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  1. 12 minutes ago, Brewster McCloud said:

    Go away yourself, failed journalist cunt. 

    Yes, I failed at doing the thing I've not yet tried to do.

    Again, fuck off Quagmire. How many times do you need to be banned before you realise nobody wants your to hear your views on cultural touching points or current events. We get it. Why don't you stick to The Donald or any number of other sites where complete dribbling morons like yourself congregate online? You're not going to convert anyone here. Fuck off and listen to a Jordan Peterson podcast or something.

  2. 14 minutes ago, Merzbow said:

    I think I screwed up some "Stranger" side mission, ended up killing some nob in a raccoon hat during a brawl.. oh well, that hat's mine now.

    It does seem really easy to fuck things up by killing the wrong person in this game. Somehow I always end up shooting someone to death instead of say beating them down, hogtieing them, loading them onto my horse and then riding away to find a secluded spot to have my way with them.

    Maybe I need to customise my control layout a bit.


  3. 19 minutes ago, Astro Hollywood said:

    I'm using my camera to document all the good boys of the Old West.

    Double post wanker but the camera is going to be fun online, if I can find a good posse to roll with. Hey, Keith: can I join your gang?

  4. 9 minutes ago, Silky Kisser said:

    Thanks for the tip on the surrender technique, Jobber. I've shot them up a bunch of times by accident too. 



    Yeah, just head into the sheriff's office in town and antagonise them three times and then they'll have their guns out ready to put you down. Remember to holster your weapons as well. I also made sure that only my fists were selected in the weapons menu because I fucked up surrendering so many times. Although I question any sheriff's department that would shoot a man dead just because he said he didn't look so tough a couple of times and failed to raise his hands within like 5 seconds.

  5. 6 hours ago, IANdrewDiceClay said:

    There's a brilliant interview with Andy Cole in the Guardian. Poor sod is in a bad way mentally, and has opened up about how hard its been for him being ill these last few years. Quite a heartbreaker.


    Real good interview, sad the problems he's had with his kidneys and his mental health.

    Not that it matters now, but he mentioned being at Arsenal when he was first breaking in. Was the story about him being caught nicking stuff from the changing rooms a) actually about Andy Cole or somebody else and I'm misremembering? and b) true?

    Also just got a notification that the Leicester City chairman's helicopter has crashed outside Leicester's stadium.

  6. I fucked up. Rather than saving my game regularly, I've just been relying on autosave. I'm only as far into the game as Horseshoe/Valentine but my honour stats are fucked because I've gone on (often accidental) killing sprees but with only the last mission pass autosave to go back to. I ended up with like a $300 bounty in that whole county and couldn't for ages work out how to surrender to the sheriff (hold down LT at the lawman and press Y) and kept accidently shooting at them instead.

    I kinda didn't wanna play as a mass murderer straight off the bat but I also don't want to have to do the whole mountain prologue again.

    Also, how and where do you wash? And how do you wash your clothes? And where can I find a horse brush? I went to the general store in Valentine and he only had tonics and such in his horse section of his catalogue.

    EDIT: Worked out how to get my horse brush (and my preorder bonus War Horse!)


  7. 21 minutes ago, Keith Houchen said:

    Well, as someone who has 5 years experience as a Union rep, I'd say given how they did loads to keep you, such as agreeing to reduced days, upping your salary to keep you, repositioning and inventing a new job to keep you from leaving, and when you did leave they couldn't get you back in quick enough, I'd say you've got no chance.

    The above may not be entirely accurate but you've said on here how they've always done something to stop you from leaving.  Once they've showed that, providing it's all documented, you haven't got a case for constructive dismissal.  They're probably being awkward because they're pissed off with you after being so accommodating in the past.

    This is all generally correct. And you're probably right. However, I certainly felt that a hostile work environment had been created from the moment I emailed the boss about my mental health issues because I had my doctor and psychotherapist saying - and me also saying - that part (a small part, but a part nonetheless) of the recent (year or so) deterioration of my mental health has not been helped by being giving the extra responsibility of managing the company CRM (they didnt create a new job - they dropped me into the middle of a complex, ongoing implementation process when the person they had hired to do it was mysteriously dismissed)  while also still having to hit the same sales target numbers on cold calls even though my sales days were essentially cut in half. As soon as I said that, they suddenly said that the CRM role was not permanent (directly contradicting previous statements to the contrary) and that, if I wasn't going to be able to fulfill my sales days, then they weren't sure how I could stay on.

