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  1. I kind of took it that they almost "duped" Grey Worm. They sent Jon back to the Nights Watch - and I was immediately thinking; "Sure whats left of the Nights Watch?" Without a Wall to man anymore, is there even a Nights Watch left? The editing around that was kind of weird, because at first I thought Jon was going to have to go back to the bottom of the rung of whatever is left of a Nights Watch, eat some humble pie for a while. However, when he got there, it almost appeared like he was back to being The Lord Commander of the Nights Watch again. Then we get the shot of him leading the Wildlings north - was this an escort mission or was he fucking off with them? I like that it was a little ambiguous; but having said that I would have liked it to just be a touch clearer on what was happening. 

    Speaking of Wildlings north of the wall - didnt they get given "The Gift" as an area for them to live in, land to farm etc?

    Also, was the only reason Bran told Jon his true lineage was so Jon would fuck up his relationship with Dany and pave the way for Bran to be King? He surely saw all this coming, right?

  2. 10 minutes ago, Chest Rockwell said:

    It is obviously a big enough problem to bring you out of retirement to complain about it anyway 😉

    I was overdue a return anyway.

    I used to be fairly active in this thread many moons ago, so I popped back to gauge the overall mood. 

    I see the two extremes of the discussion going on around the show at then moment, as someone who is kind of middle of the road I wanted to try and discuss it with others - and you cant have a discussion on Twitter!


  3. For all the complaints - some of which I can see and others not - its completely unfair for people to think the Mad Queen turn has come from nowhere. That's something that the ground work has been well and truly laid for. 

    Essentially everywhere Dany has been, she has taken it by force; only everyone was ok with it cause she was normally taking it from oppressive rulers. There has always been a question mark over her about how she would handle things when she got to Westeros. "The Gods flip and coin" and all that. Her banging on about her destiny, proclaiming many times that she will burn "insert city here" to the ground, showing no mercy for the Tarlys, being a general bitch to Sansa cause the North doesnt want to kneel etc has all been foreshadowing to her spitting her dummy out when things stopped going her way. Sprinkle on top of that her losing half her armies, 2 of her Dragons and then Jorah and Missandei - to top it off find out that the guy she is been shagging is actually her nephew and has a better claim to the throne anyway, and its a pretty straight line to Mad Queen. 

    On a side note, I think most are being blind to the levels of disappointment at the show - its not just basement dwelling, anorak virgins complaining, same way its not just sheeple fanbois loving it. There is a middle ground. Most of the people I work with are just regular, casual TV viewers and they've all noticed a considerable drop in quality this season. Even the cast don't seem that fond of it this season from various interviews. 

  4. Quote

    It’s only since a girl saved the day 2 episodes ago that it was decided that the writers can’t write for shit. Places like IMDB are at fault too for allowing them to rate something a day before it airs, it’s fucking stupid.

    And like you say, it happens with everything now. Everything is either the greatest thing ever made or it’s complete dogshite, there is no “it was alright” anymore.

    Pardon the cliche, but it’s clearly just a load of basement dwelling gobshites with nothing better to do than complain about it because it hasn’t played out exactly as they had pictured it doing so. I saw one comment earlier about how this person “deserved better” and so & so “deserved better”, and it just brought back memories that tweet about the Women’s Wrestlemania Battle Royale and how everyone in the match “deserved better”

    That's just not true though. People started to turn on the writing last season, but the show had enough good credit in the bank that most people would turn a blind eye and/or give benefit of the doubt. I'm sure there are some out there who are annoyed that a girl killed The Knight King, but the majority have had grumbles since way before then. 

    The reason there is so much fixed feelings on it is because people think the show runners are just fed up of Game of Thrones and just wanting to get it finished with in the quickest, easiest way and move onto the next thing. The show has been filled with lazy writing for the last two seasons, miraculous last second saves of a character who just had to be doomed and a real lack of attention to detail. Considering it was a show that excelled at not relying on lazy writing, miraculous last second saves and having great attention to detail then its understandable why people are annoyed/feeling dissatisfied from a narrative point of view. It still looks spectacular, but its feeling hollow for a lot of people. 

    I think this was always going to be the way once they moved past the source material though. No matter how good or bad it was going to be, there was always going to be that section of the fanbase thinking "I wonder what George would have done?" 

    I'm in the "its alright" camp. Visually its still stunning, but the structure and writing leave a lot to be desired. 

  5. Well, I'd say thats nothing like TWD because you know whats happened, and the cliffhanger is what will be the fallout of whats just happened. Just to be on safe side for an episode of television over 6 years old.


    Jesse goes round to Gales house and shoots him. The gun is pointed in Gale's face, the trigger reluctantly gets pulled, we hear the gun go off and then it cuts to black. We know Gale has been killed and the cliffhanger is what happens next in the grand scheme of things. If we had faded to black before the firing of the gun, and it was a what happens next (as in literally the next few seconds), then it would be the same thing.


  6. I don't ever bother to go out of my way to read much reaction online where it comes to TV shows, so I wasn't even aware that there had even been any kind of backlash against last season's cliffhanger ending. Crying about not finding out who died just reeks of entitlement and I suppose would be typical of the instant gratification generation. Personally, I thought it was pretty nicely done. 

