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  1. Brexit means Brexit! Scotland is off to join the rest of the world and leave England behind with its violent right wing xenophobic, homophobic, racist bigot nationalism. Enjoy being the insular backwards Draconian dark ages banana republic singing about rule Britannia and the days of the colonies. 

    Go smash up any restaurant business because it's owned by a foreigner. Go batter your wife because you need to assert your male dominance as you have fragile toxic masculinity behaviours with psychotic violent episodes. 

    As Alec Trevelyan once said to James Bond: "For England James?"

    Bond: "No. For me."

    Anyone who is good and decent wants to come live in Scotland and escape England I'll pop the kettle on. Our cuppa tea much better. Our water doesn't scale the kettle. 🤣

    Super Mario Bros are legendary 💘

  2. I so hope that Italy win in the final. The conservative party will use an England win as a vehicle for Brexit saying that we are champions of Europe and we don't need to be in the EU. A lot of jingostic flag shaggers when England isn't solely the UK. Scotland voted to remain in the EU. I'm hopeful if England do win and the bad winner of over the top gloating and ugly English nationalism rears its head it will help bolster more people to be for Scottish independence.

  3. I'd give you all a heads up and go call the number on the poster to buy your tickets. 

    I had a young lad approach me asking to main event the show. He said he would bring 30 people. So naturally I'm going to put them in the main event.

    I just hope that Alex is ok with it as I did tell him that one of his boys could main event with him as manager. He's talking to me about something about booking a dusty finish whatever that is?

  4. 46 minutes ago, TimmyB said:

    Aren't you paying the rumble participants in experience?

    Eh......this is where it becomes a bit tricky so you can't make sure it gets back to people. 


    So some of the lads in the rumble are getting the experience of working the show but six of them are Alex Shane's boys. Alex said that they all get a tenner but I've to pay Alex the £10. He said something about goes towards their armband.

  5. On 6/27/2021 at 4:43 AM, simonworden said:

    Hmmm, I saw a poster while I was shouting at the staff for extra garlic sauce on my chips.

    Can you guarantee that 99% of the wrestlers will be wearing T-shirts and trainers with kick pads? I would also like them to have no muscle definition and come out to some death metal that will upset my kids.

    What's your policy on serving Chinese? My wife is Asian and she is concerned about difficulties at the door?

    We won't have any problems with your wife. A customer is a customer. Hopefully she's a cash on the door one as may rely upon her tenner on the day to pay for one of the lads in the rumble. 

  6. Yep pretty much all WWE TV has been coasting for so long until fans return to live events. They aren't giving a crap. It's contractual obligation filling a TV slot with content for ages.


    In terms of Nikki Cross I remember Nicola being such a lovely human. I remember when my gran was still alive and I lived with her for a bit Nicola and Damo lived in a flat in the southside in the next street to my gran. I'd often see her and Damo out and about as they were within walking distance from the Source school which at the time Damo ran. I often bumped into Nikki and she always stopped to say hi. She always had coffee in her hand which I see translated onto the main WWE roster when she was with Alexa Bliss. 


    Anyways the superhero character she has created is a bit of fun for herself to enjoy what she does. If it angers the workrate perverts then fantastic. Be a superhero Nikki. Enjoy what you do. 

  7. 2 hours ago, BomberPat said:

    I like Dreamer more than most, but after D'Amore said that they'd have an Anthem representative on the show "for the first time ever", I expected something more than the guy who's on the show every week.

    The angle was clunky too, there was just no believability to the idea that it was D'Amore getting fired and that it was a surprise to Callis. Anyone watching would have known Tommy was talking about Don, and Scott just isn't a convincing enough actor to pull off his part. Don was great, though.

    I was creased when Don said to Dreamer about giving Dlo Brown his jacket back. 

  8. In hindsight the speaking out movement may have benefited from having not started the movement until this time this current year as shows are about to return back. 

    I guess the reason why the movement had got so much traction on social media was due to the down time during the pandemic. 

    Looking on Twitter I see a lot of hurt from a lot of the women in the business reliving the outpouring of the abuse received and telling all. 

    There seems to be upset that all is in vain and nothing will change. 

    It got me thinking about is there enough of the internet audience to care and want to be proactive to make a difference?

    In what way make a difference? So in a sense they need to become activists in the fight. 

    So it would mean a bit of disruption at live events. Maybe having chants at abusers during matches to draw attention to the talent for their actions that the family show audience will not be aware of. 

    Leafleting the line of an independent show they are attending. 

    Bombardment of social media when promoters make announcement of abusers on their events highlighting it. 

    Having enough like-minded fans to care and to galvanise and get organised to mobilise their activist hopes of changing the industry. 

  9. 11 hours ago, Hannibal Scorch said:

    It's about 1 1/2 hours from Nashville to Jacksonville on commercial. No one, private jet or not, was appearing on the show and getting to Daily's Place before it finished. And it wouldn't have been so annoying if they didn't keep mentioning the reason for them having it there was to stop the Good Brothers when Sami made it.

    The Good Brothers don't have Sami Callihan's magic teleport ability from his mobile phone device. 

    Thumbs up! Thumbs down! 


  10. 1 hour ago, Tamura said:

    Mental isn't it? If this carries on people might think that the wrestling scandals and hospitality/craft beer scandals are part of the whole wider #MeToo movement, like the thread title suggests.

    You know how bad it is when you are that sucked far in the wrestling bubble and not read any news about the real outside world that this is brought to your attention via a wrestling forum. I call it the Vince McMahon effect. He literally has no idea of the outside world outside of the WWE universe. He relies heavily on others telling him of real life events.

  11. It's totally mental this how at the same time this is going on there is a massive worldwide scandal going on with sexual harassment and people being cunts within the hospitality industry/craft beer scene. 

    If you search for an Instagram account called @ratmagnet she's the woman thats collated all the stories almost all by women. 

    There's also been a high profile story involving the cheeky Punks from Brewdog this week.

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