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  1. I am struggling quite a lot with my head and related issues and have been for a few weeks now. Its hard for me to explain I feel very low and depressed and i can hardly eat or leave my bed and I am finding i cannot stop my racing thoughts in being frustrated that I don't have the balls to end myself despite popping all my pills out of the packets I live with my parents and i love them both but i dont want to be around them anymore due to being ashamed of myself and feeling like a massive burden I have zero energy or motivation and i see nothing.but further worsened depression and poverty in the near future I started a new job yesterday but i feel so foggy in my mind, i ache allover and i can't concentrate to even do the simplest of tasks and i feel in no condition to work. I took the job to do on too of my call centre job but i got let go due to covid so the 16 hours a week isn't enough and as it is Friday to Sunday it is restricting my options for getting a job to fit round it. I am going to have to tell them tomorrow about my job search as its a small firm because they are going to spend over 100 pound on ppe for me and i dont want them to waste.the money My only friend will likely be leaving to live in bali in a few years and he is only free on Saturday so not being able to see him is another driving force for my issues My ability to learn is gone and as a man with few qualifications andno driving license with an inability to save or join a pension due in part to my excessive board money payments that are higher than my friends 4 bed house mortgage really gets me down Iwant to just sell everything and rot away somewhere and avoid all interaction as my family think i am lazy but im not Sorry if this is.poorly constructed im finding it hard to string things together
  2. This song has been on loop in my head for days, about the only thing in my head thats not bad thoughts lately
  3. What android app(s) do people on here use to measure walking distance/steps? The one i have been using for a while is seemingly very inaccurate. I am now using the map my walk app, and just this morning, it says i have done 4.20miles, compared to the 3.26 miles it says on the old, pre installed app i have been using for a while It is very frustrating that i have been seemingly walking much further than i had previously thought, i had a hunch it wasnt accurate
  4. i instantly thought that word said "bourbons", probably because i have not had one in a few days!
  5. Ralphy

    Covid-19 Megathread

    goes to show that even very fit people with good diets can still get this, and its one of the many reasons we shouldn't be relaxing the rules
  6. The podcast "Stiff Right Hand" just put up a new episode regarding these issues. It is hosted by Dominator and Skarlett from EWW wrestling. Skarlett herself outed a number of UK british wrestling people back in 2018 http://www.therockshow.co.uk/srh/index.html
  7. Excellent work, both look fantastic, also, an upvote for the coco pops, fine choice!
  8. Pennywise - "Let Us Hear Your Voice"
  9. I remember attending a pcw show years ago, MMM was doing announcing and introduced Ligero something along the lines of "from Leeds, Simon Musk"
  10. so it is, i honestly didn't notice that bit. The Egg on my face currently tastes fairly bad! Regardless of my mistake, the persons situation is still as i said and still makes me angry El Ligero has deleted his twitter. To echo a previous post, i fear that this situation will lead to something very tragic and i genuinely am worried I lost my love of attending wrestling shows a number of years back, and i was hoping to start to attend shows again once this pandemic is over, however now i don't think i will
  11. The Jetta tweet is still up, it has sickened me and makes for Grim reading. I was gutted when she retired all those years ago as i was a big fan of hers, but now i know why, i don't blame her one bit for doing so. I am glad she is back in wrestling now, hopefully she can continue to be in wrestling for the foreseeable future, she is still one of my favorite Female British wrestlers I did try to find the TalkWrestling show on catchup but i cant seem to find any working links to download it
  12. Will this be available for download after it's aired?
  13. Np pun intended, but the skate games are much trickier and fiddly than Tony Hawk, but as much as i love TH, it is more satisfying to do tricks and actually land them on Skate EDIT : for those interested, Skate 3 is on EA Access and is currently only 79p for one months access
  14. On the tony hawk games, you actually had to collect "S-K-A-T-E", i can imagine this being the last mission on Skate for but the E and A missing and only available via Microtransaction
  15. I too feel much the same way, MR is one of few wrestlers over the past few years i can say i have gotten into and really enjoy(ed) watching
  16. not in my case, no, as i have grown to actually enjoy living in my home town
  17. Rumblings on twitter now of Matt Riddle being involved in all of this too, he was fairly prominent for a while pre WWE on the UK scene
  18. i notice many topics have now been locked, does this mean we cannot start new ones of similar likeness?
  19. Some names on that list doing the rounds that have surprised and saddened me, guess you really cant judge a wrestler/person by the cover. I guess the only good that may come of this is that these kind of things wont happen again and that if the allegations are true against the WWE contracted talent, that if they are released, other more deserving and stand up, good natured talent cant take their place and make a happy living It makes me wonder if the contracted talent used their status to take advantage of these people By the way, the only wrestler with Surf i care about is Surf Digby! @Nostalgia Nonce
  20. Was going to post this in the What play you thread, but its since been locked EA Access is 79p for one month currently via the xbox dashboard, you have to sign up for the recurring payments of £3.99 per month after the first month, but just cancel it the day before and its a good deal
  21. Neymar Jack Wilshire Sergio Ramons
  22. Ralphy

    Chippy Tea

    Good lord above, correct peas to chips ratio though
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