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  1. I think confusion has arisen from David using the word blame when what he's really trying to talk about is where efforts to apply pressure are most effectively served.
  2. And these individuals are to blame for that, ergo they can be blamed for actions they take based on that false belief/self-justification. We can criticise their employers and colleagues without removing agency from these folks just because we expect nothing better from them.
  3. I'm glad this was posted separately. As someone who's never followed these promotions, I've no reason to enter a New Japan megathread - but now this offer has my attention and I may be converted.
  4. Maybe I'm misunderstanding this part. How would this account have been obtained, other than what posters in this thread have seen? Is it reliant on some kind of official database holding more information than has already come to light, or is every promotion he wrestles for in future (or at least those with an interest in safeguarding) going to contact his accuser for a fresh statement (with, again, more detail than is already public)?
  5. If you don't even know that such checks have been done, then there's really no reason for anyone to discuss the rest of your question. Nonetheless, if we imagine the answer is yes - then how thorough should we assume those checks were? And if the results were to validate people's concerns, then what exactly would you expect those results to look like? What would realistically be in those results that is not already publicly available?
  6. This "Home Alone 2" you're all referring to is one of those hypothetical entries like Red Dwarf series nine, right? I've scoured every list written in the last five years and can't find any record of it.
  7. This reminds me... Cadbury multipacks of four Crunchies have a serrated edge that lets you easily tear the wrapper open. Cadbury multipacks of four Wispas do not, forcing you to open it like a bag of crisps. Inexplicable.
  8. This probably could have been avoided. Arizona's one of the states whose Republican leadership has been doing its best to let Covid run rampant, much like Glenn Jacobs over in his part of Tennessee.
  9. Can't help wondering how this page would read if Charlotte had been the victim instead of her brother.
  10. People overtaking me on a footpath at 1.0001x my own speed, making no effort to put some distance between us as we stroll shoulder to shoulder for yards upon yards. Also, perfectly functional threads being locked after just 14 pages.
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