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  1. If they stoke up the racism bit then I’m sure they can resurface as a Black Metal band.
  2. No doubt down to the character building Brendan Rodgers gave them when he started at Celtic.
  3. I’m confident that football fans will treat this with an open mind.
  4. I’ve gone back a few pages in that and all I can see is Davidnumbers and you talking about how you think he is shit. Whenever I’ve seen him mentioned, him being a prick is always a part of it. Absolutely nobody has forgotten, or at least nobody who was concerned by it. Bob Holly Rule. It really is Liverpool and Suarez, isn’t it? WWE fans get pelters for blind tribalism but this is exactly it too. It ranges from “He’s one of ours so he’s innocent” to WWE whataboutery.
  5. That was one of the villages affected in Germany recently, right?
  6. “People on Twitter” no doubt.
  7. A headline that can’t come soon enough.
  8. Stop pissing on the top of bins then.
  9. It says break out the tissues but I didn’t feel like a wank once. Still had one though.
  10. I think the modern ones have sensors so they know if there is a car waiting on red. If it’s clear, there is no point staying red so they change. Bear in mind for those lights, there is a bit where they are both on red to allow the last of the green side make it through. If they all just starting going green because someone flashed their lights, they’d be crashes
  11. Nah. It was coincidence. The emergency vehicles lights flash at a much faster speed than cars and that’s what sets them off. Not calling you a wanker but unless your wrist is super supple you ain’t doing it.
  12. It happened. It’s was Roy Of The Rovers stuff as he joined his boyhood team on loan from his boyhood team
  13. On the plus side, they didn’t have 27 camera cuts in that clip.
  14. Big fans of Sir Nigel Bicklesworth in this house. The spirit of Gill Chesterton lives on!
  15. “Don’t you ever fucking call me your drummer again, you’re my fucking singer!!”
  16. Karrion At Your Convenience Karrion Regardless Karrion Dick See you in a couple of weeks.
  17. He has looked about 80 since the late sixties to be fair.
  18. I hope she’s ok. She can’t go through this again.
  19. They should say Smash was his dad but Kross’s behaviour left them estranged. So whenever Smash is asked about him he can shake his head and say “Karrion, my wayward son”
  20. I hope he was able to catch it with his web before it hit the floor and got damaged.
  21. He’s called Dwayne Johnson these days.
  22. The other thing, of course, is that being cancelled is only applicable to the right wing. McCarthyism was the birth of cancel culture, were Sinead O’Connor and the (Dixie) Chicks cancelled? Of course they weren’t, they were took to task over being horrible to the pope and to dubya.
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