    I wouldnt say it's got anything to do with instant gratification. I usually prefer slow burner stuff and I hated the end. I'm also someone who has read the comics a couple of times over and had a fair idea of who was getting the bat, so that didnt really bother me either. The ending to last seasons finale was pretty much universally slated, from people of all ages and generations. TV critics, fan forums, sub-reddits, and podcasts, even the ones which would normally be bordering on "blinkered fanboy", seemed to find it hard to defend the ending. Like I said in an earlier post, the episode overall was pretty great, I just fee they blew the climax. It felt like a dusty finish in a big PPV main event, to coin a wrestling term. Or a porn with no money shot. 


    If you liked it, thats great. But people can not like it for a whole host of genuine reasons that have more to it than simply crying about it, or any sense of entitlement, or instant gratification. 



    But that's what got people pants in a twist. They teased that someone was going to die, and then made everyone wait another six months to find out who.

    I truly never got why this caused people to get pissed off. It's a TV show for fucks sake, and cliffhangers are common on season finales. Yes they made people wait, but in the end finding out at the end of the season or 6 months later is really irrelevant. They still found out who snuffed at the end of the day.

    I agree, and it didn't bother me because as you say that's how cliffhangers work. Andrew Lincoln defended it on Twitter a few days later along similar lines basically saying "you do understand how TV works, don't you?".

    People haven't got the patience for anything anymore, everything has to have the instant payoff. Just look at when someone debuts in WWE, the next morning you can go online and it's been decided how they're going to win the big one within 3 months and then have no idea what to do with them afterwards.



    TV doesnt really work like that anymore. Good TV at least. The days of cliffhangers at the end of a season is thing of the past or they are used as a shortcut by writers. Cliffhangers for the final episode of a TV is the wrestling equivalent of of cheap heat/pop. Sure, they work, but they're easy peasy to do and are usually used to cover for something lacking in any real substance to begin with.


    Without going into spoilers for other shows, shows like Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad, two of the biggest most critically acclaimed shows in recent memory havnt needed to do these kinds of cliffhangers to get people to come back. Those shows use different kind of cliffhangers. They will show you a big event, a dramatic moment and the hook then is "I wonder how x will react to y", you're invested in the story/characters enough to want to see the fallout of the big events. 


    The Walking Dead gave us the wrong kind of cliffhanger, and thats why people were so pissed at the time. The conversation should have been "x got the bat, I wonder how thats going to effect y", or how is Rick and co going to bounce back from this. Not Adam West Batman style "what happened next" after the screen has faded to black in the middle of a big event. Also, it was criminal from their own perspective, because while TWD is usually a poor show, the final episode of last season really knocked it out of the park in the way they built the tension and unease throughout the episode, that should have climaxed with the deaths, but instead they let everyone cool down for 6 months and the tension was all gone. So they had to spend half the episode trying to build it back up again. 


    The rich public figure v the little teenage waitress...

    With the greatest amount of respect that just isn't true. If anything it's the rich public figure vs The State (in the form of the CPS).


    Thats fair. 


    I meant it more in how its played out in certain parts of the media/social media. There has been a sizeable section of media that has played it up to be one persons word v another, which isn't really the case, and many have tried to smear and discredit the girl in question. But yeah, fair point.

  9. It's sets completely the wrong precedent. It's after making a already near impossible task for victims even harder.


    He wasn't found guilty before his trial because of who he is, he was found guilty because of the evidence available. He was able to keep so much public support because he was a 1 in 2 striker and tribal football fans (who maybe could see a little bit of themselves in his deplorable actions) wanted to defend him, and slander the victim.


    His wealth and status enabled him to buy his justice. While the justice systems continues to take a dim view on women. Men are extremely heavily protected by the law as it is. This just re-enforces it. The deck just got even more stacked in the male favour.

  10. Or, I think Arya may kill Jon Snow, using Needle, the sword Jon gave her in Season 1. The Faceless Men worship the one true God, Death, and they may view Jon being alive when he should be dead as an imbalance in the universe and to get Arya to prove that she truly is nobody, send her on a mission to restore the balance.


    It would be very Game of Thrones to give us a moment of happiness like Jon taking back Winterfell, and then snatch it away with something like him being murdered by his favourite little sister.

  11. Dont try and passively aggressively accuse other people about having their priorities wrong and any implications that go with it. Someone else derailed the thread with this talk, something you are continuing to do, while others have tried to draw a line under it so everyone can just move on and get back to the actual topic of the thread. 


    The derailment was one person accusing another of not knowing what a paedophile actually is, hence why people tried to state what is and isnt a paedophile. Thats it. If you have your own definition, thats fine and dandy. Lets just move on. 

  12. According to United, its a 4 year deal with an option for a 5th. Either way, its great news. 

    Agree with Rick here, I don't think this is a "sign a deal and still fuck off next summer" type situation. Reports are he blames Madrid for the clusterfuck on deadline day and has decided that the grass isn't always greener. A massive pay increase will help him move on. 

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