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  1. 1 hour ago, Love-Wilcox said:

    Ricky "liked" the tweet too. How mental.

    Reckon it showed up on my timeline BECAUSE Gervais liked it... not far down from ICW’s tweet reporting his death.  Which... yeah. Shit.

    Can’t pretend to be particularly familiar with him, never followed ICW or PCW at all hardly but he seemed a proper decent fella by all accounts. Awful news.

  2. I thought it was gross, but I also think deathmatch stuff is pretty gross and I’m not losing my mind over that and loudly proclaiming that it’s setting men’s wrestling back twenty years.  I also quickly figured out she didn’t ACTUALLY pull a bloody tampon from her ACTUAL vagina and ACTUALLY stuff it in another wrestler’s mouth, which it seemed most people didn’t...

    The reaction to it on Twitter has been utterly insane, and I did feel pretty sorry for her from the point of view that it got about a million times more attention than it should have and guys like fucking JR were falling over themselves to stick the boot in (while simultaneously condemning it as embarrassing for the business and publicising it to an ever wider audience)...

  3. Feel like nothing truly blew me away on this year’s show, but that’s largely just a testament to how good New Japan has been the last few years and the heightened expectations that brings. The idea that a five hour show can be SUCH an easy watch is what probably impressed me the most..!

  4. On 12/29/2018 at 1:22 PM, The King Of Swing said:


    The "lose access the moment you cancel" thing seems to be very specific to Japanese streaming services. Not all of them though.

    I suspect that it might be linked to whoever the promotions use to supply their content streaming. I think Stardom, Wave and Big Japan all use the same platform for example.

    Any idea if Dragon Gate’s service is the same deal..?

  5. 12 hours ago, SBD said:

    I imagine this has been asked multiple times, does there streaming service bill from the 1st until the end of the month? So if I just want it for January I can subscribe on the 1st and as lo g as its cancelled by the 31st I will only be billed the one month



    But DO NOT cancel straight away assuming you’re good for the month you’ve paid for. Your service will end as soon as you cancel.

  6. 16 hours ago, Grecian said:

    Having rewatched Mania 31 over the past few days, the continual obsession with people looking for a 'Wrestlemania Moment' rather than winning a match or merely doing their finishing move.

    Pointing at the WrestleMania sign has become a ludicrously overdone and contrived thing now, too...

    I assume somebody has already mentioned people breaking up pins in elimination matches?

  7. I really hate those interminable pin combination reversal thingies where there’s like fifteen one-counts... it’s so fucking contrived and phoney looking.

    I have a weird thing about really fake looking hot tags, too... the ones where both wrestlers are half dead, half dead, half dead, half dead... still half dead... then leap six feet across the ring at the last minute to tag their partners!

  8. I was super excited for this show coming out of SSS16, with the Havoc/Ospreay angle and Zack’s “Wembley, innit” tournament victory. So yeah, it’s falling a little flat for me too, and it’s definitely a card you could easily see just happening in front of 700 people in Camden.  It’ll still have a cool sense of occasion, and could easily be an awesome show, just unfortunately feels a little makeshift.

    It’s almost become tradition now that Progress can book an awesome tournament each May, but struggle with the build to the big September show every year.

  9. I actually found the show a bit of a chore to get through, to be honest. Kenny/Penta was excellent of course, and the main event was tons of fun (although the fact it had to be cut so short makes all the skippable stuff earlier in the show doubly frustrating), but it just all felt a bit... inconsequential.  I’m glad I didn’t bother to stay up to watch it live, because no way would I have been awake by the halfway point.

    And that utter horseshit with Hangman Page and Joey Ryan and talking cowboy boots and inflatable penises is up there with the absolute worst WrestleCrap in history, and a reminder why I find Being The Elite impossible to watch (despite actually liking most of the guys involved).

  10. 20 minutes ago, Supremo said:

    Fuck's sake - opened up New Japan World to watch today's show and there's a big, fuck-off advert for who the two participants are in tomorrow's final. That's Omega vs. Ibushi spoiled, then.

    Happened to me too, never had that issue with them doing stuff like that before, still thoroughly enjoyed the match though..!

  11. Talkin

    5 minutes ago, Your Fight Site said:

    I don’t know if Alex is trying to be bad on commentary, between the dad jokes and then referring to a brand new title as “prestigious”. Yeah, dripping in prestige is that 1-second old belt with no past holders 🙄

    Talking about Rampage’s title reign being “a new era” when that belt’s had a lineage of two episodes of television was pretty nonsensical too.

  12. 7 hours ago, AdamTH17 said:

    The card we're getting in Manchester is far more than a typical Global Wars show based solely off the fact we're getting an Okada singles match, against ZSJ no less. A match which has just headlined a big New Japan show. 

    Wasn't Okada vs. Ospreay on a previous Global Wars show..?

  13. Funnily enough I spotted him at ROH in Doncaster (and at the Lucha at York Hall last year) and it got me thinking about Dragon Gate UK.  They were pretty much the only shows I made the effort to attend live at that time, and I assumed they would continue... but then... there was just never another show.  I’d love to know exactly why that project came to a somewhat abrupt end.

  14. The start times on New Japan World are definitely the start of the main show (pre show stuff is generally about half an hour before that), but the biggest shows (such as Dominion) can hit the four to four-and-a-half hour mark...

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