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  1. Bellator 134 looks fantastic:


    Douglas Lima vs Paul Daley

    Emanuel Newton vs Liam McGeary

    Sokoudjou vs Linton Vassell

    Bobby Lashley vs James Thompson

    Michael Page vs Curtis Millender



    There's not many fighters I look foward to watching more than Lima, McGeary and Page, so this should be a fantastic show. Lima's looked outstanding in his last few fights, and I havent seen Daley fight for yonks, but I cant see Lima having too many problems with him (there must be a sizeable reach difference going on, too). Newton's looked horrible in his last three fights (before that spinning back fist, Im sure he was losing in that Beltran match), so hopefully McGeary will destroy him.


    Page's last fight was dull, so hopefully this one is better. Lashley/Thompson should be a lot of fun, as should the Sokoudjou fight. Every fight looks great.

  2. I think thats the first time Ive seen an Americana attempt from that position. How was he able to pull that off, when seemingly it must be almost impossible to do so? Was it just bad top position from Anundson allowing him the space to do it?


    I think that was also the quickest Ive ever seen someone tap to a triangle, as well. I initially thought he must have had an armbar as well, but he didnt. About one second after it was locked in, he tapped. Strange.



    How banged up is Manhoef these days? The last thing I remember him doing was destorying Robbie Lawlers leg, and that was 4 years ago. Judging from his Wiki, hes been KO'd quite a few times since then, and hes now 38. Marshall is a beast when stirking, so I think he has a great chance of winning. More importantly, its surely a fight that's impossible to be bad.

  3. Has all the talk about Jon Jones moving up disappeared completley? After a couple of Cormier matches and another Gustafsson fight, if he stays undefeated, he could freshen up the heavyweight division a lot.



    As for Jacare, Im suprised no-one mentioned how gassed he looked in Round 3. After two rounds of complete top control, he was gassed pretty bad in Round 3. Just rewatched that round, and he had slowed down considerably during the standup. To be fair, even Florian mentioned it, and Im sure its something Rogan wouldnt have done so. Mousasi even managed to quickly standup after being taken down, despite not even getting close to doing so for the first two rounds. Even for the finish, Mousasi was on his way back up to his feet. Im sure its something that wont go un-noticed by Weidmans camp if/when they fight.

  4. This years King of the Death Match was a lot more enjoyable than TOD. There were a few times when I had flashbacks to 2001, watching death matches on VHS, which is a positive in my book. Things like Corportal Robinson coming out to Left Right Left, which I havent heard for years, almost made some parts feel like an old school IWA tribute show. The inevitable, drawn out Ian Rotten promo at the end of the show also made things feel old school. Throw in some Necro or Nick Mondo, and this would have been even better.


    Thinking of which, surely there would be money in a 'legends' deathmatch tourney. Ian Rotten, Necro, Pondo, Wifebeater, Mondo, Homeless Jimmy, Zandig, etc. Wouldnt be pretty, but Id make an effort to watch it.


    A few observations:


    - Mitch Page has become morbidly obese.

    - Freakshow has lost a lot of weight.

    - The tourney features Tremont a lot, which is no bad thing.

    - Ian Rotten, wearing bright red trackies and tee shirt, is doing the ring announcing, and lingers around the ring at all time.

    - The show is held in the car park of a strip joint, with a basketball hoop near the ring that seemingly cant be moved.

    - Corp and Freakshow have a fun Fans Bring The Weapons match. No story, no selling, just hitting each other with a load of shit. Sometimes you just need to see matches like this.

    - It suffers, like most deathmatch tourneys, by fizzling out by the time you get to the final. Theyve already blown their load on the previous rounds, so the final is underwhelming.


    Still worth watching over TOD, though. Have been making my way through the Queen of the Deathmatches that was held the same day, and its been shit so far.

  5. Is the 2000 Timeline any good? Cant be any worse than the Sandman one they did.


    How about the Shane Douglas Breaking Kayfabe? Dont think Ive seen a great Breaking Kayfabe yet, so dont want to waste two hours if people say its not up to much.

  6. Anyone watch this years TOD yet? Thought it was forgetable. No matches/bumps stood out at all. The selection of matches/stips seemed to be very weak, as well. Looks like hardly effort/money went into it. The main thing I took out of the whole thing is Tremont has gotten very fat. He was never exactly trim, but he seems to have really piled on the pounds since the last time I saw him. Maybe hes already broken down. He seemed to push the craziness and insane bumps moreso than the others, so maybe its catching up with him. There was also no commentary, so you could clearly hear the 'hilarious' comments of several fans who must have been near some mics.


    Final spoilers:


    <-- click on 'spoiler' to show/hide the spoiler

    Ive been making my way through a Masada/Kasai deathmatch pack that I downloaded months back, so Ive got a lot of their matches fresh in my head, and this one was probably the most forgetable of the lot. After recently watching the insanity of that FREEDOM no mat match they had, this one was always going to disappoint I guess. Even still, it was fairly plodding, where they did the crowd brawling part for what seemed like 15 minutes. You cant also tease near falls in a Scaffold match before the scaffold has been used.


