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  1. This was playground wisdom in 1993 as well. An idea that you'd think wouldn't stand up to scrutiny with wrestlers moving back and forth between them, but then look at guys like Ken Shamrock and Brock Lesnar since then. Maybe we were right after all.
  2. A parliamentary debate is scheduled for next Thursday, 22nd April, starting just before 5:30pm. Here's the streaming link for anyone curious to tune in.
  3. To avoid derailing this thread with topics not relating to #SpeakingOut, there's now a separate one posted here about the APPG report as a whole.
  4. There's been a little talk in the Speaking Out thread about this, but the topics covered are wide ranging and might derail that discussion. If mods believe this separate thread is better suited to the UK Wrestling Events forum then please do move it, though I think and hope it could be of more general interest. This week an all-party parliamentary group (that is, an informal group of MPs with no collective authority) presented the first report of its kind on the state of pro wrestling in this country, with a view to identifying the challenges the industry faces and the kind of government
  5. The 103-page APPG report's now published at appgwrestling.uk (Edit: Now a separate thread HERE.)
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