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  1. I'm confused why it's been put out to download on the X-box but not on Playstation yet
  2. Hardy has confirmed on twitter he is coming back and going home to start training. I would be up for seeing him against Robbie lawler or Carlos condit
  3. Ahhh really so it's already available and downloading on the xbox. I'll check back on later to see if it's ready to download on the playstation
  4. Yeah man I looked on the IO interactive website reading up on the new features of the new hitman game and I saw it had a link for the new james bond game which I think if the creators of the Hitman trilogy are creating it, It could easily be up there as good as goldeneye for the n64 but updated and modern. Anywho only 2 days till the launch, However i read online they are doing a global launch for it on Wednesday which lands on 1pm our time. I was hoping to download the game overnight then wake up and launch into it but obviously that's not the case now
  5. You obviously don't watch MMA. Most shows go on for 5/6 hours minimum depending on how the fights go, Last nights card for example went 5 and a half hours top to bottom and they run shows every week that way. They don't market something as the biggest card of the year but split it over 2 days so it's nice and manageable for everyone
  6. Yeah i would totally and respectfully disagree and say I do prefer a big spectacle 1 big show like we have had every year than broken up into 2 4 hour shows. I think splitting it up takes away from the fact it's the biggest show of the year and takes that spectacle away. It's completely my opinion and maybe you feel different but the whole point of the royal rumble is to crown a winner and that winner gets to fight for the title in the main event on the biggest show of the year. But that is sort of a null and void point now because there are 2 main events so even if you don't win the royal rum
  7. I'm so glad you said it too about the Vanessa Melo vs Sarah Moras fight it really was terrible wasn't it?? Also on your point about Di Chirico I forgot to mention that shit in my review but apparently Dana had no clue he did that and he mentioned in the post fight presser that he walked past him in the back and said good job tonight man and he just looked at him as if to say "who the fuck are you". Dana literally said him and his team looked like they went in and lost not the team that picked up the win. What a fucking weird way to behave both inside and outside the cage but he's not going
  8. Is this really going to be allowed to happen with fans during a global pandemic with numbers still on the rise? Also I don't know why they have decided to do another 2 night wrestlemania man, It didn't work last year, It completely takes away from the big spectacle and was a massive factor making last year's mania one of the worst in the companies history
  9. Fuck man that is shocking. I was on a few shows with Andy back in the day seemed like a relatively normal guy considering the characters you get in this industry. Stealing £35 grand from your brother with a disability is fucking disgusting.
  10. Wow man that sucks. Due to covid too fuck. R.I.P
  11. I experienced so many emotions during this show last night I felt genuinely drained once it was done but as a whole you saw a masterclass on how to kick off a year AND how to kick off a new working relationship with a network. Pretty much all of the prelims left me frustrated & Disappointed with a 4 week layoff you really want/expect everyone fighting to come out the gate and look for the finishes but as 1 fight after another after another after another continued to go to the judges that's when my heart started to sink and I convinced myself it was going to be one of "THOSE" nights b
  12. Yeah i saw that posted on twitter the other day. In fact I'm pretty sure Miocic vs Ngannou 2 is done deal and booked for march
  13. I mean that is a massive help in his favour even though i scored both the title fights in Alexanders favour you can't help but watch interviews with Holloway and just know he is a all round great guy and truly likeable in a sport full of questionable and seedy characters.
  14. I genuinely am not at all on board for the 3rd fight between max and Volkanovski to take place anywhere before the end of the year. I think Volkov needs to get out there and take on other people just as much as Max needs to earn that shot again and As much as it helps his case I don't believe that a win tonight against Kattar is a sufficient argument to make that fight so soon. But time will tell and we will see who walks out of that cage the victor in just a few hours
  15. Yeah I just went onto Fightpass There are fightpass prelims on at 5 then the main prelims on BT sport from 6pm. Fuck me I'm so stoked they could have booked complete unknown nobodies on the entire show and I think every MMA fan in the world would still be super excited and tune in and watch haha. This main event is so interesting though for a few reasons, If Max goes in there and picks up a huge decisive win then he is 1 step closer to getting the 3rd fight with Volkanovski (However I still belive he needs to pick up a couple more before getting the title shot again) But if Kattar pulls
  16. I'm genuinely so excited for this tonight, It's been the longest 4 weeks in a long while. With them having fans back and like you said EGG this card is really good with the spotlight really being on the up and coming talent and if that wasn't enough a perfect 6pm start time for us here in the uk Question on that is it a 5pm fight pass prelim card or is it just prelims/Main card. Either way I'm counting down the hours until the first fight this evening
  17. Yeah from what I saw AEW did a full tribute show which is extremely commendable. They don't need to put out free matches as a mark of respect/tribute I feel they have already done that.
  18. I think the offer of the GSP fight for his 30th and quite possible last professional fight in the UFC would be tasty enough to possibly persuade him to do it but like you said there is nothing really testing for him to break that promise he made to his mum and dad within the top 10 ranked lightweights.
  19. Oh shit the meeting with Khabib is happening today on Fight island!!!?? I thought it was happening last week before they flew over. There was a interview with Dana White put out on youtube the other day and he said He isn't going to beat around the bush he's asking a straight up Yes or no for you doing 1 more.
  20. haha no I'm not insinuating he is but he typically plays the cockney hard man and a lot of his "HEAT" does come from a more regional stance. Maybe it will get over and I know nothing but I just can't see that gimmick being a huge hit over on say main NXT tv
  21. Yeah I agree with your comment I don't want to see another fight with them yet. Maybe at the end of the year if Max can rack up a couple of decent wins but I personally scored both fights for Volkanovski so I don't believe a 3rd fight makes any sense unless its earned by Max
  22. I'm unbelievably excited for Hitman 3 to be released next Wednesday. Apparently it has way more levels than any of the previous games and they are making the 3rd game integrated into 1 big platform bringing all the levels from the last 2 releases onto the 3rd. Remastered and tweeked so this will be the biggest yet with the most replay ability (And that's saying something) However it's not all good news as apparently this is the last Hitman game in the franchise as the developers will be working on another big game for the foreseeable.
  23. Unfortunately for Sha he has a character and gimmick that only works with the UK audience and would just fall flat and go over the main American audiences head so I can't see him going any further than NXT-UK but good for him, He's been working extremely hard for many years.
  24. I'm surprised the GRAPPL podcast hasn't been given some love on this topic
  25. It's back up now. I mean there is always a level of bullshit and bravado with Conor but he does seem way more humble and focused than I've seen him in the last 4/5 years
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