things originally planned maybe not going in their favour, especially with Will.


    Either way, I have tickets and am looking forward too it :thumbsup: .

  9. I think it's good they've stuck with their regular ethos of booking their own guys and not relying on imports.


    The only non Brits on the card are regulars on the shows  (except maybe Ciampa but he was before NXT) so it truly is a Progress show as opposed to a Supershow under a Progress banner. 


    Oh and edit: The whole reading a book during the show thing doesn't make you edgy and cool. It makes you a massive tool.


    I wasn't expecting nor wanting any imports. Progress are fully able to sell that place out on their own, what I meant was there doesn't seem to be any 'big build' apart from Ciampa Zack 3.

  10. There's a very close-up picture of Orton's head. It's a bit graphic so I've spoiler tagged it:







    Yeah... blade job they said. I don't think so!


    After attending an Attack! Pro Wrestling show last night I rushed home to watch Summerslam, I watched 5 matches (inc the pre-show), had a few hours nap and still woke up in time for the main event.

  11. I've managed to book tickets for NJPW KING OF PRO WRESTLING through that website, cheers Phil! It was easy enough, got a box in Secton A since there's 4 of us. A quick email to a contact personnel from DDT and they've reserved me front row for BAD COMMUNICATION, I didn't even ask for it! How awesome. Pricey, but you live once eh?


    BJW however is proving more difficult. Can't seem to gauge any sort of response at all.

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