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  1. 26 minutes ago, IANdrewDiceClay said:

    Look at this lot from the Exposed account.

    "These names we have received, on more than one occasion. From men/women wrestlers, indie wrestlers, PROFESSIONAL wrestlers, refs, fans, coaches, camera men, merch people! "


    I love how Vince McMahon is on there. 

  2. Let's talk about Daddy Dave.

    Do you subscribe to the WON and defer absolutely to his superior wisdom?

    Do you think he's a 'hack' ?

    I dip in and out of subscribing and am somewhere in between. It's usually Alvarez, not Meltzer, that pushes me away for extended periods. He has to have the worst instincts of anybody covering wrestling.

    I haven't been been a subscriber in over a year, I reckon.

    I think Meltzer is a good sort on the whole and not malicious in his reporting, just clumsy. The flack he got for Saudi-gate was unfair.

    WON does have the best wrestling forum on the internet, no offence.

  3. 9 hours ago, Keith Houchen said:

    Yeah, it's the old Wolf in Wolf's clothing is better than a Sheep in Wolf's clothing thing, isn't it?  You know the centrists will sooner back tories than Labour anyway, the cunts.

    I sometimes wonder what would have happened if there was no referendum. We'd have an election next year and by that point people would have been utterly sick of David Cameron and the Tories. It would have been a tap in for Corbyn.

    All this talk of Brexit destroying the Tory party, I just see the opposite. It's given the fucking vampires a new lease of life and I could see them in power for another decade now. How depressing is that? 

  4. I find Swinson and the Lib Dems far more objectionable than the Brexit Party. They are terrible, duplicitous cunts. At least you know where Farage stands.

    Corbyn is just too toxic now sadly. I'm a fan of McDonnell but he's about the same age so would be mid 70s if he took them to the election after this. It's worrying times for Labour. 


  5. On 10/21/2019 at 11:34 AM, dopper said:

    Some of the latest news:


    Remaining shows from this year are:

    Saturday November 2nd: BWR vs RISE (18+ show) in Grimsby

    Friday November 29th: BWR The Last Stand in Cleethorpes


    They will soon be selling season tickets for all of the 2020 Shows. 8 dates & venues have been announced so far, with possible others to be added later.




    They have now launched their YouTube channel and have uploaded two matches from the archives:




    I'll be in the Rise end on the 2nd - looking forward to it!

  6. On 10/1/2019 at 11:37 AM, Kaz Hayashi said:

    We weren’t sure whether to post this or not due to the recent shit news about him passing. We planned to pop it online in November, but decided it was best to share it whilst Rick is still in people’s minds. We removed the ad sponsors etc, and whether you listen to it or not, go and check some of his matches as Rick Titan, or listen to some of his discussions about dealing with stress & anger.

    Our interview with Rick Bognar.



    Has it come out how he died yet?

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