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  1. Ah Branchy, one of the many ‘next big things’ that bombed horribly when given a first team opportunity for us
  2. You can get better ones in Home Bargains for 80p for a pack of 5
  3. I recently got back into playing FM17, started a new save with Rangers, currently sitting 4th in the league and into the QF of the Cup but already been threatened with the sack. Had some bad luck with 1-2 signings I made for cheap but I've seemingly stuck a bit of gold signing Souleymane Doukara from Leeds who bagged a hat trick on his debut in a cup game and has netted 9 total in 8 games
  4. They've put up the full NWA70 show on Youtube for free in place of Powerrr
  5. At the moment it's still all go for me with my job in Primark, however if today and the weekend gone is any indication, the next few weeks are set to be very bumpy. I spent 4 1/2 of my 6 1/2 hour shift doing nothing but tidying and putting out returns due to the morning delivery already been put out before I even started and having next to nothing in terms of additional stock in the stockrooms to fill gaps in some areas and an overstock of product that is already filled to the brim on the shop floor. 4 of the stores in Liverpool 1 are already on shutdown including the Apple and Disney stores
  6. Wow this is going to be the weirdest Mania ever, topping Mania 9 in the uniqueness stakes. Feel bad on Basler, Drew and Rhea, the biggest matches of their careers with two of the 3 likely to be crowned champions and there won't be a single fan in sight to witness it
  7. That was the same year as the Rumble, how different things could have been had Santino pulled one of the two off
  8. I went to a house show in Liverpool in November 2010 that was originally supposed to have a main event of Taker v Kane for the WHC, Taker got pulled from the tour due to injury so instead we got........BIG SHOW, cue the worst main event out of every Liverpool show I've been to
  9. Heidi all day long and it's not even close
  10. But was dating Andrea at the time of his death
  11. I stupidly put Benie Des Dieux to win on my 7 fold rather than place like my other selections because of the low odds on it to place, cost myself £35 when it came second and the other selections all came in
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