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  1. its ok as a real pro knows how to bump which in turn stops any damage to your skin.

    Because no pro has ever had any type of injury ever, and all have skin like a baby's.

    Yep I couldn't believe I was reading that... I have saw many cuts just from chops or even a graze... Its just plan daft to think other wise, anybody who has watched wrestling or wrestled for any extended peroid of time know cuts bruises canvas/rope burns are just part of it..

  2. Just wondering what ppl think about the fact that X-Pac is wrestling while having Hep C, intresting discussion happened on Facebook, where near everyone said its stupid and a accdent waiting to happen, then a Fearn Gollard? (Dunno her wrestling name) Popped up and said because he is a "WWE Legend" its ok as a real pro knows how to bump which in turn stops any damage to your skin.... This about the dude who tore his arsehole apart..

  3. Don't get me wrong its not that I think its going to be bad Tv, as someone has stated Sonnen knows what he is doing and forced or not he promotes the fight, he will also do this thing with or without his opponents blessing, I just find Wand to be unconvincing when he turns it up the volume, I don't mind them selling the fight and show but don't want them to go down the same route one of Alex Reids fights did with some dude following him around with a cam giving him abuse outside of clubs and stuff. Turning up the volume is 1 thing doing it so much that it looks daft to a casual viewer is not.

  4. I'm sure this is all a matter of Punk being drained. WWE needed him back sooner then expected due to lack of main event guys, but once they are all back there is only so many main event spots, Bryan being so popular has pushed Punk down to the 4th main babyface, below Cena,Bryan & Big Dave, it could be argued he is 5th given Roman's face turm role requires tv time and planning. Punk felling banged up and that his role is nothing more then a afterthought (Given it seems Bryan's popularity has pretty much took his role) has made Punk walk. It seems Punk has got some influence in things so maybe he could have come up with something worthwhile to do, but reports seem to are he just can't be bothered. If WWE can get him back soon then they could easy book Wrestlemaina and give top guy top matches. As somebody has said has Punk come back at the chamber as Bryan is about to beat Orton, have Punk cost Bryan the match blaming the fans for allowing Bryan to take his spot, just throw HHH in the Big Dave Vs Orton match (Saying he thinks he should be the face of WWE, then Brock vs Taker, Shamus vs Kane (Punks old spot) The Wyatts vs Cena and Hogan/Warrior (or some other comeback guys hell Jake would work) Ambrose Vs Roman with Seth as the ref. Then the 4 team tag, and a Diva match..

  5. His first figure won't have the hat or shirt. His eventual elite figure will have both removable.




    I know what you mean about it being a bit dull though. He has wrestled in a red shirt before, hasn't he? That's a little bit better.



    Never expected that, don't pay much attension to new WWE figures to be fair, having a quick look at a few shows they do the figures in the wrestling gear now, I'm still in that Hasbro mindset I guess.

  6. If funny you mentioned a action figure, as I can picture the Bray figure coming with a hat you can take off but I doubt you will be able to remove his shirt, I just think the black top is really bland, maybe that's the point I don't know? I have no idea why it stands out so much to me. Its the only thing I hope they change in a otherwise superb gimmick.

  7. Just wondering what ppl's thoughts are on Bray's wrestling gear?, in NXT he normally takes off the shirt, and just wears the plan black top, I was over a mates house playing WWE 13 the other day and he had a Bray CAW, I couldn't help thinking he looked bland without the shirt,, I'm sure just taking the hat off and wrestling in the shirt would look better if he was not wearing the leather apron. Thoughts? Am I overthinking this?

  8. I was pretty sure Droz while not working for WWE was taken care of, what do you mean by different situation tho? You saying the handling of the situations if so I agree 100%. If not I'd say they are fair example to compair the companys. While Droz is still in a wheel chair and Jessie can walk now, they both lost a job threw being injured in the ring, I'm pretty sure if the Jessie situation happened in a WWE ring they would take care of him.

  9. Death match tourney in england? Interesting.

    Do they go all out like czw or tone it down a bit for here? If it's the kinda stupid shit they do over in delaware that's worth a trip up north I reckon.


    I remember being backstage in brum when Zandig had a match with Wifebeater and used the weedwhacker on him, backstage stunk of petrol.

  10. Something I would like to bring up is this Easter Egg with Arkham city with the numeric code given after you complete the game.


    <-- click on 'spoiler' to show/hide the spoiler


    Regarding that the joker isn't dead Easter egg. Now three villains died in that game. Joker, ra's al ghul and Hugo. Ra's al Ghul suddenly vanished after he "dies" could he be the person who says he going to bring mayhem to Gotham.


    [close spoiler]



    <-- click on 'spoiler' to show/hide the spoiler

    Ra's dies all the time he is like 500 years old or something the league of shadows prob took him back to a lazarus pit to recover, I would not be surprised if the 3rd game is using half of Gotham in a no mans land kinda state and Bludhaven, considering how often the mob guys talk about it after you finish the game, maybe even using Nightwing in Bludhaven and Bat's in Gotham. I really think the person who wants to bring Mayhem to Gotham will be Jason Todd.



    [close spoiler]


  11. I have been looking around online and if you change it to this then you can get the USA netflix again:




    Enjoy :)


    If this works I wanna Sex you in the face so hard! :thumbsup:


    Edit:- It's working WOOOOO!! Open wide Diego!

  12. Is that what it is? So we just need new DNS settings?


    EDIT:- Turns out those DNS settings were through the same site used to watch the US Netflix on the PC (unblock-Us). It was only a free trial on the PC and they didn't know how to enforce it on the PS3. Now they do. Tits.


    Yeah mine is not working now as well on PS3 and 360. Any body found a way to get round this without paying? Edit :- Paying extra for a new DNS thing I mean.

  13. What's happened with Mondo? Last I heard, he was trying to be director or something and trying to downplay his past in wrestling. He seemed quite embarassed to be involved in all those deathmatches.


    He made an independant movie starring himself and Mr Anderson called Fighting The Still Life. It was aired at the ECW Arena and apparently it was complete shit. I think the trailer is probably still on YouTube.


    God knows what he's up to now.


    Did he not just re-join Limp Bizkit?



    That film had Mr Anderson in as well trailer

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