    [close spoiler]


  7. Arent PPVs $60 in the US? Even with such a low number, I find it insane that theres 100,000 people willing to shell out that kind of money for such a weak PPV. In terms of names, the free show the week before with Benson on it was fairly similar in terms of star power. Cant get my head around that amount of people willing to pay that much for this show, considering theres probably been 20+ shows on free TV this year which have been stronger looking.

  8. Just glanced through Smackdown. Rollins takes off the top half of his new gear before the match, which makes the whole look a lot better. The new top makes him look tiny during his entrance. Ambrose seems to be keeping the jeans and vest gear for normal matches, as well. Looks good, and keeps with his character.

  9. You have two seperate problems, and the solution to one of them (the weight gain) may be detrimental to the other problem (lack of sleep). I think you just have to be sensible in your workouts. Dont, as you put it, "rag" yourself hard doing the cardio. Dont destroy yourself to the point where you need to be thinking about recovery after a gym session. Do a quick, 10-15 minute interval session (30 seconds sprint, 30 seconds rest) whenever you can, eat healthier, and you'll soon see the results. That sort of workout is far more appropriate for you, compared to a 45/60 minute, medium intensity workout.

  10. Two WWF Timelines on their way are a Rick Martel 1981 one, and a Bret Hart 1992 one. Even though theyre before my time, Ive enjoyed the old WWF timelines a lot, especially the Bruno and Larry Z ones, so will be interested in the 1981 one as well. Have never watched a full Bret shoot before, but him doing a 1992 one sounds great.

  11. Is Kaitlyns shoot any good? 2 1/2 hours of RF questions and answers seems excessive for how long shes been in the business.



    Not a shoot, but the Irom Sheik documentary floating about is really good. Im sure someone mentioned it around here, but cant find it. Really well put together. Something as professionally done as this, along with in depth talking heads with people like The Rock and Foley, surely cost a fair chunk of change to make. Money that common sense says they have no chance of recouping. Their loss is our gain, though, as its a tremendous watch.

  12. My friend does a lot of running and is in much better condition than me. I joint him on doing hill sprints, my first time, yesterday. It was probably 50 yards or so. Once you sprint up, you jog or walk down and then go again once you reach the bottom. He set a timer for half an hour for us to do as many as possible and we went. He did 17, beating his record of 15. I did 4 before giving up. Four for fuck sake! His mentality is very good. He'll gee himself up as he's running and doesn't care about anything else as he's in his zone. He laid down afterwards and was alright a couple of minutes later.


    Is this exercise worth me doing frequently if my aim is to bulk? I'd certainly like to get better at it and it seems to have a lot of benefits.


    This is just essentially high intensity interval training, which you can do anywhere. Speaking for myself, I hate running, especially outdoors, so Id never do this. You can do this sort of thing on a treadmill, on a spin bike, on a rower, cross trainer, anything. From what Ive read, 30 mins of HIIT of too much if youre trying to gain size. 20 minutes seems to be the recommended amount for people who want to gain/retain size.


    For 6 months Ive been doing HIIT, and its definately been worthwhile. For a start, its only 20 minutes, rather than 40+ that I used to do. 20 minutes flies by, so youre far less likely to skip doing it. 20 mins is essentially 4 or 5 songs, which is no time at all really.


    Start by doing 1 minute intense, 1 minute rest (not literally, just much slower pace). When you feel your fitness improve, knock 5 seconds off your break and add it onto the intense part. If you want to mix it up, do 30 second intense with 30 second breaks. A spin bike is very good for this, as you can crank the resistance up instantly, to really get the heart pumping.


    If you really blast the intense parts, you can be dripping in sweat and shattered by the time the 20 minutes is up.



    Edit: Whilst Im here, I might as well mention how awful that Kerry Katona diet thing has been in the papers. The advice was to literally eat less, and do some exercise. I find it amazing that advice like "Snacks like chocolate are bad for you, fruit is better" can still be published, as if people dont already know this. There was one in the Sunday papers as well, "The No Diet Diet", where the advice is to eat fewer calories and do exercise. Not sure how they arrived at the "no diet" part, as eating completley different food/smaller portions is still a diet in my eyes.

  13. Really enjoyed X-Men, as well. Solid throughout, and at no point did it feel like it was dragging. Top performances from the main lot, as well. Hadnt read much about this film, so was slightly disappointed about how little the old lot were in it, though.


    Went with 5 other people, and none of us had a clue about who or what the credit scene was about, mind. Had to look online this morning to find out what it was about.

  14. Yeah, Ive watched the first hour or so. Reminds me of those 'off the air' youtube vids that used to be put out. Quite interesting to hear them redo lines in the breaks. Stuff like Cole having to redo a line about Fandango and Layla, because they didnt want him to use the phrase 'making out'. Cole said "I had 500lbs of man on top of me" during the Batista match, which he brought up during the break as well, which was funny. Chimmell messing up Eva Maries name as well, which I assume will be edited from the show, along with the commentators ripping into him.


