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  1. 24 minutes ago, David said:

    Where have I been hearing this from? It's been common knowledge, no? His former trainers (who he sacked and blamed for pulling him out of the fight with Fury when he was getting battered) have said he's pretty much unmanageable?

    He's surrounded by yes men now, which isn't what he needs. That last fight he got absolutely smashed. I'm not sure he could change his style and approach this late in the game anyway, but certainly not while his attitude is stinking. He still blames phantom loaded gloves, heavy ring walk outfits and all sorts of mental nonsense.

    He still has the big punchers chance, but nothing else. 

    I haven't been listening but thank you for clarifying.  Old trainer who got the boot says he is unmanageable and that is why nothing has changed? I'm assuming going by the fact he is a former trainer, he isn't in Wilder's camp anymore and could question all day long what he knows about what is going on in Wilder's current camp. 

    Sometimes a fighter may need to lie to themselves, sometimes they need to lie to the outside world to create some mystique. All the reasons he has listed may be justified to why he lost the fight.

    Big punchers chance may well be all he needs to end this fight. 

    In what way does Fury win this fight for you? 

  2. 1 hour ago, David said:

    From what I've heard he's done absolutely nothing to counter the issues he had in the second fight, so I don't think he has much of a chance unless Fury comes in and fucks it. 

    Where have you been hearing this from? At least when Fury gets beat, you've already got the excuse ready made.

  3. Usyk was indicating he wants time off to spend with his family before his next fight and that should work fine for both parties as Joshua too is going to need time off to recover from what he went through in that fight. Unless Joshua suddenly retires and I do no see that happening, the rematch will happen next and it will be massive. There are adjustments Joshua can make in the rematch to give himself a better chance, but the same can be said for Usyk too. It's going to be a hard one to come back from physically and especially mentally from what happened last night. I'm up for the return fight, Usyk wins again. 

  4. 8 minutes ago, Carbomb said:

    Was that why the Olympics this year didn't have them? It seemed like they'd decided to ditch amateur rules.

    Yes, that was one reason as to why they changed it the rule for male boxer's in 2016. Head guards were  considered to increase the risk of blows to the head because the padding around the eyes limited the boxer's vision.

  5. I'm going from what I have seen in recent weeks with these predictions for who wins on the PPV show tonight!!!



    Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D

    Young Bucks



    Paul Wight

    Chris Jericho (I so hope I'm wrong and that MJF wins again)

    Women's Casino Battle Royal (Don't AEW always have a mystery participant in every Battle Royal they have?) From who I have seen as officially listed and with thinking Baker retains her title, I'll go with Thunder Rosa winning.

  6. Getting CM Punk in is a big deal. It has taken the company to the next level. I will be staying up and paying my money for this PPV because Punk is back wrestling.  If it can at some point get close to WWE in terms of ratings, hopefully it will make them up there game and product. 


  7. It's going to be shown live in the UK on BT Sport Box Office for £16.95. 

    I'm a little tempted to buy it and see the YouTuber add another MMA fighter to his resume. Woodley be more famous after this fight then he ever was during his day's before the UFC champions, just not for the reason he would hope for. 

    YouTuber by TKO in second or third round. 

  8. Echo the thoughts on Goldberg's spear, it looked so bad. 

    I enjoy Charlotte, she's a star, the booking sometimes is horrendous,  as is some of the marerial she is given to deliver on the mic. I'm not sure how the financial side of things work, or what she is currently getting paid, but if anyone else does, any chance working with AEW and independent shows could cover it?

  9. That was some noise made by the crowd  for Hangman Page and the Dark Order's entrance. Anyone know how many were in attendance for the show overall?

    CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are both definitely coming in? Huge news if that is the case, especially Punk after how long he has been away. 

  10. "We've already seen Mr. Missionary tonight"  Probably made me laugh bit too much hearing that come out of Roman's Reigns mouth about John Cena, but that and his facial expressions thoughtout the contract signing were real good. 

    Good to see Sasha Banks back and turn full heel on Bianca Belair, I assume the Wrestlemania rematch will take place at Summerslam which should be a good watch again. 

    Baron Corban new gimmick is most interesting he has ever been

  11. Weren't they selling it a few weeks ago as if Fight Camp was going to have some amazing fights now they have moved officially completely to DAZN? It's exactly what I would have expected from them if they were still with Sky Sports. Nothing really stands out on any of the shows. 

  12. Wilder wants redemption and will not step aside for any money confirmed by his trainer and Bob Arum too. I can't believe the man who said Wilder wanted 20 million dollars, has been proven to be talking out of his backside, who woulda ever thought it lol. Wilder to win the rematch against Fury, Usyk beats Joshua and we get Wilder/Usyk for all the belts, it was a dream before but now could become reality.

  13. I remember the loss in 1991 vividly and the win in 1993 not anywhere near as much. I think it's because in 1991 we were dominant, only losing one league game all season, on the way to winning the title comfortably and this game was a formality on the way to us completing the double for the first time since 1971. Maybe it was the kid in me but  I had no doubt we were going to win, my first trip to Wembley too and then the game happened. I was right behind the goal for Gascoinge free-kick(David Seaman should have kept it out) the third goal we let in when Seaman let Linekar's shot go through his hands to put them 3-1 up and finish the game was more annoying to me then the actual free-kick. All ended well though with a title to celebrate at Highbury the following month. 

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