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  1. Finished The Good Place and I didn't think there was a big drop in quality. I really enjoyed all of it, especially Danson. I did get through the lot in a couple of weeks so maybe that could be a factor in why I thought it was constant.
  2. Trick - The Horror one not the gay one (not gay). It's fucking terrible, better off watching the gay one (not gay).
  3. As someone who hoped Johnson died from it, I’m not going to mourn the loss of a dickhead but LOTM is bang on with the point about the approach being of a political nature. We are starting to see it here, wearing a mask isn’t thinking of other people’s well-being, it’s giving up freedom. Not wearing a mask to own the libs is hopefully a path to a quicker death, I just wish Covid-19 didn’t discriminate.
  4. That’s the problem, innit? Tories aren’t just made up of the wealthy. So many of the worst well off voted for them as well, the cunts.
  5. I hope the man on the Clapham Omnibus got a good severance package.
  6. Yeah Ralphy, don’t start rationing your meds because of the cost of a prescription. It’s not a good idea, mate.
  7. Probably because it was mainly talk about the buyrate, which is what the tweet was about. But I’m sure all the people posting negative stuff were completely neutral going into the fight and didn’t have a preference about who won.
  8. Yeah I think the key thing is the distinction between unlikeable and unremarkable. I’d wager the reason MMeAtheads find Usman unlikeable is because he’s a black man who is the champ. Finding him unremarkable is a totally different thing, people don’t click for any number of reasons with an individual. It doesn’t meant they dislike them though.
  9. The champion represents the pinnacle. In a lot of MMA fans minds, that means a black man is better than a white man and they don’t like that. And if that black man carries himself with swagger, that’s even worse for them. Even the most respectful kindest black man isn’t as favourable as champion than a dickhead white man. That’s the mindset.
  10. Of course it’s a fucking race issue. MMA fans in general are White trash who blame immigrants for their shit life and don’t like the blacks getting above their station. Let’s not pretend it is some fucking MENSA meeting or something that attracts progressive types. It’s lowest common denominator shit.
  11. Well, it might result in the death of a lot of Disney stans so every cloud.
  12. My absolute favourite Bowie anecdote.
  13. David Starr has been accused of sexual assault and other stuff. Now more women are speaking out with their experiences, so as day follows night, the accusations are met with she made it up and the like. Bit worrying to see how many in wrestling are going with the "16 is legal" defence on this, because that isn't predatory behaviour at all, oh no. Anyway, here is the story. Much like the wrestling defence, please keep the discussion legal. Also because wrestling fans are terrible, this isn't #MeToo but #MeTWOOOOOOOO, probably. https://wrestletalk.com/news/david-starr-responds-to-accusations-of-sexual-abuse/
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