    Not much to mention about the show, other than the debut of Bo Dallas went well, and Hogan's Network shill promo was a huge mis-use. Surely they could chuck Hogan into something a bit more substantial than what he does now.

  15. Considering he was a big (ish) name jumping from WWE to WCW, I would have assumed Jarrett would have been on much more dough than what he was. He really fucked up his negotiations. Dustin Rhodes managed to bag himself a half mill contract, but Double J only got himself half of that. Considering the PPVs and dates he worked, they got some good "value" from Jarrett, compared to most (half a mill for 11 PPVs and 90 odd shows).


    Was the "additional event fees" something all the wrestlers had? Would add a significant amount more to what they were paid (Im sure the PPV bonuses would be significantly higher than $7.5k for the elite guys). Surely it cant be for everyone, though, as I assume this bonus is the reason why Jarrett got such a low contract compared to the likes of Shane Douglas and Mike Awesome who signed around the same time.



    Those lists always fascinate me. At what point did someone suggest Alex Wright warranted a $400k contract, and who approved it? Jerry Flynn and the Villano's were on better deals than most of the New Blood, as well.

  16. If you can't pass the stool within 3 days you MUST go to the doctore immediately.








    Anyway, doing it with surgical gloves and lube, in the comfort of your own home, sounds 100x more sophisticated/acceptable compared to toilet paper in a public toilet. Toilet paper was brought up, yet makes things even more uncomfortable for my tastes. You lube your arsehole up with spit, yet use toilet paper to enter? Public bathroom toilet paper, no less. Surely it wouldnt survive the entry, making things even worse down there?



    This reminded of an Embarassing Bodies I watched, where a woman had to push shit out via fingers in her vagina. That was years ago and I still remember it, much like this situation I assume.



  17. You can totally go four days a week depending on what you're doing.. if you're doing very targeted workouts with a cardio day thrown in the middle, for example..


    Absolutley, but the way it was implied suggests 4 days straight of weights, which is never good.



    I was thinking Monday and Tuesday, break, Thursday, break, Saturday, break.


    I was doing 12 on a light weight, 8-10 on a heavier weight, 6-8 on a heavier weight than the last. I should really research what I'm doing. Your advice will certainly help. I like having someone to go with as I have no idea how the machines work.


    I know quite a few people (myself included) that dont really like the pyramid way, especially for beginners. After your warm up sets, I personally wouldnt fanny about with gradually upping the weight. All youre looking to do at this point is gain size, so just pick a weight from the start that youre failing at after 6-8 reps (reps with good form, and not being helped by your friend, which I assume is what happened last time you benched).

  18. I'd ditch the guy you work out with. Seems like he isn't looking at your needs and experience. Making you lift too heavy and also doing too many different exercises shows he's not really thinking of you. As a beginner, you should just keep things super basic. Your list of exercises that you did for your first time is crazy.


    Keep it basic for the first six months. As you said, you have no chest, so just work on gaining some size there. Stick with a dumbbell bench press on flat bench, dumbbell bench press on an incline bench, and throw in some dumbbell flies on a flat bench. YouTube those three to see the correct form. Master those three, then maybe look to chuck other stuff in down the line. Stick with those and you'll see some results for sure.


    How many sets and reps were you doing for each exercise, by the way?


    Edit; and yes, four days straight is never recommended, unless he's on something. Two or three is acceptable, though.

  19. By chest workouts Im assuming you mean bench presses? If thats the case, then things like shoulders and triceps do get a bit of secondary work when bench pressing. However, the fact your triceps ache this morning, and (presumably) you dont have the aching in your chest gives you a good indicator that youre not using the right muscles when doing the exercise. If its the first time youve ever worked your chest, you should be aching a lot there the following day.


    Go on youtube and search for vids to learn the proper form. I assume you may be using too heavy a weight, and its causing you to lose form when lifting. Could also be your hands are too close together (if youre using a barbell).

  20. After months and months of procrastination I started Spartacus: Vengeance last night. I was dreading it because I don't know if I could take another actor as Spartacus seriously after the death of the first one. My verdict off the first episode isn't clear. I can see myself growing to like the new guy but he just doesn't match up the original at all as far as I can see. I enjoyed the episode but without the original Spartacus and the most loveable bastard ever Batiatus it definitely feels like it's lacking something. I'm hoping it picks up later.


    He turns out to be fantastic, I think. Out of all the love its gotten on this forum, I dont think Ive read a single person saying that he doesnt match up to the original. In fact, Id say he turns out to be even better, to the point where I cant even really picture the original actor at all when I think of Spartacus. Season 1 is one of the greatest seasons of TV Ive ever watched, so it was inevitable that S2+3 wouldnt reach those heights. Still amazing, mind.

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