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  1. 3 hours ago, Shy Dad said:

    I've seen nothing of allegations against Renfrew so that's come as a shock to me. 

    Not to me, but.... I've seen him at his worst.

    It probably got buried, but it came up quite early on in the Scottish side of things. Not long after Fite.

  2. On 8/13/2020 at 11:31 PM, RIDDUM_N_STYLE said:

    Kinda curious as to why they've gone with only one half of the ICW event rather than the full weekend

    Night One features Kid Fite, outed for trying to shag kids half his age, Mikey Whiplash who openly admitted to assaulting women, Chris Renfrew who's been outed for severe emotional abuse and Bram, who... well....

    Night 2 has some people who were named in the Speaking Out movement, but yuo can easily edit out Whiplash and everyone's ignoring Dallas' accusations and pretending that never happened, so....

  3. 15 minutes ago, Michael_3165 said:

    Does anyone know if there is a criminal case to be had against other people complicit in abuse? If someone knew a colleague was abusing someone a ddid nothing could they also be held accountable? In health that would be the case but that's because there's a duty to protect. Surely there needs to be legislation more widely. 

    This I'd like to know as well. After some things I've heard (and has been posted about) regarding the school I worked with - I would like to know if I could hold the person supervising them to be held accountable. Some statements given to me have made me severely question this person.

  4. 2 hours ago, DavidB6937 said:

    Oh absolutely people knew. No doubt about it. But either because (a) they didn't give a shit or (b) they were too scared to lose their position or ruffle feathers etc, a lot of them won't have ever come forward. It's a tough situation for some people to be put in, especially if they think they won't be believed and it's someone who's held in high regards by a lot of others.

    I haven't logged in here in years. I probably won't again. I'll probably have angry messages on Facebook afterwards....

    I worked with three promotions in Scotland. I'll say openly, there were people who knew things. I knew things. My working relationship with one of the accused, Whiplash, began to fracturte with that I knew. Other working relationships began to fracture because I saw it dismissed. Someone who I once considered a close friend once said to me, while I had to investigate a case of sexual harassment against one of our female trainees "It's wrestling, what does she expect."

    That same person was to be blacklisted a few years later after he pressured her into a sexual relationship and that fling became public. I have no doubt this was to ensure his girlfriend of the time never found out. And from what I learned from her afterwards.... she not only didn't know, but she was also a victim of severe psychological (and financial) abuse.

    We knew. We tracked. We monitored. I got into an argument because I refused to book someone who had been abusive to his partner (mentioned as having a "halo" round him here, I believe) and I lost people who I considered friends over the treatment of others. I never held these people in high regard. I stopped using Whiplash and avoided the question of bookings with him while I looked into his background - it blew up in my face and all shit hit all the fans.

    Because no matter what we knew, those with sway would always be in his corner. One "friend" and currently benched NXT talent reached out to me to say he knew. But he still stood by him. Other promoters stood by him until he punched a female talent and it was suspension #34. Other friends, who would openly berate any rivals stood by him. As Jayla Dark said, it was Stockholm syndrome.

    I've used Whiplash as one example. He wasn't the only one. But I know many who did give a shit. They did want to ruffle feathers. But at the same time, there were people who didn't want their halo stained. Pivitol support would defend bullying and harassment not to speak out. Those abused were suppressed, and those who wanted to speak out were too.

    People cared. People wanted to come forward. Some even did and were silenced (As an example, I did, I got a shit ton of abuse for it - as did my wife, who Whiplash tried to bully into silence to no avail!). There were good people trying. There were other people trying to protect themselves and their friends - I hope they're named too, as they deserve to face the consequences of what kind of beast they created: And what we know as public so far is just the tip of a very large iceberg.

  5. Anyone know who the Asian policewoman is?! It's really bugging me, definitely seen her in something else.



    Formerly in Eastenders as one of the Ferrara's and in Missing as a copper too.


    Aha! It's been bugging me too. Cheers :)


    Stape has been one of the best lately. I love the unintentional murderous streak and keep wondering who's next. Though Fizz is becoming irritating. And the Max angle seems to be quickly forgotten already. Surely Tracey would have spilled that one once Claire was targetted by the police.

  6. Just found this on Digital Spy. The 'no selling' of grief from Kenneth Barlow continues on the day of Molly's funeral, he is loving it!...




