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  1. I'm on the hunt for that Dutch Mantell shoot, quite interested in it now more than I was before. Given he's back on television and all that. Probably shouldn't have an affect but it does.


    Recently watched the Russo Guest Booker, re-booking the WCW Invasion. Actually quite enjoyed his take on it.

  2. I think its mainly the fact that he can't dance. It was funny at first seeing this supposed 'monster' come out and dance, but he's shite. He's lost a ton of weight, looks in better shape and is probably having better matches but the dancing is half arsed.


    Maybe I'm just used comparing him to Rikishi throwing shapes all those years back

  3. I'd far rather they try to establish new tag teams, even if you have to base it off a previous team like Doom. They're trying in NXT to put some teams together in their tag team tournament, more in a hope that something will click.


    I'd be more than fine with they paired Big Zeke & Big E Langston in some kind of 'Doom-esque' team just beating the fuck out of people.

  4. Is Spike Lee's Bad 25 any good? I noticed it finishing on BBC2 last night so went and found online but it looks a long bugger of a watch. Worth it?


    I was raving about this at the time on Facebook. I didn't think it would be shown on the Iplayer but it did.




    Some very rare footage that was filmed at the time of recording, rehearsing and shooting the music videos. Well worth a watch.

  5. Didn't TNA try something like that with their ticker feed thing at the bottom? Looked very Sky Sports with all the info round the side and down the bottom, with the match in the 'screen' portion. Felt very cluttered, but I know you don't mean as much as that.


    I find the on screen graphics distracting, even if they're promoting the Komen for the Cure, Twitter or shows airing on the network.

  6. After watching an entire series of Louis CK TV show, all I kept thinking was he's a balder, ginger Tommy Dreamer






    One with hair just to further my theory



  7. I've been having some troubles with my bank which I can't sort till Monday, so I took advantage of SkyBets 10 quid free bet. Didn't need to add any bank details so once Monday hits I can add them in, or get my paypal sorted.




    Nice little 75 quid, thats staring me in the face saying 'BET, BET, BET'. Given that I can't withdraw it till Monday at the earliest, sadly I probably will

  8. Not sure if its been discussed, but I'm not filtering through 95 pages of this thread to find out.


    Recently downloaded all three seasons of Louie, the TV show of stand up Louis CK. Only watched the first two episodes and so far so good, its quite dark and I'm glad as I expected some kind of sitcom interspersed with stand up...I'm not sure why but I imagined it to be like Sienfield, just a lot darker but in the same format. Glad its not.


    Anyone else watched it all?

  9. Speaking of Grado, and ICW in general. Here's Insane in the Membrane, the full iPPV on Youtube



    Comedy value is at 2 hours 14 minutes when Davy Boy from the Bucky Boys launches himself over the guard rail, while my two 6 foot plus cousins move out the way and push me forward, leaving me to attempt to break his fall. I'm 5'5 so as you can tell, Davey Boy goes splat. Couple of fannies.

  10. You notice it badly when watching old Impact shows. How outdated the sponsors are, especially as they had television shows plastered on the ring aprons.


    Having a black canvas would be a terrible idea as 99% of the WWE roster wear black ring attire and black boots. It works for ROH given the atmosphere, but WWE is all about glitz and glamour and a black canvas wouldn't work at all.

  11. Bound for Glory is going to be screened in cinemas over in America this year. Not sure if this is a new thing, but they clearly know no-one is buying pay per views anymore, but going along to a cinema with a bunch of other wrestling fans and watching in a group is always far better than on your own. Could be the way forward, even though WWE did it decades ago.

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