    Which would be fine except there was essentially zero discussion about ways in which I could continue to contribute to the company sales output without having to make cold calls. There was zero discussion, from a workplace wellbeing perspective, about the very detailed information I had given them about not only my ongoing mental health issues but also ongoing treatment for an opiate painkiller addiction - within a company where drug use and drug commerce, shall we say, is rampant. We had a meeting on Monday where I brought a signed doctors note explaining the reasons for missing three days the previous week, and signing me off for a further week, minimum. When the demon bitch office manager saw that, she immediately said I had to leave the building as we couldn't even have this meeting due to me being signed off sick for work (while the MD sat there wordlessly like he'd been hit in the head). She said we would have a meeting on my return to work next week. Ok. All good. Within ten minutes of my having left the building, they had removed my external access to work emails (either changed the password or deleted the account) and changed the passwords for every IT system the company uses, basically, because it can all be accessed externally. This was the same processes that was carried out the day my predecessor on the CRM management thing was mysteriously dismissed. To me, that was no coincidence - that was them making either an assumption that I wouldn't be coming back (no idea why they'd have any such assumption) or knowing that I wouldn't be back, even before I did. Emails between myself and the company were suddenly not between myself and the MD, as had been the case since forever, nor were they even between me and the only other director in the company, the sales director who happens to be a good friend of mine. They became only between myself and the office manager, they became immediately terse, especially as there were some issues around unpaid incentive bonuses that were owed to me and, all in all, I suddenly realised: they don't want me back. They don't want the headache of a mentally ill employee who might need time off here or there, or who might not be able to make 200 cold calls in a day (note that there were numerous ways - I counted about 11, including the CRM - that I would still have been justifying my paycheck even if they had to take out the cold calls. But the company is moving to a different model. When I started, we only hired experienced B2B BDMs. If you had no sales experience at all, you'd not even get a phone call. If you had some B2C experience, we might have test called you but they rarely worked out. Our whole USP was that we were the opposite of our competitors, who had banks of "sales agents" banging out hundreds of calls a day and booking meetings for their clients that were totally unqualified, with zero prospect for the client of a new business win. But at the end of each quarter they could say, well, our people got you 400 meetings. You got your monies worth. We were different because it was a small team, each BDM might manage two clients, three max depending on sales staff levels. We cultivated the shit out of these prospects for our clients. Every single scripted line was totally bespoke, based on the client goals for the campaign. I once spent six months bouncing between hour long calls in the US, Holland and here in the UK and finally, after doing my job well, and showing a persistence nobody at any of our competitors would ever think to show, I got our client a meeting with Unilever. I got them a meeting with the CTO of Unilever. This client was tiny, but had a good tech solution to labelling and such for retailers. Unilever now uses that client. I literally changed their business, and the fucking lives of the two dudes who ran the company. That contract made them so much money...holy shit.

    But now, the company is moving to Old Street. Now they're advertising for Business Development Executive positions (so, sales agents) at a measly 18k basic. They're hiring graduates straight out of uni with zero knowledge, understanding or real care about what we do...or at least, what we used to do. The company is basically taking its competitors model - any old shlub on the phone banging out hundreds of calls a day is bound to get lucky a few times and when they stop getting lucky, well they now have those lovely call centre contracts where you can be let go with a week's notice for no reason at all (if you've been there more than three months - prior to that you don't even get the weeks notice). Their staff turnaround is going to be massive, because it always is in those environments, especially hiring just graduated students who for the most part just want a short term job until they find a job they studied for.


    Sorry, I got way off track. None of that really has any baring on me leaving the company except for the fact that, coupled with everything i was getting from the company on my mental health issues and feeling pretty much unwanted and forced out, ultimately it's the direction of the company that led to me finally deciding to actually give my notice. I only have to give a week, but offered to work through November whenever they needed in order to handover on the CRM - they said they would consider my time off sick as my notice period and that I was done.

    Legally, probably i wasn't constructively dismissed but I know and they know that they forced me out. When I went for that meeting on Monday, they'd already given my desk to some new BDE. They decided they didn't want me anymore, but they had no cause to dismiss me (I didn't have one of these contacts they're getting the new BDEs to sign). So they made me feel as uncomfortable and forced out as possible without actively saying they wanted me to quit.

    If, however, the solicitor says he thinks I was, then I'll go with that. It doesn't matter if they had given me a gold plated boat once to stay, they're still capable of constructively dismissing me.

