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  1. 4 minutes ago, wordsfromlee said:

    16 is still a child in the UK but also the age of consent unlike a lot of places in Europe where it’s 14. 

    So he basically admitted to having sex with a child, but it’s not illegal because 16 is the age of consent?

    Yet she says she was drunk af.

    Wow. Wonder how long he still lasts in ROH.

    Guess we’ll never, ever see him in AEW/WWE/NXT now.

  2. In most parts of Europe and the rest of the world you are simply still considered a child at 16.

    I’m absolutely shocked to realize that 16 in the UK is what 18 is elsewhere. UK Wrestlers shagging kids.

    Marty ‘But it was Legal in the UK’ Scurll.

  3. Extremely disappointed in Sammy. He was the ‘shiny new toy’ of AEW. A big highlight every show. Massive potential.

    Forever tarnished.

    Now he’s one of those things you regret buying but too expensive to throw away...you just stuff it away and try to forget about it I guess.....

  4. This weekend has completely turned pro wrestling upside down. It proved that the promoters and wrestlers are the ‘actual’ marks in their fantasy universe and that we the fans are a lot smarter than we ever got credit for.

    I can enjoy good wrestling, but nobody has to  indirectly get molested, abused and dropped on his head at age 14 to make a wrestling show possible for me. 

    It seems that the most dangerous ‘hold’ in pro wrestling is not the illusion of a strangling move in the ring but the reality of all the abusive control and mind games exercised outside it.

    This weekend shows that wrestling’s most bloodiest and ‘realest’ brawls do not occur in the ring but in its locker rooms, training sessions, car rides and hotels where greed, abuse and betrayal is routinely practiced with no scripted outcome. 

    Needles to produce charisma.

    Pills to reduce pain.

    An eventual OD, suicide or heartattack as a finish.

    Abuse and manipulation as just ‘paying your dues.

    I’m so disappointed in independent wrestling as I know how fun it could be when done right.

  5. 4 minutes ago, Hoptimus said:

    This has all been a very sad and depressing long weekend. 

    In regards to regulating the business a number of independent promotions in the UK work to an already tight budget and have some of the talent double up to do other duties. 

    If you are a promotion that runs a town hall once a month draws 350-400 fans each month at a £12-15 ticket price you have all the various overhead to cover. You have venue, talent fees, event marketing, travel and accommodation. If the promotion doesn't own its own ring then ring hire, production that's not included with the venue hire. There will be other costs that I will have possibly missed. 

    Most promotions will struggle to add the cost of professional people in such as on hand medical personnel for all events. 

    The wrestlers and anyone backstage might not be willing to pay for any disclosure checks. You could have a scenario where talent are looking for promoters to foot the bill for PVG checks but then the promoter may turn around and say you don't get this yourself you don't get work. Independent wrestling is run on a shoestring budget at times and people will cut costs at every chance to make themselves more profitable. I just hope the industry gets together and is on the same page and there is some sort of regulation and people get themselves disclosure checks.  

    If you don’t have have the funds and means to provide a safe working place, than you should not be in the wrestling business. It’s not rocket science.



  6. 52 minutes ago, The Dart said:

    Progress knew perfectly well he wasn't protecting his character, they're not that bloody stupid.  They just didn't want to acknowledge that their top star is a violent thug,  But, saying, he may have been protecting his character, like that somehow makes it OK.   Piss poor.  I wish the guy it happened to had gone public with it at the time.

    The person from Progress Wrestling who wrote that mail to the assaulted fan is another childish mark who lost track of the real world. Should be ashamed of himself and quit this business.

    ’Protecting his character’ Un fucking believable how completely lost these wrestlers and promoters seem to be in their pro wrestling ‘logical’ cinematic bullshit. Like they live in an alternative universe. Losers.

    One of your fans just got beat up by your talent. As real as it gets. Snap out of your fantasy life and take action. 

    How can you condone. Wake the fuck up from your childish pro wrestling world.

  7. When I was working at a supermarket at 15 I was constantly getting paid less hours than I actually worked. I wasn’t the only one.

    So we summed up the troops and we contacted HR.

    Our manager was reprimanded by HR and he knew not to mess with his team ever again. 

    So you can understand that most simply didn’t get a contract renewal 6 months later....

    These tactics happen everywhere.....

  8. Punching your fans to sell your ‘tough guy persona’. I really hope that isn’t true.

    If it is, than Jimmy Havoc is the biggest joke on the planet. Ridiculous. Biggest loser ever. Completely lost himself in being a mark for himself.

    Wake up, ‘Jimmy Havoc’ does not really exist! You are in that ring to entertain the fans. They travelled hours and paid their hard earned money to see you wrestle. You should feel honored that they like you and want to shake your hand.

    Progress Wrestling should be ashamed for not acting on this directly and brushing it off as ‘he’s and independent contracter’. They really dropped the ball here.

  9. - Unregulated
    - No pension
    - No health-care
    - No background checks
    - Often no wages
    - No drug testing
    - No Human Resources
    - No age limits apparently

    - No laws

    This weekend exposed pro wrestling's secret side, what happens outside the ring to young wrestlers. A secret underworld of deception, exploitation and greed disguised and downplayed as ‘paying your dues’.

    Built on a pyramid of secrets that includes abusive, mental control of its young performers and a long history of illegal business practices and corruption.

    These brave woman had no choice but expose pro wrestling's less visible but biggest con outside the ring; 

    its hidden manipulation of young wrestlers with broken promises and broken bones and a backstage power of the pencil that writes scripts for wrestler stardom or extinction. 

    This ‘business’ needs to be cleaned up and become safe for everyone involved. Power to everyone who dared to speak out!

