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  1. Should be a SmackDown show, headlined by a Shane-o Mac vs Kane rematch.
  2. Probably stating the obvious here, but if Asuka's defending the title in a battle royal then I guess that's how they get it off her while still being able to call her undefeated.
  3. Bailey chases Alexa through the curtain, stops and walks away, keeping her back to the entrance, and gets clobbered from behind by a returning Alexa. Sasha chases Alexa through the curtain, stops and walks away, keeping her back to the entrance.
  4. It's probably more truthful than any authorised McMahon biopic would be.
  5. Actually, a motion-controlled Pong using the Joy-Cons mightn't be a bad idea...
  6. You mock, but it might have been at least 190 if he'd been on the card.
  7. This will be included in Sunday's episode in the States - airing of course on Fox, ironically enough.
  8. Excellent, thanks!
  9. Is there a compendium or something on YouTube that would bring me up to speed on the Broken gimmick? I've not seen a second of it, and already felt like I was missing out, but now I'm going to want to be involved in slating how shit WWE's version is by comparison.
  10. ...the headline will include the words "Allahu Akbar".
  11. To be honest I've never seen Kongo Kong perform, so if he is the kind of character being described here then I'll be less supportive of his inclusion on the show.
  12. I think at this stage they care less about drawing power than they do about compiling a visual spectacle that will grab the attention of casual channel hoppers. Your average ITV viewer doesn't give a shit about James Storm or EC3, but Kongo Kong's going to at least generate a double take.
  13. Discrediting all polls on the basis of a select few is exactly what UKIP wants. Yes, I know that works better verbally.
  14. Is it comparable to his contributions on the WrestleMania Kickoff show? This was probably recorded the same weekend.
  15. Best place to find seats, really.