    I'm more focused on Tyrone here - he doesn't look like he's grieving, more like someone ate his sandwich.


    As for the girl in the wheelchair - I thought she was actually disabled? I've only ever seen her in other things in the chair.

  7. Im honestly glad that both Damien O'Connor and Keith Myatt are both on here.


    Agreed. I'm surprised I never noticed Myatt wasn't on the list before, and O'Conor has grown a lot since first teaming up with Renwick - his place in the NWA British title tournament is very much deserved for all the work he's put in, which is showing in the ring.

  8. Red Lightning may have had a good year, but to break in higher up he needs to come south of the border. I am always hearing how good he is, but he never gets booked by anyone anywhere else. Plenty of other Scotish workers get booked elswhere, so why not him?


    There's a good chance he hasn't wanted to. He's kept busy in Scotland and is a highlight on any show he's on here, it could be that for now - he's happy. But I wouldn't say that's a definite answer.


    Anyway, even then I'm surprised he's come second last in terms of Scottish talent. He has had a damn good year.

  9. Really another excellent episode and will hopefully work well in establishing Smith as taking Tennants reign as the greatest Doctor of all time. I like the idea of some plot lines crossing through into further series such as why the TARDIS exploded and what is meant by the "Silence" that we heard a few times. I'm really hyped for the next series now.


    I was quite intrigued by that, that instead of just being a series long arc leading to the end, it feels more as if this series has been a set up for the next. Which I quite like.


    Anyway, overall I've loved this series. I quite enjoyed the energy of the RTD era, but so far the Moffat era has been more my kind of thing. Just a better tone for my liking and it feels at times as if this could have followed on from McCoy's run to carry on the original series.


    Overall... I can't wait 'till next year! The special should be good, but I'm just looking forward to the continuation and unanswered questions. And hopefully Arthur Davrill gets a credit next time round. I feared he'd be another Mickey, but this guy's far better.

  10. They explained the thing with Freema as it being Marshas cousin who worked at Torchwood.


    And something similar with Torchwoods Gwen and series one's Gwyneth. TW's Toshiko was in series one too, though... not for long enough for anyone to care ;)


    No one seems to care that Colin Baker was in the show before he was the Doctor...

  11. I really hope my shit arrives in the next couple of days or I'm fucked, I called Royal Mail to see if I could find out what's going on but they had a recorded message saying we're too busy to talk to you, go to our website.


    I hate getting directed to the website, especially as it's not targetted towards complaints.


    Saying that, the mails been pretty good around here until the past week. Almost everything I orderd came in record time and it's the first time in years I've seen the mail being delivered before 9am.


    BUT.... I did order stuff weeks ago and it;s fucked me off that it's no arrived. It's not a gift, so I'm not too concerned, I just get irritated that it's taken so long when things bought at the same time, or later, from other countries and that's been here for ages.


    And the train services, wha the fuck? They're a heap of shit at the best of times but as soon as a predictable thing as snow or rain, a bit of wind, if someone sneezes near a train line, the whole system descends into chaos wth cancellations, trains running three days late and announcements after half an hour of waiting to 'make our own arrangements'.


    If I could make other arrangements, I wouldn't be getting the fucking train in the first place.

  12. Serenity


    Finished watching "Firefly" a few weeks ago and finally got round to watching this. The thing I realised most about it is the disappointment that such an interesting universe, great characters and exciting stories is now pretty much lost for good. But I shouldn't be too sad, I mean "According To Jim" got god-knows how many seasons...oh wait :(


    I watched Serenity first and thought it was one of the better TV show-based movies as it didn't require you to watch Firefly to understand it. Though I thought it was better than Firefly, which was good but seemed too slow at time - though had more/better humour.


    Last night I watched Oceans Eleven as it had some good reviews. Not a bad film, but I was slightly distracted by trying to remember where I'd seen cast members before to actually get into it.

  13. On that, nope. I'd like to think I'm smarter than that ;) It wasn't even a case of having that 'Buy Item' button, or any option to select more. It was just the "Pay for your items" screen. If it was the generic item listing I'd assume it was a browser issue, but theres no way (I'm aware of) to add more items when in whats essentially a shopping cart with no option to buy more.


