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  1. Cheers guys. No wonder the left never win an election here. Any views outside of the echo chamber and you're a dunce or a racist monster or both. It's an exhausting subject and I apologised for getting involved. That should be that. But I'm sure it won't be.

  2. 2 hours ago, BomberPat said:

    We'd be better off if people were worried more about being conscientious and polite enough to say the right thing than imagining that they were being restricted from saying the wrong thing. 

    I mean, you're right, but it's gone to such an extreme now. Like everything amplified by social media, I suppose. I wasn't saying they were being restricted. But punishing people for using a term that was fine a year or two ago but is now usurped by another term? I'm sorry, but that seems counterproductive, to me.

  3. Is it just me that thinks WWE have a point about all this? If Raquel off Corrie was going on tinterweb in full gimmick, jiggling and freestyling, ITV would be having a word right away. The way the company is being portrayed over this seems well over the top.y

  4. You never know what the person is going to say or ask, that's the problem. Could be anything. With a text or e-mail, at least you have time to consider your response and even do a moment or two of research if required. I can't see how anyone is confident on the phone in a business setting, unless they know the whole industry inside out and every potential question they might be asked, or they're at least partly a good winger/bullshitter.

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