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  1. Ok...
    Lots of rookie mistakes in this presentation. For a start, never should have ended the show with a 3 way match for 2 titles. As I understand it, this was your first show in a while with what looked to be a whole new audience, you need to get people to care about the characters before you introduce title belts. Also, that was indy style match performed in front of a family audience, no just no. Family audiences don't give a monkey's about high spots, they want good guys vs bad guys. Book for your audience not what you think sounds good on paper.

    Caz Crash I have seen before, He worked for us a while back in a tag team called The Proven but the other 2 guys didn't look show ready to me. I'd have made it a 1 on 1 match with clearly defined hero and villain. I agree about the commentator, just didn't work. Maybe have the ring announcer do commentary with the other guy?

    On the plus side, it was nice to see a 2004 style match in 2018, so that's something.

  2. Sting joining the Main Event Mafia on Impact I didn't really like Sting in the Mafia cause he didn't really fit with the others and then lost to Foley in one of the worst Cage matches I've ever seen.

    Then later as a heel conspiracy theorist  (knocking the snot out of RVD who had only just debuted) only for it to turn out Sting was, "right all along".

  3. On 21/03/2018 at 9:29 AM, BomberPat said:

    The sooner we get beyond the dated BritWres obsession with "get British Wrestling back on the telly at all costs!" the better, in my opinion. PROGRESS, ICW, Fight Club Pro, Pro Wrestling EVE, and plenty of others, have gone from strength to strength in recent years, and at least three of those promotions are, this year, running their biggest ever shows. They've done all that without telly, they've done it through building up a loyal fanbase, a strong brand, and allowing fans to follow the shows online.


    Spot on! We don't get buy on good intentions and if you build it, they'll turn up. Promoters who have realistic goals and don't run before they can walk are successful, it's as simple as that.

  4. On 16/10/2017 at 9:08 AM, Ladiesman345 said:

    He wasn't in good shape. He looked like he was about to collapse in his last few matches. Gassed to fuck and was literally walking through his spots. I think it was a match against Cody Rhodes I noticed this.

    As things stand right now, his last official match was against Lionheart in Preston.

  5. I thought it was decent enough, with a bit of this and that, without ever excelling.


    I really appreciated the guys who put themselves forward as something different to the pack, such as Tyson T-Bone and Pete Dunne, and I feel I made the right choice to get tickets for tomorrow rather than today. Seems like some good matches. Also even before attending tomorrow I've got the live wrestling bug again. Think I'm gonna go GPW Back With A Bang next month.


    Pretty enjoyable.

    Glad to read this :)

  6. "Who Dares Wins" Results, Nov 11th


    The Sheikh‚Äôs Fortune On The Line¬†‚Äď Jet Fashion defeated ‚ÄúThe Sheikh‚ÄĚ Mohammed Rizzy Khan by Pinfall.



    Fatal 4 Way for the British Title

    ‚ÄúJumpin‚ÄĚ Jimmy Jackson defeated Joey Hayes, Mickey Barnes (w/ Drill) & Wahoo Thunderfoot by Pinfall to retain the GPW British Championship.



    Rio defeated Soner Dursun (w/ Alan Tasker) by Pinfall.



    GPW Heavyweight Championship Number One Contender¬†‚Äď Ashton Smith defeated RJM by Pinfall to become the number one contender to the GPW Heavyweight Championship.



    Nate Travis & Isiah Quinn defeated The Circus (Nicholas Cartier & Noah) (w/ Melanie Price) by Pinfall.



    GPW Heavyweight Championship¬†‚Äst‚Äú100% Welsh Beef‚ÄĚ Dylan Roberts¬†(w/ Alan Tasker) defeated¬†CJ Banks by Pinfall to retain the GPW Heavyweight Championship.



    Street Fight¬†‚Äď Bubblegum defeated T-Bone by Pinfall*.

    *Lana Austin accompanied T-Bone to the ring but left during the contest after delivering a low-blow to both Bubblegum and T-Bone.

  7. Might be an odd choice, but for me it was Orton/Triple H prior to Wrestlemania 25.


    Orton had gone all bad-ass, with the new tattoos/faction/attitude, won the royal rumble and had Triple H in his sights. The story progress'd fantastically, with Orton taking out Stephanie in the process, and not just RKO'ing her, but kissing her unconscious body in front of a restrained Triple H. I believe he may have also had vince/shane off in the process.


    At this point, it all had to 100% culminate with a solid victory from Orton at WM, showing he's the man to beat going forward. Instead what we got was Triple H demolishing him fairly decisively [from my recollection] and instantly ending all the the months of fantastic build up, they had with Orton. 

    Just to add a bit extra to this if I may? I went into Mania 25 expecting an Attitude Era style brawl with run in's from the participants allies etc. Instead we had a textbook wrestling match where at the end Hunter decked Orton with the sledgehammer and that was it.


    Similar thing happened with Eddie Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle at Mania 20, they hated each other but then they went hold for hold in the end as well.




    Perhaps if it hadn't been sold for weeks as SOMEONE'S GOING TO DIE IN THE SHOCKING SEASON FINALE OF THE WALKING DEAD! And then... nobody died. That's not a cliffhanger, it's outright selling a lie, which deflates the narrative tension. Carny shit. If we're comparing Lost, think of how frustrating it was when we didn't find out what was in the hatch at the close of S1, but if they'd also been telling the audience for ages that we were definitely going to see what was down there.



