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  1. Totally fair point. I didn't read the post properly and now see the context wasn't appropriate at all. Apologies @johnnyboy, hope you're doing better soon.
  2. In other news, the mystery of national toilet roll shortages has been solved.
  3. Blimey. (Edit: This post of mine is a dire consequence of skim reading. It was made with the rushed assumption that the second sentence, which I'd first seen quoted on its own in a congratulatory reply, was one of celebration. I should have read the rest of the original post, or at least the relevant paragraph, to pick up the real tone of it. To be clear, the ill-fated intention was, as ever, to laugh with my fellow poster, not at them, and I'm truly sorry for any and all upset caused.)
  4. Now that you mention it, yes - but not always. So frequently I try to do the right thing by not quoting the post immediately above mine, only to wish I had because the little notice didn't pop up in time.
  5. I've been playing 18 lately (£8 from CEX), is 19 really an improvement?
  6. They've been getting an extra £350 million a week since the 1st of Feb anyway, right?
  7. Was that before or after his backyarding career? Edit: Regarding Valentine, obviously. Wish this site would warn you when someone's replied in the meantime, like some other forums do.
  8. It's not the right thing to say, but honestly your family don't give a shit about the dry data on your screen, so as long as you can convince your employer they won't see it then you're good to go.
  9. Oh fuck, is this one I've missed? Need I guess the culprit?
  10. Have there been periods of a wrestler's career where they've just seemed like a fish out of water, or the odd one out? For me, one example is Tatanka when he returned to WWE on the SmackDown brand, for seemingly no reason other than to fart around in a makeshift tag team with Matt Hardy. It was borderline surreal, like you'd dropped a Hasbro into your nephew's Jakks figures and he just used it to pad out his roster with no need for context. An earlier case was the team of Jim Neidhart and Davey Boy Smith in late '90s WCW. They'd gone from a main event stable in the WWF built around their relationship with Bret, to an utterly directionless tag team on Thunder with no mention of their fellow newcomer, nor any real allusion to the Bulldog's high profile run in the company a few years prior. They were just there, with an unspoken raison d'être, sticking out like a pair of sore thumbs.
  11. I presume a line saying "Forward this to 15 friends or you will die of coronavirus" has been edited out too.
  12. Big Boss Man's forfeited his 'Mania title shot to face Hardbody Harrison in a Jailhouse Match.
  13. I've seen him stroke his beard a couple of times.
  14. Not quite the same, but close enough...
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