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  1. In the source novel, it’s only revealed on the last page that Jeff is in a wheelchair because of his broken leg. And of course, now you’ll have to play “Spot Hitch” doing his cameos.
  2. If you’re a famous face claiming you’ve been cancelled, on a main tv channel, you haven’t been cancelled.
  3. One positive is it’s absolutely hilarious to all proper fans.
  4. Train Sim World 2 is on Game Pass. See you later.
  5. He posted on Facebook again but not music related. It was about the forum’s second favourite football team and the Hollywood type sign they put up.
  6. I hope fans understand this and apply it to shows they mock, like Vampire Diaries and stuff like that.
  7. The only bad thing was when the music hit, some twat in the crowd screaming OH MY GOD into the camera desperately trying to be a reaction meme, totally unnatural. Unlike Punk, I don’t think he has ever looked so happy! Yeah that was one of those decade defining moments we hardly ever get.
  8. He isn’t the bloke from Right Said Fred, by any chance?
  9. I don’t think I’ve seen wrestling fans this excited since Boots did a two for one on Lynx Africa. Seriously though, I can’t remember the last time there was such enthusiasm and excitement about what might happen. Isn’t it lovely?
  10. I think we know who AEW are signing next, lads. The elite will be doing hard time.
  11. For going Wagamamas? Yeah I guess you are!
  12. You could always ask them for cutlery like a normal person.
  13. He isn’t claiming he is though. He’s saying people moaning about part timers coming back to main event aren’t as good or important as the part timers. And he is right. Punk looks like the only needle he can move is the one attached to a syringe full of heroin towards his arm.
  14. Yeah he has these moments now and then, doesn’t he? Doesn’t help that he’s well paranoid, likes a drink, and is usually surrounded by yes men and worshiping fans. Hope he gets well.
  15. Today I learned that the singing angel in this video is Spudgun from Bottom.
  16. Thanks, that’s much appreciated. Yeah it’s private landlord and I suspect that the flat isn’t compliant as the electrician is a chatty sort and said how urgently the work needed doing. Mines the only flat that uses gas and the compliance was out of date until recently. Thanks again for the information.
  17. Yeah I’m going to say to him that the landlords agent (the electrician) openly said that he’d got the key and hadn’t spoke to the tenant. I’m guessing he’s got a section 21 so that’ll give him a couple of months. If his tenancy is the same as mine, it’s gone to a rolling month as he’s been in for over a year so I’m not sure how he can fight it.
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