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  1. For some reason that im not certain about. TES Morrowind. Yes i know. Its nearing its 10 year anniversary and the graphics have improved in both Oblivion and Skyrim. But i have had a lot of fun with this. And with the bloodmoon expansion, it got even better. Other than that. I seem to be a very hard employer for myself. In FM 2012 i chose to play as Portsmouth Fc (with one of the latest updates), so saying im skint would be an understatementAnd cheers to Johnnyboy for reminding me that fantasy football is around the corner :-)

  2. Have you seen any of the shows MEXPW have ran Zpencee?? If so whats the standard like?


    I have not checked them out myself


    While looking through youtube i stumbled over this:


    They are now called Mexpro to avoid a lawsuit from Big Vision Entertainment (parent company of XPW) latest results i could find was from Cease and Desist in

    April. Also i noticed that the shiek (the one who won the NWA title from Colt Cabana) is on their roster page.


    MEXPRO's "Cease and Resist" April 14th. 2012 Quick Results


    Vinnie Massaro defeated Famous B


    Vintage Dragon defeated CJ Kurz


    Vertigo nearly killed The Born Stars


    "Los Luchas" defeated "Los Fuerza" in two out of three falls


    After an open challenge,

    Vertigo defeated The Almighty Sheik


    Bestia 666 defeated Gorgeous Joey Kaos in a ladder match for the IWRG Jr. Heavyweight title and was interrupted by Messiah


    "The Human Horror Film" Supreme defeated Damian 666 in a "Tijuana Deathwatch" to retain the "King of the Deathmatch" Heavyweight title.

  3. What i know about the CZW/XPW dm guys


    MEXPW has used many XPW Alumni including: Johnny Webb, Messiah, Supreme and Kaos. The company can be found here: http://www.mexpw.com/


    The CZW guys is a mixed bag:

    Nate Hatred i know was in The Wrestler

    Nick Gage is still serving that 5 year sentence he got for armed robbery. He is eligible for parole in 2015.

    Justice Pain fell off the radar after joining PWU

    Zandig appeared at the last CZW show at the arena (see the deathmatch thread)

    Pondo and Necro still work for JCW, alongside 2 Tuff Tony and Corp. Robinson among others


    Most of those are known i would think

  4. Who was the japanese wrestler that teamed with Nosawa in a very early version of Gurentai? He was named Kikuzawa, is it the same guy as Kikutaro (who i belive have wrestled for W*ING and FMW in the 90's) ? Im sure that it is not MAZADA, but who is it then ?

  5. H


    Odd as it may seem, i actually had a pretty nice day. Took a long walk around a nearby lake (took about a hour and three quarters) and enjoyed the frosty, but pretty winter landscape


    Also had a lovely spaghetti bolognese for dinner. Now im just relaxing at home.

  6. What ever happened to High Voltage I always thought they were a pretty decent tag team in WCW, enjoyed their mini-feud with Public Enemy.

    Robbie Rage:Summer 2000: Robbie Rage left WCW for good and returned to New Japan Pro Wrestling..He worked there in the early 2000I couldnt find anything on Kenny Kaos
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