  8. Microsoft are doing some good things though overall in the gaming side of their business. It's a shame they screwed the dog so totally with their initial strategy - pushing the fucking Kinect and the "all in one living room appliance" or whatever shit had them lose this particular generation, when compared against Sony.

    Getting EA Access and Sony deciding they could do without was big for them I think and Xbox Game Pass is great when you consider how many brand new AA to AAA games they put on the service on the games release date. Sea of Thieves, State of Decay and FH4 were all games I wanted on release but can't justify the outlay on the one off purchases especially if I end up not liking the game. Plus with Play Anywhere, it's great for those of us with gaming PCs and Xbones. They've utilising their current gen library *and* the 360 backwards compatible library really well too. They blow Sony out of the water on that stuff.

  9. 6 hours ago, Bicurious Dad said:

    What were the grounds for dismissal?

    I wasn't dismissed. I gave notice. But am (potentially) claiming that it amounted to constructive dismissal for...a lot of reasons. I've sent an email off to a law firm who do initial "have you got an actual claim here?" checks on my story before anything further happens.

    And yeah, the 23 months thing will probably kill it stone dead from the off as even though i was there over two and a half years, it wasn't continuous.

  10. On 10/17/2018 at 9:20 PM, LCJ said:

    Such a shame that a millionaire isn't back in his well paid job after he could've killed someone crashing his car whilst being pissed out of his face.

    Yes, he's a prick for driving under the influence (was it alcohol or painkillers they caught him under the influence of by the way? I always thought it was painkillers) but this isn't, as far as I'm aware, and I don't know the guy personally or anything, some millionaire who went out on the piss and figured he's above the law because he's a celebrity. At least that isn't how I've read the case and everything he's been dealing with. And you do actually get those sorts of pricks. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't he develop a serious opiate painkiller addiction after some kind of surgery or accident? That can happen to (and does happen to) literally anyone from any walk of life (I'm one of them, by the way, and it's no walk in the park. It's not like you made choice to bust out the spoon, belt and needle and start looking for a vein - it creeps up on you and if you're not extremely carefulz by the time realise its got its claws into you, its too late and so you need to then decide do I go cold turkey or go get support? You know if what support for opiate painkiller addiction is? Take your pick - buperenorphine or methadone for a year or two or ten. You should go seek out the feature I wrote on not just prescription pain pill addicts, but the undocumented thousands of people addicted to over counter pain medication containing opiates. You're mainly looking at upper working/lower middle class women in the OTC section.}

    I'm not saying he gets a pass just because he's been dealing with some shit, but I don't see why at some point he can't go and try and get his career back.

    No idea where this idea comes from that if somebody with money and fame (which, in this case, him and the other one have worked fucking hard over decades to get to where they were - they're aren't just a couple of Kardashians or whatever. In fact, I'm shocked they both didn't develop a dependency or two, in that industry, with their workload) does something wrong, they're only allowed to go back to work if that work involves then cleaning urinal cakes with their mouths.


  11. As noted in another thread, I am now unemployed. I am not statistically unemployed though, as I'm still also a student.

    Anybody here ever claimed constructive dismissal against an ex employer? Put it this way: less than a week and a half after putting in writing and sending to my MD and the de-facto HR head a long and detailed explanation of my 15-plus year struggle with my mental health, as a way to sort of come clean about the amount of sickness absence I've had over the years and see if we could remove a few of the work related stressors that were contributing to a general deterioration of my mental health over a period of time, instead I'm now unemployed.


  12. 1 minute ago, PunkStep said:

    My mate just suggested changing the clock on the Xbox to trick it into thinking it's the 26th. Idiot, there's no way I'm trying that.

    No, I'm not going to.

    I'm almost 100% sure that won't work...



  13. On 10/20/2018 at 7:09 PM, Armitage Shanks said:

    Smug smart arses who think they're big and clever by pin pointing slight grammar mistakes on a wrestling forum. 

    Given how useful smartphones are now when it comes to spelling and grammar, there is really no excuse, in 2018, to be making these mistakes.


  14. Looking at 8.80 for 20 of my preference or around 14 quis for 30g of Amber Leaf. Usually only splash out on a pack of fags on payday or if I'm on a night out.

    Vaping is probably a million times safer for you than a regular smoke. There's a reason the BMA (I think it was, could have been PHE) are on at doctors to prescribe them as part of getting people to stop smoking.


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