    As the last shot was of Negan swinging his bat and connecting with someone's head and the last thing we heard was Negan continuing to whack said person with his bat, it could be argued that we were not misinformed. Someone did die, we just weren't shown who it was. 



    Fast Track Four Way Match

    Jimmy Jackson defeated Jet Fashion and Joey Hayes and Martin Kirby


    Singles Match

    CJ Banks defeated Cyanide



    Singles Match



    Isiah Quinn defeated Nicholas Cartier (w / Melanie Price & Noah)



    The Hate League ( Danxig & Soner Dursun ) (w / Alan Tasker) © defeat The Island Brothers ( Rio & Tabu )



    Singles Match

    Bubblegum defeated Dylan Roberts (w / Alan Tasker)


    After the match, Roberts attacked Bubblegum until T-Bone made the save. However, T-Bone was visibly annoyed when Lana hugged Bubblegum before leaving ringside.



    Jimmy Jackson defeated Bubblegum © - TITLE CHANGE !!!


    (T-Bone assaulted Bubblegum towards the end of the match, actions which were not witnessed by Jackson or the referee)

  10. So I've been out of my long term relationship for about 9 months now and been interested in this lass for a bit. She invited me on her birthday night out with others last weekend. Things were going well, we went for a meal, I gave her a present I knew she'd like, things seemed to be going well. Moved onto the club, she introduced a bottle of Vodka to the table. I had a bit, trying to fit in, not much of a drinker and that's when the shit hit the fan...The next 3 hours are a blur but by her account I made a bit of a tit of myself. She's still speaking to me 3 days later but what does the UKFF think? Have I blown it?

  11. Hey folks, if I'm not mistaken it looks like you've wandered on to a BATTLEFIELD!!!!





    After RJM rendered Ashton Smith unable to compete in his title match after injuring him post FT4W win, GPW Owner Johnnie Brannigan has announced there will be one more at Battlefield. Joining Hayes and Jackson will be former Heavyweight Champion Martin Kirby and former 2 Time Tag Team Champion Jet Fashion.







    Who will the winner of the Four Way decide to face??








    Cyanide will be in action against CJ Banks in a rematch from Grand Pro's 10th Anniversary Event which is  available to view for only £3.99 via https://vimeo.com/ondemand/grandprowrestling




    The current number one contenders, The Island Bros will finally receive their title opportunity against defending champions, The Hate League!





    After losing his title in quite controversial fashion last month at Midsummer Madness, what will the former Heavyweight Champion have to say?






    Plus, our main event will see British Champion Bubblegum go one on one with new Heavyweight Champion Dylan Roberts. Scores to be settled here in this first time encounter. This is going to be a war!!!



    Don't miss this first time encounter involving our two singles champs. Buy your tickets now for £8 fromgrandprowrestling.co.uk/shop 

    Grand Pro Wrestling Presents: "Battlefield"...Live from The Rose Club in Hindley, Wigan on Friday September 23rd.

    Doors Open 7pm. Show stars 7:30pm

  12. 13876249_1286010371416958_55682253834055


    Joey Hayes returns to the ring along with the Fast Track 4 Way. Hayes, a former British Champion and Tag Team Champion will no doubt be looking to hit a Grand Slam if he wins this high stakes contest.


    Ricky J. McKenzie, a former Heavyweight Champion in his own right will be looking to reclaim the gold he lost on the same night he won the title over 12 months ago.


    Jimmy Jackson, the most experienced FT4Way Participant will be looking to score the upset against the 3 veterans and earn his first title shot in the process.


    Ashton Smith is another contender yet to taste championship gold but has managed since his debut in 2014 to pick up some big wins over some notable names like Jack Gallagher and Zack Gibson. One more big win at Midsummer Madness could see Ashton finally achieve his dream!






    What does the mysterious Isaiah Quinn have to say about Matt Brooks?

    What does Magnificent Matt Brooks have to sing about Isaiah Quinn?








    Eight Man Tag team action sees the former Tag Team Champions, The Midnight Bin Collection team up with the very men they defeated for their first title reign, the Island Brothers who are on fine form at present going up against current Tag Team Champions, The Hate League who have aligned with former Heavyweight Champion Martin Kirby and his benefactor, Mohammed R. Khan. The tag team division has really begun to heat up in Grand Pro in recent memory, this match could steal the show!



    Dylan Roberts plans have finally born fruit as he has managed to secure a Heavyweight Title match against current champion, T-Bone. This is one of the most personal rivalries in recent memory as Dylan blackmailed T-Bone into fighting him in exchange for not harming a helpless Lana Austin who he then struck aanyway!. T-Bone will be out for blood but will this work in the challenger's favour?




    Wait a minute? T-Bone in two matches? That's right, the winner of the Fast Track 4 Way will advance to face a champion of their choosing on the same night. Neither champion will know whether they'll be defending their title until the winner of the Fast Track announces their decision. This could mean a long night for Heavyweight Champion T-Bone! However, if Bubblegum is chosen by one of the contenders we could well see a dream match take place!


    This is all happening, Friday August 19th at The Rose Club, Atherton Road, Hindley, Wigan. Doors 7pm, Start 7:30pm!

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