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  1. On 10/24/2019 at 10:15 PM, Egg Shen said:

    still looking out for the latest ESPN 30 for 30, Chuck and Tito. Cant find it anywhere?

    Did find out though that ESPN has a £9.99 a month subscription service (or £69.99 a year) that gives you access to the full 30 for 30 catalogue, full E:60 catalogue and a shit ton of other ESPN films. You also get loads of live American sports chucked in like college football. I may have to pay for a few months and bings on those documentaries.

    Unsure if you’ve managed to watch the chuck and Tito 30 for 30 but I believe it is on bt sport tomorrow night if not.


    Apparently Dixie has put a photo of Garza Jr on Instagram wishing him luck in his debut tonight. Did he not debut 2 weeks ago?

    Yes at the tapings, the episode he debuted on airs tonight on POP. Ditzy always posts in kayfabe rather than reality when it comes to TV, like for a debut or title change even if it's been common knowledge for weeks/months


    He's been on TV for the past 2 weeks, both times in matches.

  3. Robbery! Again! Gadelha had the first three rounds (6 takedowns and a knockdown), arguably one of them a 10-8. I think they ended giving JJ a 10-8. At best for JJ it was a draw.

    I though JJ won the last 3 fairly clearly and Claudia the first 2 clearly. Was definitely a scoring of a 10-8 round in at least one judges score for JJ. Not quite sure if I agree there was a round that deserved that. Really enjoyable fight.

  4. Yeh they will, you can avoid them if you know what to click but there will likely be spoilers. It's very annoying.


    Basically just go into Fight Pass and click the event page at the top of the page, that should take you to the videos of the prelims, weigh-in etc. The spoilers tend to pop up in the 'Trending Now' section.

    Ah, that's annoying but hopefully your tips will do the trick :) thank you.


    Would Duffy/Poirier likely be on around 12:30? May try and catch it live instead to be safe. Huge Lawler fan so would hate to catch the result before watching in the morning.

  5. Nicolas Dalby and Tom Breese have signed with the UFC. That's 2 more from Cage Warriors that have signed. With everything that is going down with Cage Warriors at the moment (Several months since their last show, Graham Boylan stepping down, March show postponement) I just hope with the increasing influx of their fighters signing doesn't signal the end.


    Both guys have a ton of potential and deserve to be there though. Really excited to see how they match Dalby up.

  6. Great main event. Joe Rogan made it sound at times however that JDS wasn't even close to being competitive in those first few rounds and Miocic was tooling him which I don't think was even close. Do we finally get JDS vs Overeem next??


    Haven't seen the fight yet, but I know when Joanna Jedrzejczyk fought for Cage Warriors at Super Saturday, she was brutal with her striking and finishing Rosi Sexton. I know at the time her striking and power was pretty incredible and think she has the potential to go very far.


    The Jones v Cormier stuff was incredible. I just hope that nothing causes the fight to fall through now.


    Spoiler from latest taping results:


    Bobby Roode is the new World Champion. Absolutely fantastic news which may actually get me watching again. Shame the new taping schedule makes it near impossible to figure out when it airs.


    Will air in early November, meaning that Bound For Glory is going to be fucking weird and match outcome already known


    I was under the impression it wasn't definitely taped in sequence, so that match plus the main match being taped tonight may both air BEFORE Bound For Glory and just taped out of sequence so the bigger matches were on towards the end of the week.

  8. An all ROH card may be too much to resist...my friend and I were going to fly home on Sunday but we'd stay for the Sunday ROH show depending on price.


    Is there a list of confirmed ROH names for the PCW shows?

    I believe so far they have Michael Elgin, reDRagon, Briscoes, Caprice Coleman, ACH, delirious, Adam Cole, BJ Whitmer and Roderick Strong confirmed.

  9. - Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and George Barrios participated in the Needham Fireside Chat event in New York City on Tuesday and revealed that WCW Nitro episodes will be added to the WWE Network beginning this fall alongside the Monday Night War series.


    Source: PWInsider

    That's awesome to hear. I wonder if they'll be added at the same pace that Raw is being added?

  10. Manhattan Center site lists the capacity as 1,200 for concerts, which is standing and without a ring in the middle of the floor.


    The August shows have just over 1100 seats available at the moment according to Ticketmaster's choose-your-seat map, though that could well be reduced based on this week's performance.


    Yeah, it depends on what configuration a promotion sets up the hall for.


    I was there in the building for ROH's tv taping last year, day before WM29, and they did 850 fans, and the place wasn't sold out.


    Meltzer explicitly said on the Wednesday night audio on the Observer site (between 4:40 and 6:10) that TNA had set these buildings up for 800 fans and that they only drew 650 fans the first night.


    Pwinsider has also noted that Thursday and Friday both drew 1200 sellouts, that came from Mike Johnson who was there.

  11. Most shocking was that Styles blatantly said his belief is that Roderick Strong purposely botched the Styles Clash in January in an effort to make Styles look bad.


    Not like it affected Roderick's livelihood much being off for six weeks, he did it all to make Styles look bad....



    I thought the point he was getting at in regards to Strong, was he purposely did it to make the move look more dangerous, not to make AJ look bad?


    I may be wrong - but that's how I understood it.

  12. I thought the Cage Warriors show was really good and well worth a watch - especially the first half where everything was really entertaining with a string of great fights. Allen v Wrzosek and Brown v Wilde were particularly good I thought.


    The tv portion lasted over 5 and a half hours. I thought the 3 man commentary with Jens Pulver brought in worked well too. I love Jens, though.


    The next show is Dublin in August. That will be the first show to air on channel 4 in highlight form.

  13. Excellent little countdown video with James Brum ahead of Cage Warriors 67 where he challenges Brett Johns for the CWFC Bantamweight Title.


    Brum talks a lot about training in pro wrestling, FWA, Mark Sloan, Wrestling Alex Shane etc before turning to MMA where he is currently on an 8 fight winning streak.


  14. Cage Warriors have just announced a second show for next month, which takes them to 5 shows in 6 weeks starting this Saturday (and in 4 different countries with Denmark, Jordan, Wales & England), with some great looking fights lined up.


    The pick of the bunch to me seems to be Jimmy Wallhead vs Danny Roberts for their show on May 3rd in Liverpool. That should be a great fight.

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