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  1. What I like is the nice easy Share button, as I know we're all keen to advertise the fact we post here.
  2. Oh god, I'd have been driven mad long before the fortnight was up. How many times had you heard each song before you were hearing him everywhere you went? Was it once? Twice? Three times, maybe?
  3. There's a Fire Pro sale on Steam at the moment. The number of paid DLC packs for this game seems... excessive to me. Is that the consensus, or are fans generally glad to pay an average of £15 for each extra wrestler pack and game mode?
  4. I wondered about this. Would you say it's pretty much bewildering to someone who's never touched the series before?
  5. That's exactly it, they call it NHS Track & Trace in order to hide behind those three letters, and deflect criticism from unpatriotic monsters who've forgotten how to clap.
  6. Wonder how many of them recently upped sticks to other parts of Europe within a short space of time for some reason.
  7. I'm looking forward to trying Sunshine again, as I gave up on the first stupid rollercoaster boss fight when I played the GameCube version on my Wii. At least the wiggle attack in Galaxy has been remapped to a button (according to the Eurogamer review), which would've been the biggest pain on a Switch Lite otherwise.
  8. The tantrums and sulking in the replies are the draw here.
  9. indeed, one problem with any kind of "vigilante justice" group is that they're easily led in the wrong direction, with potentially tragic consequences. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/this-britain/vigilante-mob-attacks-home-of-paediatrician-710864.html https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-bristol-40494218
  10. As everybody here, bar none, will attest, it's worked well for me. Congrats on establishing a diagnosis, probably the first important step towards getting on top of things in any meaningful way. Best of luck to you.
  11. What makes you say that, Mr Nonce? But yes, can't remember if it's been covered in this thread already, but that campaign is part of the batshit crazy QAnon conspiracy wasteland that's infected social media and now has links to around 10% of Republican candidates in upcoming US elections.
  12. One that's maybe a bit insensitive to criticise but always sounds corny to me is "rest in power," used as a sign of extra respect for the recently deceased. I do understand the desire to express the fact they contributed significantly more in their life than the average person and deserve to be remembered for it, but the choice of phrase itself just makes me cringe.
  13. You act like they're being unreasonable, but you're forgetting one very important concession. While you obviously can't meet six friends for a picnic, the seven of you can still go grouse hunting with up to 23 extra chums. That's our government you see, always thinking of the common man.
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