  10. 18 minutes ago, Richie Freebird said:

    I've just looked through over 700 discs in the old archives, trying to find the Danny Havoc shoot interviews and best of comps.... I couldn't find them anywhere. I did find this though. A piece of the ring canvas from Tournament of Death XI (2012), signed by the tournament entrants. Havoc did compete that year. I'm thinking that signature at the bottom right could well be that of Danny Havoc.



    Danny Havoc was featured in a great piece by Vice. YouTube search ‘The Wrestlers Vice’ and you might find it.

    R.I.P. Danny Havoc

  11. Actually sold a ‘Big Gold’ kids replica last year for 175. It was the first ever replica ever made by FigureToy Inc I believe with Hogan on it. 1996-ish. Huge profit, but big regrets ever since.

    About 3 years ago I put my WWF Attitude Era WWF logo belt online and a WWF Undisputed Championship replica with Undertaker on it. 

    Lots of reactions because these had the Original scratched WWF logo. Made a 400 profit on them, but once again big regrets ever since.

    If you are going to buy Replica Belts, try to get the ones with the original WWF logo’s as those are little goldmines.

  12. 36 minutes ago, Devon Malcolm said:

    @LWOLeN How much longer are you going to show off your ability to search for Owen Hart videos on YouTube? Go and do a Nugget thread ffs.

    Also found this for you:

    Martha Hart on Jericho's podcast


    Martha said, “He tried for a long time to get out of the business and he applied to the fire department every year for years and at that time, it was really hard to get on the fire department.”

  13. Bret Hart issued the below statement via his official Facebook page regarding his brother Owen’s absence from the WWE Hall of Fame and his side of the story when it comes to his differences with Owen’s wife Martha.

    This past week, I have received multiple requests for comment regarding my recent interview on a podcast and the rebuttal made by Dr. Martha Hart. First of all, I want to express my disappointment in both the Calgary Sun and Calgary Herald for running a gossip-style article and making it front page news when there are more pressing issues in the world to highlight. You are better than that. I listened back to the interview in question and I specifically want to address Martha’s comments about my words being “cruel, reckless, irresponsible, and hurtful”.

    Stampede Wrestling was an institution in the city of Calgary. Wrestling was our family business. My brothers and I either wrestled for my father Stu or worked behind the scenes. Fans packed the Victoria Pavilion every Friday night for decades. Martha has seemed to have forgotten that she attended those same shows before she met Owen. She was, by definition, a wrestling fan. That same group Martha appears to look down upon and ignore.

    Earlier this year, Mark Henry took time during his WWE Hall of Fame induction to specifically address Martha. With tears in his eyes, Henry pleaded with her to allow Owen to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. My nieces and nephews were in the audience with tears in their eyes as he expressed how much he deserved to be there with his peers. Fans have told me they had tears in their eyes when they watched the moment on television. Those same fans Martha sat side-by-side with at Stampede Wrestling and WWE events. Those same fans that donate to the Owen Hart Foundation and helped make it what it is today because they remember the joy he brought to their lives and not by how he died. Those royalty checks she receives from the company she says she doesn’t want any part of? Those are also from those same fans. To her, their tears do not matter. To me, that is cruel and hurtful.

    It is true that Martha and I were close at one time. I was right by her side after Owen’s death until she received her settlement from WWE and proclaimed me a “pest”. Martha later declared herself and her children Harts in name only, called us all “black sheep”, and ceased contact with the rest of the Hart family. She further isolated from us when we all came together in 2010 to honour our father Stu being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and participated in a DVD that celebrated our family (Hart & Soul). Owen’s children do not have a relationship with his brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, and cousins. One of my nieces, in fact, named her son Owen after him. I do not know Oje and I wouldn’t know Athena if she walked passed me on the street. Owen’s children only know of their father’s family by what is told by their mother, whatever that may be, painting us all with one broad brush. To block Owen’s children from knowing their father’s family, to me, is cruel, reckless, and irresponsible.

    Owen’s tragic accident almost 20 years ago changed our family forever. Martha lost her soulmate and her children lost their father. You have to remember, however, that I also lost my brother. My children lost their uncle. My grandchildren will only know him through pictures and stories. His peers lost a close friend who filled them with endless laughter through long periods on the road. The fans lost someone that they lovingly connected to. Martha is not alone in her loss and grief.

    The Owen Hart Foundation is a wonderful charity that has raised millions of dollars and has helped many people in its 19 year history. I am not disputing or denying that whatsoever. I disagree, however, that it should be the sole outlet to remember Owen by. This is not just about Owen being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. This is about his wrestling career, his wrestling legacy, his contribution to the business that he loved and honouring that contribution. Owen Hart was a world-renowned professional wrester, and a damn good one. He was part of the foundation that our family name was built on not just in the city of Calgary but all over the world. For Martha to want to rewrite history, to refuse to acknowledge or recognize his great wrestling career, to brush off what he, myself, and my father did as “that fake stuff” is wrong.

    Owen Hart was a wrestler. The next generation deserve to know how great he truly was.


    4 minutes ago, Pogue said:

    Come on mate, separate Owen the pro wrestler from what happened? That's the same warped type of thinking knobheads have had about what happened with Benoit for years 

    Fair enough if English isn't your first language but I don't think there's any decent way to suggest how a family who lost their father far too early should think about him after his passing, especially when it's based entirely on what job he happened to have

    Didn’t dislike it because of the family. Felt extra terrible for them because wrestling is the devil to them now. I don’t blame them for it.

    I would have hoped for his kids to be able to watch his matches and still feel proud. Again, I don’t blame them for not being able to.

    Disliked the episode because of the scope the producers chose. You can’t cram the life and death of Owen Hart in 45 minutes. 

    The Owen Hart Foundation did a lot of good  after his death. Would have learned more about it. Hope this clears it more up.

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