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  1. All round better than some of the women on the roster...
  2. I'd love to see John Silver on the next Dynamite holding a celebration party for Hangman 'we said champion!!' Then does his funny run around the ring with the pyro and balloons going off.
  3. Don't forget other MPs in recent times have been stabbed too. I think it was Stephen Twigg was stabbed too. The wider political spectrum needs to look at how they behave as the language and behaviours of politicians these days is abysmal compared to previous years. Its no wonder that MPs think twice about engaging too much with constituents with things like this a very real possibility
  4. Have Hangman win at Full Gear, but it needs to be with DO involved somehow or at least given prominence on the next Dynamite as part of the story.
  5. https://g.co/kgs/PJLgNf Grellys on the seafront
  6. Shows how long since I've been back there then! Surprised it went but understand its now part of FishnChickn range. They aren't bad to be honest. Used to use the one in Potter Street a fair bit, not too bad. I had a lovely chippy lunch in Great Yarmouth with the food cooked the old fashioned way in beef dripping. Sounds weird but it gives a lovely hint of beef in the fish and chips.
  7. Like I said I wasn't sure on hushpuppies but hey Harlow has Luigis and not a lot else going for it chippy wise. Glad I got out of there...
  8. Because in Yankee language chips are what we call crisps. They have French fries which are diabolical and IIRC hushpuppies are hash brown bites. Shocking offerings though, but to be expected in the land of the fat and diet-free
  9. Oh crikey, forgot about his fuel with Vanguard 1. That was so ridiculous but so good but just shows how well Jericho can get anything and anyone over. I'm in a minority here I think, but I like him on commentary. He understands getting new and raw talent over and even when he was in the middle of fueds with people, he'd still shoe in compliments and support for them even if in a roundabout way.
  10. One thing I do like with Taz and Jericho and the like is the way they put both wrestlers over and compliment them, even if sworn enemies. Gives an undertone of respect and admiration between the talent rather than a very simple 'heel/face' narrative.
  11. Whos the guy with Bellow on DAZN? Looks familiar but name has escaped me and its bugging me like mad!
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