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  1. I couldnt find that video of George Galloway being a cat.

  2. I just had a thought; Arsenal ust wants more profile views and is using controversy(~) to get them. I bet he's a MySpace whore.

  3. I'm glad I fell asleep before I could do some drunken MySpace rambling heh, still... theres always New YEars ;)

  4. Fife isn't here anymore because I drank it. Before I did that, it was good. It's nice to have a relaxing break - I just feel bad for not being with Adi & the bump.

  5. Any time - hope you enoy it ;)

  6. Hey - if you want a copy of the Doctor Who XMas special a day early, I *may* have a good copy. I'm downloading one thats around 700MB, .avi file.

  7. Hey! I love this new UKFF stuff. Youre mentioned in my MySpace blog. Not by name, but youre in there. hope youre having a good time at home!

  8. I know! It feels like MySpace, but with more wrestling and less perving oppertunities.

  9. I like chocolate milk.

  10. Woo" New stuff to play with!

  11. Oi, you! You need a personal pic now :p

  12. Sexy Little Comment!

  13. I can't remember why I clicked yor prfile, but I saw this comment thing in the new layout and thought I'd use it to say hello. Ok, so that was completely pontless, but theres a new thing for me to play with!

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