    I've had a few problems with ebay - this one is new :/ Luckily I realised before I'd confirmed payment though according to them, it's up to the seller whether the transaction can be cancelled or not.

  14. 3 - though possibly over-reaction.


    eBay fucked up on me. I used it to buy some stuff for Christmas as some stores have cheaper postage on there than their actual websites. Which makes much more sense to me. Brilliant. At the end of it all I buy some bits and pieces for a costume I'm putting together, do as 'd been doing all night - buy, pay move on. Except it didn't go through despite me going through all the usual steps.


    I noticed in the morning and clicked 'pay for your items' in My eBay. Simple enough, done. Except it still didn't work. Instead the screen froze, ebay refreshed itself and now I've apparently ordered four of the same item and unless the sellers get back to me, I have to pay for them all.




    To make maters worse, a while ago I added my mothers credit card details to paypal to buy a domain name on her behalf. I made several attempts to delete the info afterwards, but despite all my efforts - they've continued to use her card as my primary method of payment. I've now overspent without realising and owe her money. I explained this to her when I noticed it was still happening and she's fine with it.... but I'm not. I was fine with me being skint in order to buy my daughters christmas stuff, I'm not too thrilled about my mum being out of pocket until she visits and I pay her back.


    Every time I use eBay or Paypal it always comes with annoyance. I never learn.

  15. Also (one for the serious fans) ive been told that time lords only have 12 lives? with this guy being the 11th doctor..........does that mean after him that'll be all?


    Twelve regenerations - so thirteen lives. Though I can't remember when it was mentioned on screen, but a while ago. There was one Baker story where it was hinted at that he was running out. Though, sadly again, I can't remember the details on that whatsoever.


    The Master was offered a new set of regenerations after he'd run out (and the latest incarnation said he was resurrected), which means the Time Lords likely have control. The easiest way out of it is to say there's no one to regulate regenerations any more - if they ever mention it in the new series at all.

  16. Since seeing that ep I did wonder (but never asked), as it was based on a Seventh Doctor book if that ending was from the book. I could see McCoy easily replacing Tennant in that final scene.


    Oddly I think McCoy's Doctor had the similarity of ending up being a lot more serious after starting off as a bit silly.

  17. Just re-watched the Christmas special from 2007 on BBC3 and there was an interesting piece of dialogue from Mr Copper, he was saying that if the Doctor could pick he probably wouldn't save Tony Gordon from Corrie and then said....


    But if you had the power to decide who lives and who dies you'd be a monster


    I thought it was very apt considering what he did in the special the other week


    I love it when you re-watch shows like this and get little nuggets that become relevant even if they weren't planned to be.


    I've read posters on a few (much geekier) forums go on about how the Doctors 'change' at the end was a bit out of the blue, therefor less believable. But there has been a lot of subtle set up - whether it was intentional or not.


    In that same Christmas special the Doctor had his "I can do anything!" line after Kylie died, going back to the year before there was the whole moment of Donna saying that if he needed someone to stop him when he goes too far. In the series four finale we saw him stopping Team Jack from going mental, but in the same episode we saw his 'soul revealed' and his upset at seeing others die doing his dirty work...


    Little seeds of the Doctors darkness has been thrown throughout - that combined with not wanting to regenerate in that same finale, "Why would I, look at mt?" helped to make that moment in Waters on Mars more believable for me.

  18. I'm probably missing something obvious here, but won't Smith be the eleventh incarnation? Who else are you counting, Peter Cushing? Richard E. Grant?


    At a guess (and correct me if I'm wrong) I'd say he's counting Ten twice as he did regenerate i series four, but just enough to heal himself and not to change.

  19. It seems like it's the Master, what with the drums in his head. But that seems too obvious. Maybe it'll lead to the return of the Time Lords.


    Actually, now I've said that it would be cool to see the Doctor forced to regenerate again if he's gone too far. But who knows if thye'll bring them back for sure.

  20. ^


    Possibilities have came to mind; This time he thinks he won't regenerate, that his 'song ending soon' is his overall life, not just the life of the Tenth Doctor.. or a connection to skipping the regeneration in the series four finale. He didn't want to regenerate yet. Maybe the tenth incarnation just doesn't want to let go and move on.


    But then it could just be that this time he has a warning. He's never had that much watning before, aside from the 'forced change of appearance' before the term regeneration was created.

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