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  1. Embarrassing Social Situations

    She was clearly covering for the reason she turned round.
  2. Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    It feels like he's been retiring for years, and not because of the promo with Cena. Am I imagining that two or three Januaries ago, the commentators said he was declaring it his last Royal Rumble - and then he was back the following year?
  3. Facebook updates that blow your mind

    But you'll soon get sick of them moaning that "you can't say two fat ladies anymore."
  4. Raw is 25!

    Echo the love for that Vader/Monsoon segment (and I bloody hated Vader for making Yokozuna cry). As well as Vince/Owens, I'd also give a nod to Vince/Orton - the punt heard round the world. It genuinely felt to me like the beginning of something huge, but it soon went to shit with IED and Super Shane.
  5. TN-EH? Discussion Thread.

    The UK Title is further down the totem pole right now than the Hardcore or European Titles at their lowest. Impact would be embarrassing themselves to crow about their World Cha... You're right, they'd do it.
  6. The Off-Topic Questions Thread

    What's made you want to do this, Tommy? Religion's never struck me as something you just try on for size to see if it takes your fancy, like origami or iced tea. I'd have to be blindsided by something pretty compelling first to stoke my interest.
  7. WHAT PLAY YOU!? Version 2.0

    It's probably the publishers insisting they push it out on a shoestring budget, rather than the developers being lazy. At least in some cases.
  8. 5 star wrestling

    Google says Malaria's found in over 100 countries.
  9. Raw is 25!

    "You can call it... justice; you can call him vicious; you can call him psycho... but I call him: SIIIIID!" "EVERYBODY'S ASKIN': WHO OPENED THE GATES OF HELL, AND LET THIS MAN OUT?!"
  10. Doomed anecdotal megathread #2

    This could have a devastating impact on the Scottish girder industry.
  11. 2018 is bloody lovely

    *shudder* "Hey Gamerrrrrrs! Has Game Network got some deallls for you!"
  12. WHAT PLAY YOU!? Version 2.0

    It was announced yesterday that NJPW will become an official part of Fire Pro World. Highlights copied from ResetEra (the replacement for NeoGAF) of a Famitsu interview: - KUSHIDA wants to come up with a new move and show the Fire Pro team in advance so it can appear in the game right after he debuts it (Kota Ibushi did the same thing with his Kamigoye). - The PS4 version will launch with the New Japan content, story mode, and Fire Promoter mode included for free. - The team is currently working on adding additional moves for the New Japan wrestlers. - The director hopes to collaborate with more organizations. He wants Fire Pro to be a gathering place for various pro wrestling groups. He has a feeling that certain overseas organizations would be on board. - The PS4 version will release just before the start of the G1 Climax. - There will be a PC patch on January 12 that adds some new moves. - The patch will also add a mechanic where you can press a button to reposition yourself on the ground. - The team plans to add more fan requested moves to the game. (Also, for anyone who missed it some time ago, several NJPW guys are in Yakuza 6, which releases here on PS4 in March.)
  13. The Random/Weird/Quirky Photo Thread

    He's a former WWF Champion and winner of the WrestleMania X-Seven Gimmick Battle Royal.
  14. Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    I won't believe it till I read it on Sky Text.