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  1. Just now, RIDDUM_N_STYLE said:

    Who was the MITB holder during Jinder Mahal's title run? I vaguely remember Jinder beating a cash in with a distraction schoolboy but for the life of me can't think who did the cash in

    Baron Corbin, Cena distracted him to cost him the match on a smackdown before Summerslam, think it might have been the last sd before the ppv.

  2. People are allowed to have different opinions on here, seems to be against the majority though to say if you don’t enjoy aew.

    I try watching it on itv on Fridays but only see 1-2 matches/ segments before I switch off, it’s not for me.

    Out of the mass firings, I think Miro and Tay Conti were the only immediate/ soon after hirings, and considering Miro’s first promo on dynamite had a reference to brass rings, it’s an assumption that is easy to make.

  3. I’ll echo the kofimania run, a particular favourite moment was during the gauntlet that Big E and Woods had to win to finally get the title match for Kofi.

    The Usos were out as the second to last team, and Sheamus & Cesaro had attacked Woods & E after their match. Instead of competing though, the Usos cut a promo saying about how they and Kofi had earned their respect, the locker room and the fans respect, nice callbacks to their great feud and series of matches for the tag titles that carried through the latter half of 2017’s ppvs. Usos then forfeit the match.

    Lovely simple storytelling, no convoluted twists or turns and the crowd went made for it.

    I liked also how following this, the Usos then went to mania 35 and had the fatal 4 way tag to defend their titles, that also fitted in as if that was their punishment for forfeiting, and was good to have the Usos get a match and more importantly a win on the main show, rather than pre-shows (Mania 34 being their first main show appearance in a triple threat also against New Day and Bludgeon Brothers).

  4. Jeez the reaction to that fox tweet! Nice to see Dewey Foley following in his dad’s footsteps with the white knighting as well. 
    It’s supposed to be a bit of fun discussion about the characters, I guess Undertaker had a point about them being soft if it caused these responses.

  5. I’m ok with manias each year but the ppvs in between have become a blur to me from 2014 onwards, like David said I’m similar in that either watching tapes of the ppvs from 2000-2005 when they were on sky sports or watching the dvds afterwards on repeat I can remember all the matches,  but then from the network era I can’t pick them out the same.

  6. 5 minutes ago, SpiritOfTheForest said:Also, I'm sure I read somewhere in this thread that Natalya was facing Tamina the other night for a spot in the Rumble (2 names I was familiar with and I still think Natalya's great)....and then both end up appearing in the match? If so, then what was the point? To get the #30 spot I'd guess, but I can't remember if that was specified. 

    The match was for the guaranteed spot at #30 but not sure if they announced both would be in the rumble anyway. Tamina was #25 so the ‘random drawing’ aspect of it in laudable wasn’t too bad for her in terms of having a later number.

    They did a similar thing with Miz & R Truth for 2012? Truth beat Miz on Raw so Miz was #1, and then Truth ending up being #3 if I remember correctly.

    Aside from that I enjoyed the show overall. I had to restart the network countless times watching it live and then gave up and watched It this morning, that’s more because my Sky broadband is shit though.

    Natalya and Ziggler are so poor, the mind boggles they’ve been in the company so long, and have nothing redeeming about them to justify having them there.

  7. ‘Jeremy's in a cult. Jeremy in a cult. It does have a certain ring to it.’

    I’m not sure if it’s me trying to be clever but I hear this as a double meaning that he’s calling Jeremy the c word.



  8. I looked that up too as I didn’t remember Nese being in this years rumble, he was in the greatest royal rumble in Saudi, didn’t do anything of note then either though so I wouldn’t want the commentators bringing it up.

  9. On 6/13/2020 at 7:35 PM, Pogue said:

    It's not even the first time they've ripped it off, they did it with HBK and the McMahon's in 2006

    I went back and watched the Michaels/ Mcmahons one from then and it is a carbon copy almost, even to the part where Sheamus talks to the camera while Jeff is in the stall, he says the line ‘if you are a user, you are a loser!’

  10. 1 minute ago, WyattSheepMask said:

    Do we reckon the Stadium Stampede Match has replaced the Blood & Guts Match, or do you think they’ll try and built to that again at some point?

    I guess they could hold off on the feud for a while now, they could always bring it back once they have fans back in attendance and can involve Cody next time for the match.

  11. I did training with IPW:UK in Swanley in Kent for a few months in 2010 and Jimmy Havoc was a guest trainer that would be at most sessions.

    We did a drill where two people would be in the ring and the aim was one of them to ‘get heat’ on the other for 2-3 minutes. Then the person being beaten up would remain and get heat on the next person, rinse and repeat until everyone has played both parts.

    Jimmy comes in after I’ve had the 2 minutes being beaten, so now my turn to do some moves. I started with a snapmare to get him into a seated position and thought I’d do a few elbows as well, except Jimmy loudly shouted ‘I’M NOT SELLING THAT SHIT!’. I think I just put a chinlock on for the rest of time.

  12. 1 hour ago, HarmonicGenerator said:

    Did they always explain away Rock disappearing to make films, or was it just because I only watched SmackDown back then and they would write him off on Raws so I don’t remember?

    I seem to recall that Vince ‘suspended’ Rock shortly after Wrestlemania 17 to explain his absence then and it actually built into his return when he was going to choose to either side with wwf or the alliance when he returned in the summer, Shane using that action to curry favour.

  13. 1 hour ago, Mr.Showtime said:

    Braun Strowman: "I know Bray Wyatt inside out. His mind games won't work with me."

    Not even 10 seconds later - monster immediately shits himself at obvious mind games. *switches off*

    Ha at least this seems to be consistent for both new world champions.

    Drew McIntyre last week ‘there is nothing you can say or do Big Show that will make me fight you right now’

    #Show slaps McIntyre’s face

    ok lets have a title match now.

  14. 20 minutes ago, BomberPat said:

    someone pointed out that Finn Balor reverted to more of his Prince Devitt schtick after losing to The Fiend, and Daniel Bryan much more explicitly stepped back into a former look and gimmick, and suggested that while we only saw them having a standard wrestling match with the Fiend, to them they went through the same career regression nightmare that John Cena did here, the Firefly Funhouse is just the first time we've been able to see it. That's all a bit wanky, but I like the sentiment. 

    I’ve also seen these comments and would also put forward to another maybe lesser extent, Seth Rollins went back to snivelling heel for a bit after his fiend matches before this new messiah character, and also the Miz has regressed back to being in a tag team with John Morrison.

    I like the concept but not sure if it’s just fans trying to see something that’s not there on purpose, although with the funhouse match it did show wwe can give a lot of thought to these things if they want to.

  15. I’m pleasantly surprised at the positive reaction to the boneyard match, I was on a video call with mates all watching it and we all agreed it was a ‘so bad it’s good’ spectacle. We enjoyed it to some extent but in more of a morbid curiosity at what would happen next!

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