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  1. Merciful hour, Surf! That is absolutely tremendous! See? See what I was telling yiz. And the majority of you malignant little bollixes said "Nah, she's rotten!". Not only does she look like she'd never, ever say "Are you in yet?" and would be the type to gladly pet you to sleep every night, she also looks like she'd be game ball Harry to fishhook your mouth during congress. She's in me top five now.
  2. I finally saw Dunkirk in Imax and was absolutely cunting steamrollered by it, in the best possible sense. It blew my Baxters up to my earholes at points. What an experience. I’m a big Christopher Nolan fan (Interstellar - after about a 7th viewing – is one of the most wonderful movies ever made, in my opinion) and I really, truly don’t get the fact he’s akin to Cena ’06 when it comes to movie aficionados’ opinion of him, as his work – besides the bang generic Insomnia - his movies, his presentation of the story, have always moved me in some way, shape or form. There was a very, very elderly gentleman with his family in the row in front of us, and he was bawling his lamps out at the end. My missus reckoned he must have had something to do with it, or knew somebody who did, as even though it was obviously quite traumatic for him, it was very humbling to see to be honest and made what I’d just seen that much more special. Or else he could have just been an emotional chap like me, who also got upset at the end of Terminator 2, Titanic, Armageddon and Marley & Me.
  3. This was an example of a trailer that was much better than the movie, and was seemingly on every video I rented back in the day: Blue Jean Cop sounds better!
  4. What in all bollocks is this muck? Nigel McGuinness as John Constantine? How did this get past me and why did someone think this was a good idea at it's conception??
  5. These are the type of cunts who are clamouring for, and shiting eggrolls at the thought of a Benn/Eubank rematch, remember. I wouldn’t even give your thoughts access to that particular breed of shitebag, Herb.
  6. War for the Planet of the Apes is either too magnificent for me to comprehend or it’s bang average, and I’m really in a pickle as to which it is. I really, truly enjoyed it but I was so overawed by the CGI and visuals (scenery etc) and how this is leading up to “Goshdarn you all to heck” moment, that I got lost for a while and I don’t think that’s a good thing. Whatever my opinion, Serkis deserves every positive accolade going and he really should – but won’t – get an Oscar nod for his performances over the series. Truth be told, I missed Koba and Woody Harrellson – who I normally love watching – was fucking atrocious and performed like he was in an Austin Powers movie. Thankfully, the title is not easily acronym’d the way Dawn was/is, as when I went to see Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, some fucking scrote ahead of me goes “Yeah, like, one to DOTPOTA and can I have a poster too”
  7. Craig from Big Brother 1 was the oddest one I've ever been told I look like. I remember being stumped for years over that. I'm still stumped...
  8. Mario from Ben Dover Haunts me, it does. You've frequently entered my mind as I've been heaving the diaphragm out of myself. EDIT – Au, I’m with Billy. Deffo the Deppster! Or Erica Leehrsen.
  9. Koeman out
  10. I actually like Bilic (would you believe my phone actually, legitimately autocorrects his name to Shaven Bollix) for his manliness and the way he stands like he's in a bookies watching the 1510 at Epsom Downs, but he hasn't a clue a lot of the time, does he?
  11. Bit of an odd one that just reeks of capitalism more than sentiment, D-Mal, but I still think he’s got a year or two left in him. I mean, I’ve never hated the chap. Playing for your lot, he was subject to a torrent of horrific abuse from all corners of Goodison when he kissed the badge and to be honest I’d have probably done the same thing as he did out of spite (although I fear kissing badges now after the bout of gastroenteritis I suffered a while back) as I’m a petulant cunt when I want to be and completely understood why he did it. I’d be happy to see him back, but 250,000 a week is fucking scandalous for any player, let alone somebody who’s allegedly coming ‘home to where he belongs’. Very torn about the whole thing.
  12. Anyone who knows me knows I’ve never, ever liked that Lukaku cunt (I get stick at Goodison for barely applauding his goals) and I’m absolutely made up he’s gone. If we get shot of Barkley, I’d be delighted with Gylfi - and his bulge - as a replacement.
  13. Tremendous work, Robert.
  14. I saw Fozzy live in Voodoo in Dublin and I'd say 80% of the crowd were in DX, Y2J and F*ck Fear, Drink Beer t-shirts while the other 20% - this includes me - were very sad a night out had come to this.